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Sanyo SHA TM64 AGB Instruction Manual

Control system for spw air conditioner system


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S H A T M6 4 A GB


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  • Page 1 S H A T M6 4 A GB...
  • Page 2: Schedule Timer

    Schedule Timer Schedule Timer / SHA-TM64AGB Operation Buttons A: PROGRAM button E: HOLIDAY button B: PROG. COPY buttons F: CANCEL button C: CLEAR button G: TIMER OFF button D: Setting buttons A: PROGRAM button Use to start setting programs and to enter program settings. B: PROG.
  • Page 3: Using The Schedule Timer

    Schedule Timer Display A: Today’s day of the week ( Indicates today’s day of the week. B: Program schedule indication ( Appears under days that are scheduled for program operation. Appears around scheduled holidays. C: Holiday schedule indication ( D: ERROR indication Displayed when a mistake is made during timer setting.
  • Page 4: Setting The Present Time

    Schedule Timer Setting the Present Time Set the present time. (Example: When the present time is 12:45) STEP 1 Hold down the SET button and press the HH button to set the hour. The hour increases 1 hour at a time with each single press of the HH button while the SET button is held down.
  • Page 5: Setting Today's Day Of The Week

    Schedule Timer Setting Today's Day of the Week Set today's day of the week. (Example: When today is Wednesday) STEP 1 Hold down the SET button and press the DAY button to set today's day of the week. blinks and moves 1 day at a time across the days of the week with each single press of the DAY button while the SET button is held down.
  • Page 6: Setting Up Programmed Operations

    Schedule Timer Setting Up Programmed Operations Example settings Correctly set the present time and today's day of the week. Unless both are correctly set, the programs will not run as expected. Up to 6 programmed operations can be set per day for each group and day of the week.
  • Page 7 Schedule Timer STEP 3 Set up the program and press the SET button. Select timer operation with the (timer ON/ OFF) button (remote controller operation enable/disable) but- ton. Then, set the trigger time with the HH and MM buttons, and press the SET button.
  • Page 8 Schedule Timer Setting Errors If time is set as shown below while setting up a program, “ERROR” is displayed (the indication blinks). Therefore, correct the time setting. If Program Times are the Same STEP 1 Every time the SET button is pressed, the setting mode switches between programmed operations of the same time setting ( in the above example), therefore select the time setting to correct.
  • Page 9: How To Check Program Times

    Schedule Timer How to Check Program Times You can check the programmed times for each group and day of the week. STEP 1 Press the GROUP button and select a group whose time you want to check. NOTE Group selection is disabled depending on installation conditions. If so, proceed to the next step.
  • Page 10 Schedule Timer How to Copy Program Times You can copy the already set program of one day into another day (Day Program Copying), as well as copy the week pro- grammed for one group into another group (Group Program Copying). Example of Day Program Copying Example of Group Program Copying (Copying Monday’s program into Tuesday)
  • Page 11 Schedule Timer STEP 4 Press the SET button to copy. Press the SET button and the program schedule marker will be displayed. STEP 5 Select other copy destination days if desired. You can copy the selected source day program into other days by repeatedly pressing the DAY button to select a day of the week followed by the SET button to set it.
  • Page 12 Schedule Timer How to Copy Group Programs STEP 1 Press the PROG. COPY GROUP button. “CP-1” starts blinking in the present time display area and “CP” (copy) starts blinking in the program area to indicate the copy source. STEP 2 Select a source group program to copy.
  • Page 13 Schedule Timer STEP 5 Select other copy destination groups if desired. You can copy the selected source group programs into other groups by repeatedly pressing the GROUP button to select a group followed by the SET button to set it. NOTE If a group from numbers 1 to 4 was selected as the copy desti- nation group, that number appears in the program...
  • Page 14: How To Set Holidays In A Scheduled Week Of Operation

