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FoodSaver FSFSSL3840 User Manual

Vacuum sealing system.
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User Guide 用户手册
Model • 型号
Quick Marinating Canister


   Summary of Contents for FoodSaver FSFSSL3840

  • Page 1 VACUUM SEALING SYSTEM 不锈钢食品真空保鲜系统 Quick Marinating Canister User Guide 用户手册 快速腌渍罐子 Model • 型号 READ AND SAVE ALL INSTRUCTIONS FSFSSL3840/V3840 BEFORE USING THIS APPLIANCE 使用产品前先阅读此用户手册并妥善保管
  • Page 2: Important Safeguards & Tips

    Important Safeguards & Tips Important Safeguards 13. W hen defrosting foods in the microwave in FoodSaver Bags make sure not to exceed maximum ® For your own safety, always follow these basic power of 180 watts, maximum time of 2 minutes precautions when using a FoodSaver appliance: ® and maximum temperature of 70°C (158°F). 1. R ead the User Manual carefully for operating instructions. Read all instructions in this manual 14. This appliance is not intended for use by before use. persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack 2. Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance of experience and knowledge, unless they have corresponding to the local mains voltage before...
  • Page 3: Welcome To Foodsaver ® Vacuum Sealing System

    Vacuum Sealing System Welcome to FoodSaver ® Congratulations… Why Vacuum Package? You are about to enjoy the freshness Exposure to air causes food to lose nutrition and flavour, and also causes freezer burn and enables benefits of FoodSaver , The #1 Selling ®...
  • Page 4: Features Of Your Foodsaver

    Features of Your FoodSaver Appliance ® A. Controls and Indicator Lights To indicate current setting, vacuum progress and for added control. B. Vacuum Progress Display Blue lights signal progression of vacuuming and sealing process. All lights extinguish when the full process is finished.
  • Page 5: Features Of Your Foodsaver Appliance

    Features of Your FoodSaver Appliance ® G. Built-in Roll Holder For storage of FoodSaver ® Vacuum Sealing Rolls. H. Roll Cutter Bar Simplifies making custom-sized bags. I. Auto Bag Sensing Simply insert open end of bag into the vacuum channel and the machine will sense and grasp the bag, vacuum, seal and shut-off automatically.
  • Page 6 Features of Your FoodSaver Appliance ® Seal Indicator Button Tray Full LEDs Indicator Vacuum Progress Display Accessory Speed Adjustable Marinate Cancel Power Button Button Button Settings Food Settings Button Seal Indicator POWER BUTTON ADJUSTABLE FOOD SETTINGS BUTTON Press the power button to begin. The Power Indicator, For optimal vacuuming and sealing of moist or juicy Speed Indicator and Food Indicator lights will become foods, press the Adjustable Food Setting Button...
  • Page 7: How To Make A Bag From A Foodsaver ® Vacuum Sealing Roll

    How to Make a Bag from a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Roll ® Fig. 1 Lift Roll Cutter Fig. 2 Slide Cutter 1. Open the appliance door and place the roll into the 5. Using two hands, insert the open end of the bag into Roll Storage Compartment (G).
  • Page 8: Guidelines For Vacuum Packaging

    Guidelines for Vacuum Packaging Vacuum Packaging and Food Safety Defrosting - Always thaw foods in either a refrigerator or microwave — do not thaw perishable foods at room The vacuum packaging process extends the life of temperature. Make sure to cut the corner of the bag foods by removing most of the air from the sealed before placing it in microwave. It is recommended that container, thereby reducing oxidation, which you place bag on a microwave-safe dish to avoid liquids affects nutritional value, flavour and overall quality. from spilling out. Make sure not to exceed maximum Removing air can also inhibit the growth of micro- power of 180 watts, maximum time of 2 minutes and organisms, which can cause problems under certain maximum temperature of 70°C (158°F). conditions: Reheating - To reheat foods in a microwave oven, remove Mould – Easily identified by its fuzzy characteristic. it from bag and place it on a microwave- safe dish. Mould cannot grow in a low oxygen environment, You can also reheat foods in FoodSaver Bags by placing them ® therefore vacuum packaging can slow the growth in water at a low simmering temperature below 75°C (170°F). of mould. Yeast – Results in fermentation, which can be Preparation Guidelines for Meat and Fish: identified by smell and taste. Yeast needs water, For best results, pre-freeze meat and fish for 1-2 hours sugar and a moderate temperature to grow. It can...
  • Page 9: Vacuum Packaging Non-food Items

