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Uniden UBC355CLT Owner's Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Uniden UBC355CLT

  • Page 1 UBC355CLT Scanner UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 1 UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 1 2011/12/08 19:55:56 2011/12/08 19:55:56...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    Before you use this scanner, please observe the following: Warning Uniden does not represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fi re, electrical shocks, or damage to the unit, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4 OPERATING MODES ....... . . 28 SCAN ..........28 SEARCH .
  • Page 5 Setting Options ......47 Close Call Tips ........47 PRIVATE BANK .
  • Page 6: About Your New Ubc355Clt Scanner

    This gives you quick access to the frequencies you want to hear. FEATURE SUMMARY The UBC355CLT is a compact mobile/base scanner and one of the most user-friendly communication products available today. The UBC355CLT features include: •...
  • Page 7 » Emergency (EMG): 100 channels.(Some frequency is programed beforehand.) » Freenet (FRN): 6 Factory-programmed Freenet frequencies plus an additional 100 open channels for you to program other frequencies into this bank. » PMR: 8 Factory-programmed PMR frequencies. Note: The Freenet and PMR banks share a single key - FRN/ PMR.
  • Page 8 Note: The CB AM and Amateur Band (CB FM) banks share a single key - CB AM/FM. Pressing this key will toggle between the banks. Additional information is provided in later sections. » PRIVATE: 100-channel, fully user-programmable bank. • Search Bands (23) – Press BAND/STEP to select a band to search.
  • Page 9 Band Range (MHz) Step (kHz) Mode 108 - 137 108.00000 - 136.99166 8.33 137 - 138 137.00000 - 137.99375 6.25 138 - 144 138.00000 - 143.99375 6.25 144 - 146 144.00000 - 145.99375 6.25 146 - 156 146.00000 - 155.99375 6.25 156 - 157 156.00000 - 157.43125...
  • Page 10 Band Range (MHz) Step (kHz) Mode 162 - 162 162.03125 - 162.59375 6.25 162 - 174 162.60000 - 174.00000 6.25 406 - 440 406.00000 - 439.99375 6.25 440 - 450 440.00000 - 449.99375 6.25 450 - 466 450.00000 - 465.99375 6.25 466 - 470 466.00000 - 469.99375...
  • Page 11 Frequency Band Sensitivity (Nominal) 12 dB SINAD 0.4 μV 25.000 - 27.995 0.2 μV 28.000 - 69.9950 0.2 uV 70.0000 - 87.2950 0.4 uV 108.0000 - 136.9916 0.2 uV 137.0000 - 147.9950 0.2 uV 148.0000 - 174.0000 0.3 uV 406.0000 - 512.0000 0.4uV 806.0000 - 960.0000 Frequency Band...
  • Page 12: Included In Your Scanner Package

    25.000 - 87.2950 108.0000 - 136.9916 -61 dB 137.0000 - 174.0000 -63 dB 406.0000 - 512.0000 -65 dB 806.0000 - 960.0000 -55 dB INCLUDED IN YOUR SCANNER PACKAGE • UBC355CLT Scanner • Telescoping Antenna • Fixable Mobile Antenna • AC Adapter •...
  • Page 13: Optional Accessories

    The following optional accessories for your UBC355CLT are available: Mobile Mounting Bracket – For mobile use (In-car Installation); use it to install the UBC355CLT in your car. External Speaker – To increase speaker volume in noisy environments. INSTALLING THE UBC355CLT SCANNER FOR HOME USE (DESKTOP INSTALLATION) Insert the DC plug end of the AC Adapter into the DC 13.8V...
  • Page 14: For Mobile Use (In-Car Installation)

    Plug the Telescoping Antenna into the ANT connector. Extend the antenna to its full height. For frequencies higher than 400 MHz, shortening the antenna may improve the reception. Use the desktop stand (fold out from bottom of unit) for a better viewing and operating angle.
  • Page 15: Permanent Mobile Installation

    Permanently Mounting the UBC355CLT Unit Select a location in your vehicle to mount the UBC355CLT unit. Avoid any locations that could interfere with your driving. In a passenger car, the ideal location is underneath the dashboard on the passenger side.
  • Page 16: Permanently Connecting The Mobile Power Supply

    Use the mounting bracket (optional) as a template for marking the location of the mounting screws. Note: If there are screws already holding the dashboard, you may be able to use the same screw holes to mount the bracket. Drill the necessary holes and secure the mounting bracket in place using the screws provided.
  • Page 17 Connect the RED wire of the DC power cord to the accessory contact in your vehicle’s +13.8 VDC fuse box. Connect the BLACK wire of the DC power cord to the negative side of the vehicle (usually the chassis). Caution: In vehicles with a positive ground, the RED wire connects to the chassis and the BLACK wire connects to the accessory contact in the fuse box.
  • Page 18: Scanner Operation Overview

