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Uniden UBC355XLT Owner's Manual

Radio scanner
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  • Page 1 UBC355XLT Scanner...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    Before you use this scanner, please observe the following: Warning Uniden does not represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shocks, or damage to the unit, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    UbC355XlT REAR PANEl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 USING YOUR UbC355XlT SCANNER . . . . . . . . . . 27...
  • Page 4 Adjusting Squelch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 OPERATING MOdES .
  • Page 5 Setting C ‐ Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Setting C ‐...
  • Page 6: About Your New Ubc355Xlt Scanner

    AbOUT YOUR NEW UbC355XlT SCANNER The UBC355XLT comes with 8 Service banks for monitoring police, railroad, fire, ambulance, air, marine, UHF CB and CB frequencies. In addition, the UBC355XLT has 8 separate band searches. You can also save up to 300 frequencies that are scanned along with the preset frequencies.
  • Page 7: Feature Summary

    The UBC355XLT is a compact mobile/base scanner and one of the most user-friendly communication products available today. The UBC355XLT features include: • Turbo search – Allows your UBC355XLT to search 180 steps per second. (5 kHz step band only) • Nine Banks – 8 preprogrammed Service banks and one...
  • Page 8 » POLICE: 340 (207 Australia mode + 133 New Zealand mode) Factory-programmed Police frequencies with 100 open channels (shared with Railroad), allowing you to program additional police frequencies into this bank. » RAILROAD: 249(241 Australia mode + 8 New Zealand mode) Factory-programmed Railroad frequencies plus an additional 100 (shared with Police) open channels for you to program local fire frequencies into this bank.
  • Page 9 Note: The Fire and Ambulance banks share a single key - Fire/Ambl . Pressing this key will toggle between the banks . Additional information is provided in later sections . » AIR: 1,520 Factory-programmed frequencies which covers the complete AIR band, 118.000 to 136.9875 MHz.
  • Page 10 band Frequency Mode Steps Service Coverage (MHz) (kHz) 25 – 28 25.0000 to 27.9950 AM Band 10 - 6 Meter 28- 70 28.0000 - 69.9950 Amateur Band VHF Low 70- 88 70.0000 - 88.0000 12.5 Band Aircraft 108-137 108.0000 - 136.9875 12.5 Band 2 Meter...
  • Page 11 band Frequency Mode Steps Service Coverage (MHz) (kHz) Land 400-520 400.0000 - 520.0000 6.25 Mobile Radio* 800 MHz 806-956 806.0000 - 956.0000 12.5 Band * This scanner cannot decode digital TV transmissions. Frequency band Sensitivity (Nominal) 12 db SINAd 25.000 - 27.995 µV 28.000 - 69.9950 µV...
  • Page 12: Included In Your Scanner Package

    Close Call Sensitivity (Nominal) 25.000 - 88.0000 -54 dB 108.0000 - 136.9875 -61 dB 137.0000 - 174.0000 -63 dB 400.0000 - 520.0000 -65 dB 806.0000 - 956.0000 -55 dB INClUdEd IN YOUR SCANNER PACKAGE • UBC355XLT Scanner • Telescoping Antenna...
  • Page 13: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories The following optional accessories for your UBC355XLT are available: Mobile Mounting bracket – For mobile use (In-car Installation); use it to install the UBC355XLT in your car. External Speaker – To increase speaker volume in noisy environments.
  • Page 14: Installing The Ubc355Xlt Scanner

    Visit our online store via our website; for Australia or for New Zealand. INSTAllING THE UbC355XlT SCANNER FOR HOME USE (dESKTOP INSTAllATION) Insert the DC plug end of the AC Adapter into the DC 13.8V jack on the rear panel.
  • Page 15: For Mobile Use (In-Car Installation)

    multi-band coverage. (You can purchase this type of antenna at a local electronics store.) • If the optional antenna has no cable, use 50-70 ohm coaxial cable for lead-in. A mating plug may be necessary for the optional antennas. FOR MObIlE USE (IN-CAR INSTAllATION) Temporary Mobile Installation A Vehicle Power Adapter is provided for an easy, temporary power supply.
  • Page 16: Permanent Mobile Installation