    Schedule Timer How to Set Holidays in a Scheduled Week of Operation Operations programmed for a specifi c day during the week can be temporarily disabled by setting that day as a holiday. When the set holiday passes, the holiday setting is canceled and operation is resumed as programmed the following week. Holidays can be selected for the week starting from today's day.
  • Page 15 Schedule Timer STEP 4 Press the HOLIDAY button to enter the holiday. The normal display returns. To halt programmed operation for one week or more, you can disable all timer programs. Once the timer has been disabled, programmed operations are not run until the below procedure is performed. NOTE During installation, the remote controller will be set to disable the timer for individual groups.
  • Page 16 Schedule Timer How to Clear Programs When the PROGRAM button is pressed, the group No. Press the PROGRAM button. and the present day of the week start blinking and the present time indication changes to a blinking “PG-1”. Press the GROUP button to select a group to clear. NOTE Group selection will be disabled during installation.
  • Page 17 Schedule Timer Schedule Timer and Air Conditioner Operation Air conditioners operate either according to operations programmed from the schedule timer (starting/stopping and remote con- trol operation enable/disable) or according to a connected remote controller or system controller. Schedule timer settings (Example) Operation without system controller operation If remote controller operation is enabled, the air conditioner can be started/stopped from the remote controller.
  • Page 18 Schedule Timer Power Outages If the air conditioner is running when power is lost, the air conditioner remains OFF when power is restored. Also, if remote con- troller operation was disabled when power was lost, it is enabled for a few minutes when power is restored. Programmed operations scheduled for times that come after power is restored run as usual.
  • Page 19 Schedule Timer Troubleshooting Before requesting servicing, check the following. Trouble Cause/Remedy blinks on the display. The schedule timer is performing initial communications with connected indoor units. Wait for communications to finish. Air conditioners do not operate as scheduled when the set time The timer has been disabled.
  • Page 20 Schedule Timer Accessories for Schedule Timer Supplied parts Supplied parts Q'ty Q'ty T10 power wire Spacers Wire joints (with current fuse) *1 T10 relay wire *2 Operation manual Installation Power wire for manual connection to system controller Machine screw × Indoor unit control PCB T10 connector (6P, yellow) *1 If the fuse blows as a result of a wiring short-circuit, mis-...
  • Page 21: Installation Of Connected Schedule Timers

    Schedule Timer Installation of Connected Schedule Timers When installing schedule timers (remote controller switches, system controllers, etc.) onto the wall, use the method shown in Figs. 3-71 and 3-72. More than More than 95 mm 125 mm More than More than 125 mm 95 mm (For connected (From wall)
  • Page 22 Schedule Timer Wiring The schedule timer wiring can be connected by the following two methods. Select one of these connection methods according to the actual installation location. When wiring, extend the lengths of the wires using wire joints (provided) and extension wires (fi eld supply). When installing multiple schedule timers, avoid CAUTION the use of cross-over wiring.
  • Page 23: About The Setting Switches

    Schedule Timer About the Setting Switches Complete the switch settings before turning ON the schedule timer power. Remote Controller Enable Items (1) Connection (1) If remote controller enable/disable is used, This switch should be OFF for normal this switch sets the range for remote use.
  • Page 24 Schedule Timer Creating Timer Groups [Setting fixed timer groups] The schedule timer can be set for 6 time status changes. 1 fixed timer group (64 units together) These can be used to create up to 8 groups (timer groups). Schedule timer 4 fixed timer group (16 units together) For systems in which schedule timers are used, set the timer groups to match the central control addresses of the indoor...
  • Page 25: Memory Back-Up Switch

    Schedule Timer (4) To continue registering addresses, repeat step (3). (Central control address numbers will be added to the right side of the LCD display.) To cancel a registered central control address, use the button in the area to select the timer group, then use the button in the area to select the central control address and press the...
  • Page 26 Schedule Timer Installation Work Plan Schedule timer Central Indoor unit Room Fixed timer group control Unit No. Use the wired remote controller to check the unit No. of name addresses System - Indoor the indoor units. (Start the A/C unit with the wired remote controller, then press the remote controller UNIT SELECT button once to display the unit No.

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