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Telstra TG797n V3 Getting To Know Manual

Adsl business network gateway
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  • Page 2 ON THE ROAD This guide is designed to help you get started and get the most out of your Telstra Business Broadband service. Please make sure you keep it in a safe place, as you may need to refer to it again at a later date - we suggest you save a copy to your computer.
  • Page 3 WHAT’S INSIDE Getting started Getting connected Installing ADSL filter/splitter Using business mail Problem solving What it all means...
  • Page 4 LET’S GET STARTED YOUR PACKAGE CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: • Business Network Gateway - TG797n V3 • Power adapter • Yellow Ethernet cable • Grey telephone cord • Filter/splitter • Self Install CD • Telstra Business Broadband welcome letter • Wireless security card...
  • Page 5: Gateway Overview

    YOUR ADSL BUSINESS NETWORK GATEWAY- TG797N V3: DSL Port (for Grey telephone cord) USB Port Main power/reset Ethernet Ports (for Yellow Ethernet cables)
  • Page 6 INDICATOR LIGHT DESCRIPTION Ethernet Solid Green - Ethernet connection Green LED detected, no activity. Flashing Green - Ethernet connectivity detected and network traffic is ongoing. No Ethernet connection detected. Wireless Solid Green - A wireless device is paired, Green LED no activity.
  • Page 7 Internet Green LED Solid Green - Internet connected, no activity. Flashing Green - Internet connected and activity is ongoing. No Internet is connected. Solid Red - Internet connection failed. Red LED DECT Green LED Solid Green - DECT is paired and ready for use.
  • Page 8: Getting Connected

    4. Setting up your Wi-Fi (optional) 5. Installing a Mobile Broadband USB modem (Optional) Important: If you are using a telephone on the same line as your Telstra Business Broadband service, you will need to install a filter/splitter. This also applies to any other devices, such as a fax, answering machine, dial-up modem, alarm system and FOXTEL digital tuner.
  • Page 9 TIPS FOR INSTALLING A MOBILE BROADBAND USB MODEM (OPTIONAL) As part of the Self Install CD you will have the option of connecting a Mobile Broadband USB Modem to your ADSL Business Network Gateway. • If your device is not connected to the internet via ADSL, the USB device will enable you to stay connected to the internet via the Next G network.
  • Page 10: Installing Adsl Filter/Splitter