    Permanently Mounting the UBC355XLT Unit Select a location in your vehicle to mount the UBC355XLT unit. Avoid any locations that could interfere with your driving. In a passenger car, the ideal location is underneath the dashboard on the passenger side.
  • Page 17: Permanently Connecting The Mobile Power Supply

    Mount the scanner to the bracket only after the wiring has been connected to the rear panel. Permanently Connecting the Mobile Power Supply CAUTION: If you are not experienced in connecting accessories to the vehicle fuse box, please see your automotive dealer for advice on proper installation .
  • Page 18: Scanner Operation Overview

    SCANNER OPERATION OVERVIEW UbC355XlT FRONT PANEl PURPOSE Hold Press this key to stop scanning or searching and to remain on the current frequency. “HOLD” displays on the screen. Press Hold a second time to resume scanning.
  • Page 19 PURPOSE Up and down Press these directional keys to: • Manually search up or down for frequencies while in Hold mode. • Change direction of a search during Search mode. • Quickly search up or down for frequencies (hold Up or down keys for longer than 1 second) while in Hold mode.
  • Page 20 PURPOSE Police/Rail Press this key to scan the Police and Railroad bands. Pressing this key cycles through the frequencies in the following order: • Police/Rail Services - all activated • Police department only (turn off Railroad bank) • Railroad only (turn off Police bank) • None active (turn off both Police and Railroad banks) NOTE: The Police and Rail Road banks...
  • Page 21 PURPOSE Fire/Ambl Press this key to scan the Fire and Ambulance bands. Pressing this key cycles through the frequencies in the following order: • Fire/Ambulance - both activated • Fire only (turn off Ambulance bank) • Ambulance only (turn off Fire bank) • None active (turn off both Fire and Ambulance banks) NOTE: The Fire and Ambulance banks...
  • Page 22 PURPOSE Close Call Press this key to begin monitoring for strong, nearby signals. Pressing this key cycles through the frequencies in the following order: • Close Call ® Priority - CC checks for Close Call hits every 2 seconds while monitoring other frequencies.
  • Page 23 PURPOSE Air/Marine Press this key to scan the Air and Marine bands. Pressing this key cycles through the frequencies in the following order: • Air/Marine - both activated • Air only (turn off Marine bank) • Marine only (turn off Air bank) • None active (turn off both Air and Marine banks) UCb/Cb...
  • Page 24 PURPOSE Press this key to temporarily or permanently lock out frequencies or channels from being searched or scanned. (L/O is explained in more detail in a later section.) band Pressing this key displays the upper/lower limits of a band range for 3 seconds (i.e., 400.520) and then begins searching that band range.
  • Page 25 ITEM PURPOSE Volume/Off Turn this control clockwise to turn on the Volume Control/ UBC355XLT unit. Continue turning this Power Switch control clockwise to adjust the volume. Sq (Squelch) Adjust Sq to set the scan threshold. When Control you are monitoring a single channel in...
  • Page 26: Ubc355Xlt Rear Panel

    UbC355XlT REAR PANEl ITEM PURPOSE BNC Antenna Connector. Insert the antenna plug here. EXT SP External Speakers. Insert optional external speaker plug here. dC 13 .8V Power Connection. Connect the specified AC Adapter or DC power cord here.
  • Page 27: Using Your Ubc355Xlt Scanner

    USING YOUR UbC355XlT SCANNER SET UP Adjusting Squelch To Adjust Squelch - Turn Sq completely counterclockwise. You should hear open squelch noise. Turn Sq clockwise slowly until the sound disappears. This is the threshold point at which the incoming signal is just slightly stronger than the noise will open the squelch.
  • Page 28: Operating Modes

