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Important Safeguards & Tips; Important Tips - FoodSaver V3240 User Manual

V3200 series recipe book.
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Important Safeguards & Tips
Important Safeguards
For your own safety, always follow these basic
precautions when using a FoodSaver
1. Read the User Manual carefully for operating
instructions. Read all instructions in this manual
before use.
2. Do not use appliance on wet surfaces or outdoors.
3. To protect against electric shock, do not immerse
any part of appliance, power cord or plug in water
or other liquid. Unplug from outlet when not in use
and before cleaning.
4. To disconnect, unplug power cord from electrical
outlet. Do not disconnect by pulling on cord.
5. Do not operate appliance with a damaged
power cord or plug. Do not operate appliance
if it malfunctions or is in any way damaged. For
details, contact Consumer Services at number
listed below.
6. Use appliance only for its intended use.
7. Closely supervise children when using any
electrical appliance. Do not allow appliance to be
used as a toy.
8. Caution: A short power cord is provided to
reduce risks from entanglement or tripping over
a longer cord. An extension cord may be used
when marked electrical rating is no less than
electrical rating of this appliance. All cords should
not drape over counter or tabletop where cords
can be tripped over or pulled on unintentionally,
especially by children.
10. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric
burner, or heated oven. Extreme caution must
be used when moving products containing hot
11. Wait 20 seconds between seals to allow appliance
to cool.
® 1-877-804-5383

Important Tips

1. Vacuum packaging is NOT a substitute for the
heat process of canning. Perishables still need to
be refrigerated or frozen.
2. For best results, use only with FoodSaver
Rolls, Containers and Accessories.
3. During the vacuum packaging process, small
amounts of liquids, crumbs or food particles
can be inadvertently pulled into the Vacuum
Channel. Empty the Drip Tray after each use.
4. Avoid overfilling, always leave at least 3 inches
of bag material between bag contents and top
of bag. This allows room for the bag material
to cinch tightly against the food and prevents
the bag from pulling out of the vacuum channel
during the sealing process. Then leave at least
one additional inch of bag material for each time
you plan to reuse bag.
5. Do not create your own side seams for a
Bag. These bags are manufactured
with a special side seam, which is sealed all the
way to the outer edge.
6. To prevent wrinkles in the seal when vacuum
packaging bulky items, gently stretch bag flat
while inserting bag into vacuum channel and
continue to hold bag until vacuum pump starts.
7. When you are vacuum packaging items with sharp
edges (dry spaghetti, silverware, etc.), protect bag
from punctures by wrapping item in soft cushioning
material, such as a paper towel. You may want to
use a canister or Mason jar instead of a bag.
8. When using accessories, remember to leave one
inch of space at top of canister or container.
9. Pre-freeze fruits and blanch vegetables before
vacuum packaging for best results. See
"Guidelines for Vacuum Packaging" section.
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade
is wider than the other). As a safety feature,
this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one
way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet,
reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a
qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat
this safety feature.
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