    INSTALLING ADSL FILTER/SPLITTER FOR A STANDARD PHONE SOCKET 1. Connect filter/splitter to phone • Disconnect the phone cable from the wall socket and connect it into the socket labelled ‘Local Phone’ on the filter/splitter. 2. Connect filter/splitter to wall socket •...
  • Page 11 FOR A WALL-MOUNTED PHONE AND SOCKET You will need a special filter/splitter if any wall-mounted phones share the same phone number as your ADSL service. 1. Remove phone from wall • Apply firm upwards pressure on the telephone until it is released from the mounting screws on the wall plate.
  • Page 12 2. Connect filter/splitter to wall socket • Plug the short cable (labelled ‘Line’) on the back of the filter/splitter into the socket on the wall plate. • Next, align the mounting screws on the filter/splitter with the mounting screws on the wall plate. Then slide the filter/splitter downward until it stops sliding and is secured firmly.
  • Page 13 ( • With Business Mail POP your mail is stored on servers within Telstra’s partner Data Centre. The messages are then forwarded (downloaded) to your email client software upon request – via an authenticated session based on a username and password –...
  • Page 14 Telstra provides. This is available by setting your email client to or an alternate address we may specify. Important: Telstra may vary the size and volume of emails that may be sent using the Telstra Business SMTP Mail Server to reduce the impact of SPAM.
  • Page 15 • You will need to have your Business Mail welcome letter with you in order to set up your email mailboxes. This letter will be sent to the email address or fax you nominated on your Telstra Business Broadband order. It is important that you specified an active email account that would not have been affected in the transition from your old email to your new email address.
  • Page 16 2. Accessing your Business Mail POP Mailboxes To access your newly created mailboxes, you have two options: • Webmail To access your mailbox using Webmail visit and enter the mailbox name and password created as part of the mailbox set up. • Mail Client 1.
  • Page 17 4 KHz, preventing the data signals from interfering with standard phone calls. • Any of the following devices that share the same telephone line as your Telstra Business Broadband service need to have a filter/ splitter connected. You’ll need a filter/splitter for every: •...
  • Page 18 • If you are not sure how your business network is set up, and you are not sure if changing these settings will affect your existing network, we recommend that you engage your IT Specialist or a Telstra IT specialist before running this CD and installing Telstra Business Broadband.
  • Page 19 If you leave it enabled you may not be able to successfully install your Telstra Business Broadband Service with a wireless connection. • If you require assistance, please call Telstra Business Technical Support on 13 2999. HAVING ISSUES WITH YOUR ROUTER? If you’re having trouble with your router, try to establish what the issue...
  • Page 20 4. Whether there is work being done on your line at the exchange. Please wait 30 minutes and check again. If the light still does not come on solid green, call Telstra Business Technical Support on 13 2999 and advise that you may have a ‘Sync Fault’.
  • Page 21 “Reset” steps. Remember that resetting your router will mean that your existing WAN, Mobile Broadband, LAN and Wi-Fi settings will be lost. Before you begin, make sure you have your Install CD and Telstra Business Mail Welcome Letter. If you’re using a Next G Mobile Broadband for backup, you ®...
  • Page 22 If you have forgotten your password or need assistance, please call Telstra Business Technical Support on 13 2999. If a problem is reported on the Service Status page, this indicates Telstra is aware of the problem and is working to fix it as quickly as possible.
  • Page 23 If you can receive email but cannot open any web pages: This usually happens if your browser is configured with some proxy settings. Telstra Business Broadband doesn’t use proxy settings, so they need to be removed. If you’re running Internet Explorer, just follow these steps: Step 1: Click Start >...
  • Page 24 It is important to be aware that Telstra may not support any changes you make to your router’s configuration. You may have to remember and be responsible for any changes you make.
  • Page 25 Mail welcome letter sent to the email address or fax number specified on your application. If you do not have a copy of this letter, please contact Telstra Business Technical Support on 13 2999 to have a copy resent to the contact you specified on your original application form.
  • Page 26 What is Wi-Fi and how is it different from Wireless Broadband? There are two ways you can access the internet wirelessly: • Telstra Business Broadband Wi-Fi uses your existing ADSL connection to create a private wireless network in the local area around your office (subject to range).
  • Page 27 If you are not sure how your business network is set up, and you are not sure if changing these settings will affect your existing network, we recommend that you engage your IT Specialist or a Telstra IT specialist before running this CD and installing Telstra Business Broadband. Telstra Business offers a range of specialist IT assistance through the Business Support service.
  • Page 28 Please Note: The TG797n v3 comes with a Wireless security card which has the default SSID and Wi-Fi WPA (wireless security key) printed on it. This is the unique code that your router will use to secure your Wi-Fi network.
  • Page 29 Where can I go for more information on Telstra Business Broadband? You can find more information on Telstra Business Broadband offerings at: internet-data/index.htm.
  • Page 30 – 256 kbps or 512 kbps, for example – because it translates into speed when you’re browsing the internet. BITS PER SECOND Most internet service providers, including Telstra, rate broadband plan speeds in kilobits per second (eg 256/126 kbps). However, most software, including Internet Explorer and Windows, displays download speeds in kilobytes per second (kBps).
  • Page 31 1,024 and 1,048,576 respectively. BROADBAND ‘Broadband’ is an umbrella term for high bandwidth internet services (please see the ‘bandwidth’ definition on page 29). Telstra Business Broadband services include ADSL and BDSL. DOWNLOAD Downloads are data that you pull ‘down’ from the internet into your computer.
  • Page 32 The term ‘router’ is used to describe the device which connects your local business network with your Telstra Business Broadband service (including the internet, Business Mail and any Telstra Business Broadband Extras that you may have subscribed to). You can think of your router as being just like an ADSL modem but with some additional features built in (eg IP routing, multi port Ethernet switch and Wi-Fi access).
  • Page 33 VOIP VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (or IP). VoIP telephones send your telephone calls over the internet in digital format. Telstra does not provide this feature as part of the router. WI-FI Wi-Fi is short for Wireless Fidelity. And Wi-Fi is the technology that allows you to connect to your Telstra Business Broadband router without wires.