    OPERATING MOdES The UBC355XLT operates in two modes - Scan and Search: SCAN Scanning allows you to scan through channels in various service banks. Press a service bank key (Police/Rail, Fire/Ambl, Air/Marine, UCb/ Cb or Private) to find an active frequency within that bank. All activated banks plus their “private”...
  • Page 29: Search

    SEARCH Search lets you search through pre-grouped bands of frequencies. Press band key to select 1 of 8 separate frequency bands to search. Press the Search key to begin searching. The scanner displays frequencies as it searches and stops on active frequencies until that transmission ends.
  • Page 30 NOTE: The Police and Railroad banks share 100 PRIVATE channels . These user-programmed channels are scanned after pre-programmed channels . Pressing Fire/Ambl more than once will cycle through the banks in this order: Fire/Ambulance Fire Ambulance None NOTE: The Fire and Ambulance banks share 100 PRIVATE channels . These user-programmed channels are scanned after pre-programmed channels .
  • Page 31: Scanning Service Bank Tips

    Pressing UCb/Cb more than once will cycle through the banks in this order: UHF CB/ AM CB UHF CB AM CB None Scanning Service Bank Tips If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Begin scanning Press any service bank key; the bank label flashes and the “SCAN”...
  • Page 32 If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Set up multiple service Press a desired service bank’s key until banks to scan it displays. Continue pressing other banks’ keys until all desired banks are displayed (activated). Press Hold. The scanner stays on the Stop scanning displayed channel until scanning is resumed.
  • Page 33 L/O key - Press this key to lock out this frequency and step to the next frequency. Keep scanning after the If the UBC355XLT stops on an active UBC355XLT has stopped channel that you do not want to on an active channel monitor but you do not want to lock out, press the Up key.
  • Page 34: Searching Band Tips

    Continue after the If the UBC355XLT stops on an active UBC355XLT has stopped channel that you do not want to on an active channel...
  • Page 35: Screens

    SCREENS This section shows typical screen displays: SCANNING bANKS This screen shows UBC355XLT is actively scanning a displayed bank. “SCAN“scrolls from right to left across the screen, and the scanned bank will flash. This screen shows that the scanner has been put on HOLD to monitor frequency 487.250 on the Police bank.
  • Page 36: Searching Bands

    127.81250 has been found through an upward search. Pointers (  or ) indicate the direction of the search - up or down. SPECIAl FEATURES The UBC355XLT scanner boasts of several special features: • Lock Out Channels/Frequencies • Close Call...
  • Page 37: Lock Out Channels / Frequencies

    • Private Bank • Program Frequencies into Programmable Banks. • Program Lock lOCK OUT CHANNElS / FREqUENCIES Sometimes the scanner may stop on a particular channel or frequency because of noise or other unwanted transmissions. This feature lets you lock out channels and frequencies you don’t want to scan.
  • Page 38: Permanent Lock Out

    Permanent Lock Out Pressing l/O twice permanently locks out the current frequency or channel. The scanner displays “L/O” for that frequency or channel and continues scanning. “L/O” frequencies/channels can be manually restored; the procedure is provides in this section. Lock Out Limits Any of the 300 user-programmed channels can be locked out;...
  • Page 39: Lock Out Tips

    can also lock out all channels.) If you lock out all the channels or frequencies in one of these banks, pressing that bank key will make the scanner emit an error tone and the scanner will not scan. Lock Out Tips If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Temporary Lock Out While on a channel or frequency, press...
  • Page 40 If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Temporary Lock Out • Press the bank you were scanning (Cont.) to resume scanning in that bank. • Press a different bank key to begin scanning that new bank. Permanent Lock Out While on a channel or frequency, quickly press l/O key twice.
  • Page 41 If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Restoring a Single Press the appropriate bank key (Private, Police/Rail, Fire/Ambl, Locked-Out Channel or Air/Marine and UCb/Cb) to start Frequency scanning the bank that has the (Example: Channel 12 channel or frequency you want to of the Private bank is unlock.
  • Page 42 If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Restoring a Single “L/O” disappears to indicate that Locked-Out Channel Channel 12 is now unlocked and (Cont.) restored for scanning. Note: For the factory preprogrammed channels, the earliest channel will be unlocked when you lock out more than 100 channels .
  • Page 43: Close Call