    Guidelines for Vacuum Packaging Note: All vegetables (including broccoli, brussels p ackaging. You can also place the food in its original sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips) naturally bag inside a FoodSaver Bag. ® emit gases during storage. Therefore, after blanching, Preparation Guidelines for Liquids: they must be only stored in the freezer. Before you vacuum package liquids such as soup When freezing vegetables, it is best to pre-freeze stock, pre-freeze in a casserole dish, loaf tin or ice them for 1-2 hours or until solidly frozen. To freeze cube tray until solid. Remove frozen liquid from the vegetables in individual servings, first place on pan and vacuum package in a FoodSaver Bag. You ® a b aking sheet and spread them out so they are can stack these “frozen bricks” in your freezer. not touching. This prevents them from freezing To vacuum package non-carbonated bottled liquids, together in a block. Once they are frozen, remove you can use a FoodSaver Bottle Stopper with the ® from baking sheet and vacuum p ackage vegetables original container. Remember to leave at least 2.5 cm in a FoodSaver Bag. After they have been vacuum ®...
  • Page 10: Tips For Successful Vacuum Sealing

    Tips for Successful Vacuum Sealing General Tips Tips for Successful Vacuum Sealing 8. When you are vacuum sealing items with sharp edges (dry spaghetti, silverware, etc.), protect the bag from 1. Vacuum sealing is NOT a substitute for the heat process punctures by wrapping item in soft cushioning material, of canning.
  • Page 11: Marinating

    Tips for Successful Vacuum Sealing (continued) Tips on Sealing a Bag How to Prevent moisture or liquid from being pulled into the Drip Tray (N) or getting trapped in the seal: When making a bag from a roll: Either pre-freeze moist food such as raw meat for 1-2 Press the Seal Button before placing the bag material hours before vacuum sealing, or place a folded paper towel...
  • Page 12: Storage Guide Meat, Cheese, Vegetables, Fruits

    Storage Guide Meat, Cheese, Vegetables, Fruits Recommended Where FoodSaver Storage Life Normal ® Foods to Store Bag/Accessory with FoodSaver Storage Life ® Meat Beef, Pork, Lamb Freezer FoodSaver Bag 2-3 years 6 months ® Ground Meat Freezer FoodSaver Bag 1 year 4 months ® Poultry Freezer FoodSaver Bag 2-3 years 6 months...
  • Page 13 Baked Goods, Coffee, Snacks and Liquids Recommended Storage Where FoodSaver life with Normal ® Foods to Store Bag/Accessory FoodSaver Storage Life ® Baked Goods Bagels, Bread, Freezer FoodSaver Bag 1-3 years 6-12 months ® Pastries Nuts Almonds, Pantry FoodSaver Bag, Canister 2 years 6 months ® Peanuts Sunflower Pantry...
  • Page 14: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning To Clean Appliance: 5. Avoid using abrasive products or materials to clean any appliance components. These cleaners can scratch the 1. Press the on/off button and unplug before cleaning. surface and damage the black foam rubber pads. 2.
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Nothing happens when I try to vacuum package: 3. If you are using a custom-sized FoodSaver Bag, check ® the bag’s seal. A wrinkle in the bag along the seal may 1. Check power cord to see if it is firmly plugged into cause leakage and allow air to re-enter.
  • Page 16: The Complete Foodsaver ® System

    The Complete FoodSaver System ® Get the most out of your FoodSaver appliance ® FoodSaver Bottle Stopper ® with easy-to-use FoodSaver Bags, Canisters and ® Use FoodSaver Bottle Stoppers to vacuum package ® Accessories. wine, non-carbonated liquids and oils. This will extend the life of the liquid and preserve the flavour.
  • Page 17 Guangdong Province, PRC. 1-Year Limited Warranty - please see separate insert for details. Sunbeam Products, Inc. and Dongguan Huixun Electrical Products Co. Ltd. are subsidiaries of Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH). 版权所有。一年有限保修:详情请参阅另附保修卡。 有关产品及客户服务问题, 请联络: FoodSaver客户服务 国内专线: 4008-622-268 P.N. 9100060002336 Rev. A FSFSSL3840-073_13ECM2 Printed in China 中国印刷 GCDS-FSV30418-JC...

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