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STA-RITE CRISTAL-FLO T-150BP-1 Owner's Manual

High rate sand filters
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Sta-Rite Pool/Spa Group
293 Wright Street, Delavan, WI 53115
North America: 800-752-0183, FAX 800-582-2217
International: 414-728-5551, FAX: 414-728-4461, TELEX: ITT 4970245
Union City, TN • Delavan, WI • Mississauga, Ont. • Murrieta, CA
©1998, Sta-Rite Industries, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.
T-170BP-1 T-200BP-1
R '
729 0294
T-240BP-1 T-300BP-2
This manual should be furnished to
the end user of this filter; its use will
reduce service calls and chance of
injury and will lengthen filter life.
S242 (Rev. 10/29/98)



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  Summary of Contents for STA-RITE CRISTAL-FLO T-150BP-1

  • Page 1 293 Wright Street, Delavan, WI 53115 North America: 800-752-0183, FAX 800-582-2217 International: 414-728-5551, FAX: 414-728-4461, TELEX: ITT 4970245 Union City, TN • Delavan, WI • Mississauga, Ont. • Murrieta, CA S242 (Rev. 10/29/98) ©1998, Sta-Rite Industries, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    To avoid unneeded service calls, prevent possible injuries, and get the most out of your filter, READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY! The Sta-Rite Top Mounted Series High Rate Sand Filter: • Is designed to filter water for swimming pools. • Is an excellent performer; durable, reliable.
  • Page 3 • Check all clamps, bolts, lids, and system accessories before testing. • BE SURE all air is out of system before testing. • Tighten Sta-Rite trap lids to 30 ft. lbs. (4.1 kg-cm) torque for testing. • Water pressure for test must be less than 25 PSI (172 kPa).
  • Page 4: Dimensions/Specifications

    Waste Outlet 1-1/2" See Page 14 for Pressure Drop Curve. Union connection Pump Inlet 1-1/2" RECOMMENDED SAND GRADES: Return Outlet 2.88 (73) 1-1/2" Slip Use only: #20 Silica Sand, Size Range .40-.55mm., Uniformity Coefficient less than 1.75. NOTICE: Use of other sands will reduce filter performance, may damage pump, and will void warranty.
  • Page 5: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION • Clean a new pool as well as possible before filling pool and operating filter. Excess dirt and large particles of foreign matter in the system can cause serious damage to the filter and pump. NEVER test this filter with compressed air. Do not operate filter at water temperatures above 95°F (35°C).
  • Page 6: Filter Setup

    Filter Setup A. Insert first lateral into socket; twist clockwise 1/4 turn to lock lateral into hub. Assembly: See Figures 2 through 5 for filter assembly. Lateral is correctly installed when slots face down. Loading Sand Media B. Insert assembly 1.To keep sand out of collector assembly, place plastic sand shield over top into top of of collector tube before pouring sand into filter (See Figure 5).
  • Page 7: Startup/Operation

    Startup/Operation (See Figure 9) Hazardous pressure. To avoid explosion and possible se- Aquatools .WATERFORD, WI. 53185 vere or fatal injury, filter system pressure must not exceed 50 PSI (345 kPa) under any circumstances. NEVER test this filter system with com- pressed air;...
  • Page 8: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE General: • Wash outside of filter with a mild detergent and water. Rinse off with hose. NOTICE: DO NOT use solvents to clean filter; solvents may damage plastic components in system. • Inspect sand bed at least once a year to remove foreign material which has not been backwashed out of system.
  • Page 9: Mult-Port Valve Service

    2. Remove drain plug from filter. 3. Drain filter tank completely and replace drain cap (Figure 13, Page 10). Aquatools .WATERFORD, WI. 53185 4. Cover with plastic or tarpaulin to protect from weather, but do not seal from air circulation. 5.
  • Page 10: Valve Removal

    Valve Removal Hazardous pressure. Stop pump and release all pressure from sys- tem before working on filter, valve, or clamp. About 1" NOTICE: If multi-Port Valve is below pool water level, close suction and dis- charge valves before disassembly to prevent draining pool. Small 1.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE 1. Short Cycle between backwashes: NOTICE: Time between backwashes will vary with each installation and be- tween different areas of the country. Ask installer about normal backwash in- terval in your area. The following causes and remedies are for cycle times shorter than normal for your area.
  • Page 12: Repair Parts List

    REPAIR PARTS – TANKS Aquatools .WATERFORD, WI. 53185 T-150BP-1, T-170BP-1, T-200BP-1, T-240BP-1, T240BP-2, T-300BP-2 757 0294 Model Description Used T-150BP-1 T-170BP-1 T-200BP-1 T-240BP-1 T-240BP-2 T-300BP-2 Multiport Valve, Top Mount WC112-148 WC112-148 WC112-148 WC112-148 14971-TM-22-L 14971-TM-22-L O-Ring, Valve Flange U9-369 U9-369 U9-369 U9-369 U9-369...
  • Page 13 REPAIR PARTS – MULTI-PORT VALVES WC112-148 #14971-TM-22-L STA-RITE STA-RITE IND., INC. WATERFORD, WI. 53185 1343 1094 Part Description Qty. WC112-148 14971-TM-22-L Valve Handle Decal 14965-0021 –– Handle 14962-0032 14971-SM10E1 Dowel Pin 35857-0021 14971-SM10E2 Washer 14965-0007 14971-SM10E3 Operating Instruction Decal 14965-0020 ––...
  • Page 14: Pressure Drop Curve

    T-240BP-1 T-300BP-2 T-150BP-1 T-170BP-1, T-200BP-1 Capacity (GPM) Figure 14 – Pressure Drop Curve...
  • Page 15: Warranty

    3rd year 80% covered, etc.). one (1) year from date of installation. The foregoing warranties relate to the original consumer pur- chaser (“Purchaser”) only. Sta-Rite shall have the option to re- Year from date Product specific warranties: pair or replace the defective product, at its sole discre- of installation tion.