    If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Press and hold l/O for more than Restoring All Permanently Locked 2.5 seconds until you hear two Out Channels/ beeps. Frequencies (Cont.) All locked out channels/ frequencies in that bank are now unlocked and restored for scanning.
  • Page 44: Close Call Priority

    Close Call Off Pressing and holding the key activates Close Call Only mode. Close Call Priority Repeatedly press until the Close Call Priority icon displays. The scanner checks every 2 second for a nearby transmission. You may hear a slight break in audio during this time. If you want to monitor only Close Call hits, hold the key for longer than 2.5 seconds.
  • Page 45: Setting Up Close Call Modes

    Setting Up Close Call Modes Press and hold to enter the Close Call Only mode. The screen displays a line of dashes. Press again to display the Close Call menu selections: • - Select which bands Close Call will check. •...
  • Page 46 band Name Frequency (MHz) b1 Lo VHF Low Band 25.0000 - 88.0000 b2 Air AIR Band 108.0000 - 136.9875 b3 Hi VHF High Band 137.0000 - 174.0000 b4 UHF UHF Band 400.0000 - 520.0000 b5 800 800MHz Band 806.0000 - 956.0000 From Step 4 previously, select .
  • Page 47: Options

    Scroll up or down to select bands for Close Call to monitor. Press Prog. The screen displays that selection and “On. ” You cannot turn off all bands. If you turn off all bands, B1 LO is automatically set to ON. Setting Options This menu controls whether the scanner will send an alert tone...
  • Page 48: Close Call Tips

    Close Call Tips If You Want To - Here’s How - Scan for Close Call Press the key. The Close Call icon Transmissions while displays. Every two seconds there will be Scanning other a break in the scanner audio as it searches Banks/Bands for a nearby transmission.
  • Page 49: Private Bank

    Follow the steps for “Programming a Channel” on page 51. PRIVATE bANK The UBC355XLT also provides 3 separate banks to hold favorite frequencies. When you find a frequency that you would like to listen to again, you can program it into either the Police/Rail or Fire/Ambl service bank or into the Private bank.
  • Page 50: Programming Frequencies And Channels

    Programming Frequencies and Channels Up to 100 frequencies (1 frequency per channel) can be programmed into each of the following banks (300 frequencies combined): • Police/Railroad • Fire/Ambulance • Private Any displayed frequency for these banks can be programmed into the scanner, and frequencies not currently displayed can be located through the Search mode and through manually scanning the preprogrammed banks.
  • Page 51: Programming A Channel

    Programming a Channel The following steps detail how to program a frequency into a channel for a specific bank when the frequency was found while scanning or searching. In this example, the frequency was found while scanning the Police bank. This SCAN screen shows that frequency 75.86250 has been found through...
  • Page 52 Press the key for the bank you want to program. In this example, Police/Rail was pressed. The screen cycles between two displays. The first screen shows that channel 6 is the lowest available channel on the Police bank (press Up or down to select a different channel) and the second screen shows that frequency...
  • Page 53: Deleting A Programmed Frequency

    Press Prog. The scanner programs the frequency into the indicated channel and then goes into SCAN HOLD mode. Press Hold to release the Hold and continue scanning the rest of the programmed channels, starting with the channel you just programmed. Deleting a Programmed Frequency (programming “000.0000”) The easiest method of deleting a frequency you have programmed is to overwrite it with a null frequency (000.0000).
  • Page 54 Frequency changes to 000.0000 and CH continues flashing. Press the bank containing the channel you wish to clear. The screen displays the first programmable channel for that bank. If that channel displays 000.0000, press Up or down until the channel/frequency you wish to clear displays.
  • Page 55 The screen cycles between two displays. The first screen shows that channel 6 on the Police bank (75.86250) is selected and the second screen shows that the null frequency (000.0000) is ready to be programmed. Press Prog . The screen displays a null frequency in that channel.
  • Page 56: Program Lock Feature

    PROGRAM lOCK FEATURE The UBC355XLT has a Program Lock feature to prevent accidentally programming entries or unauthorized programming. Press and hold the Prog key for longer than 2.5 seconds to toggle Program Lock on and off. Program Lock is available in the following modes: • Scan/Scan Hold...
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUblESHOOTING GUIdE PROblEM SOlUTION Scanner won’t Try one of these options: work • Check the connections at both ends of the AC adapter. • Turn on the wall switch of your room. You could be using an outlet controlled by the wall switch. Move the AC adapter to another wall outlet.
  • Page 58 PROblEM SOlUTION Improper Try one of these options: Reception • Check the antenna and its connection. • Move the scanner. • You may be in a fringe area. This may require an optional multi-band antenna. Check with your dealer or local electronics store.
  • Page 59 • Adjust the Squelch Control. start • Check the antenna connection. Prog key won’t Stop scan or search. work You still have a Visit the customer support page on our problem website; for Australia or for New Zealand.
  • Page 60: General Product Care

    GENERAl PROdUCT CARE Turn the scanner off before disconnecting the power. Always press each keypad button firmly until you hear the entry tone for that key entry. lOCATION If strong interference or electrical noise is received, relocate the scanner or its antenna away from the source of the noise. A higher elevation, if possible, may provide better reception.
  • Page 61: Repairs

    REPAIRS Do not attempt any repair. The scanner contains no serviceable parts. Visit the customer support page on our website; for Australia or for New Zealand or take it to a qualified repair technician. bIRdIES All radios may receive undesired signals or birdies. If your scanner stops during Search Mode and no sound is heard, it may be receiving a birdie.
  • Page 62: Technical Specifications

    TECHNICAl SPECIFICATIONS Size: 132mm (W) x 142mm (D) x 42mm (H) Weight: 640g Operating Temperature: – 20ºC (– 4ºF) to + 60ºC (+ 140ºF) Power Requirements: DC 13.8V Certified in accordance with FCC Rules and Regulations Part 15 Sub-part C as of date of manufacture. • Banks: 9 banks total (8 Service banks / 1 Private bank) • Police (Pol): 340 (207 Australia mode + 133 New Zealand mode) Preprogrammed plus 100 programmable channels...
  • Page 63 shared with Fire • Air (AIR): 1,520 Preprogrammed. • Marine (MRN): 89 Preprogrammed. • UHF CB (UCB): 40 programmed • AM CB (CB): 40 (40 Australia mode, 40 New Zealand mode) programmed. • PRIVATE: 100 channels fully user-programmable. Search Band: 8 searchable bands: Scan Rate: 50 channels/second Search Rate:...
  • Page 65: Warranty

    (“Uniden Aust”) or Uniden New Zealand Limited (“Uniden NZ”) as the case may be. Terms of Warranty: Uniden Aust/NZ warrants to the original retail purchaser only that the UBC355XLT Scanner (“the Product”), will be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for the duration of the warranty period, subject to the limitations and exclusions set out below.
  • Page 66 (C) Improperly installed contrary to instructions contained in the relevant Owner’s Manual (D) Repaired by someone other than an authorized Uniden Repair Agent in relation to a defect or malfunction covered by this warranty; or Used in conjunction with any equipment, parts or a system not manufactured by Uniden.
  • Page 67 Product was first purchased, if you believe that your Product does not conform with this warranty, you should deliver the Product, together with satisfactory evidence of your original purchase (such as a legible copy of the sales docket) to Uniden at the addresses shown below. You should contact Uniden regarding any compensation that may be payable for your expenses incurred in making a warranty claim.
  • Page 68 Thank you for buying a uniden producT. © 2010 Uniden Australia Pty Limited. Uniden New Zealand Ltd. Printed in PRC. UBZZ01362AA(0)