    SCANNER OPERATION OVERVIEW UBC355CLT FRONT PANEL PURPOSE HOLD Press this key to stop scanning or searching and to remain on the current frequency. “HOLD” displays on the screen. Press HOLD a second time to resume scanning. UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 18 UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 18...
  • Page 19 PURPOSE UP and DOWN Press these directional keys to: • Manually search up or down for frequencies while in Hold mode. • Change direction of a search during Search mode. • Quickly search up or down for frequencies (hold UP or DOWN keys for longer than 1 second) while in Hold mode.
  • Page 20 PURPOSE FRN/PMR Press this key to scan the Freenet (FRN) and PMR bands. Pressing this key cycles through the frequencies in the following order: • Freenet (FRN)/PMR - both activated • Freenet (FRN) only (turn off PMR bank) • PMR only (turn off Freenet bank) •...
  • Page 21 PURPOSE Press this key to begin monitoring for strong, CLOSE CALL nearby signals. Pressing this key cycles through the frequencies in the following order: • Close Call ® Priority - CC checks for Close Call hits every 2 seconds while monitoring other frequencies.
  • Page 22 PURPOSE AIR/MARINE Press this key to scan the Air and Marine bands. Pressing this key cycles through the frequencies in the following order: • Air/Marine - both activated • Air only (turn off Marine bank) • Marine only (turn off Air bank) •...
  • Page 23 PURPOSE CB AM/FM Press this key to scan the CB AM and Amateur Band (CB FM) bands. Pressing this key cycles through the frequencies in the following order: • CB AM/Amateur Band (CB FM) - both activated • CB AM only (turn off Amateur Band (CB FM) bank) •...
  • Page 24 PURPOSE BAND/STEP You can change the steps of each band. To change steps, press and hold BAND/STEP key while band search. Pressing this key displays the upper/lower limits of a band range for 3 seconds (i.e., 406:440) and then begins searching that band range.
  • Page 25 ITEM PURPOSE Volume/Clock Turn this control clockwise to turn on the Volume Control/ UBC355CLT unit. Continue turning this Clock Switch control clockwise to adjust the volume. SQ (Squelch) Adjust SQ to set the scan threshold. When Control you are monitoring a single channel in...
  • Page 26: Ubc355Clt Rear Panel

    UBC355CLT REAR PANEL ITEM PURPOSE BNC Antenna Connector. Insert the antenna plug here. EXT SP External Speakers. Insert optional external speaker plug here. DC 13.8V Power Connection. Connect the specifi ed AC Adapter or DC power cord here. UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 26 UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 26...
  • Page 27: Using Your Ubc355Clt Scanner

    USING YOUR UBC355CLT SCANNER SET UP Adjusting Squelch To Adjust Squelch - Turn SQ completely counterclockwise. You should hear open squelch noise. Turn SQ clockwise slowly until the sound disappears. This is the threshold point at which the incoming signal is just slightly stronger than the noise will open the squelch.
  • Page 28: Operating Modes

    OPERATING MODES The UBC355CLT operates in two modes - Scan and Search: SCAN Scanning allows you to scan through channels in various service banks. Press a service bank key (EMG, FRN/PMR, AIR/MARINE, CB AM/ FM or PRIVATE) to fi nd an active frequency within that bank. All activated banks plus their “private”...
  • Page 29: Search

    SEARCH Search lets you search through pre-grouped bands of frequencies. Press BAND/STEP key to select 1 of 23 separate frequency bands to search. Press the SEARCH key to begin searching. The scanner displays frequencies as it searches and stops on active frequencies until that transmission ends.
  • Page 30 NOTE: The Freenet bank has 100 PRIVATE channels. These user- programmed channels are scanned after pre-programmed channels. Pressing AIR/MARINE more than once will cycle through the banks in this order: Air/Marine Marine None Pressing CB AM/FM more than once will cycle through the banks in this order: CB AM/Amateur Band (CB FM) CB AM...
  • Page 31: Scanning Service Bank Tips

    Scanning Service Bank Tips If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Begin scanning Press any service bank key; the bank label fl ashes and the “SCAN” message moves across the display screen. Scanning automatically stops on an active channel and displays that frequency (except for locked-out channels, which will be covered later in this guide).
  • Page 32 If You Want to do This - Here’s How - Stop scanning Press HOLD The scanner stays on the displayed channel until scanning is resumed. The bank’s screen label remains steady and does not fl ash. Resume scanning Press one of the following keys to continue scanning: •...
  • Page 33 L/O key - Press this key to lock out this frequency and step to the next frequency. Keep scanning after the If the UBC355CLT stops on an active UBC355CLT has stopped channel that you do not want to on an active channel monitor but you do not want to lock out, press the UP key.
  • Page 34: Searching Band Tips

    Continue after the If the UBC355CLT stops on an active UBC355CLT has stopped channel that you do not want to on an active channel...
  • Page 35: Screens

    SCREENS This section shows typical screen displays: SCANNING BANKS This screen shows UBC355CLT is actively scanning a displayed bank. “SCAN“scrolls from right to left across the screen, and the scanned bank will fl ash. This screen shows that the scanner has been put on HOLD to monitor frequency 149.025 on the Freenet...
  • Page 36: Searching Bands

    Pointers ) indicate the direction of the search - up or down. SPECIAL FEATURES The UBC355CLT scanner boasts of several special features: • Lock Out Channels/Frequencies UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 36 UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 36 2011/12/08 19:55:58 2011/12/08 19:55:58...
  • Page 37: Lock Out Channels / Frequencies

    • Close Call • Private Bank • Program Frequencies into Programmable Banks. • Program Lock • Select Step Frequency • Clock Mode LOCK OUT CHANNELS / FREQUENCIES Sometimes the scanner may stop on a particular channel or frequency because of noise or other unwanted transmissions. This feature lets you lock out channels and frequencies you don’t want to scan.
  • Page 38: Permanent Lock Out

    Permanent Lock Out Pressing L/O twice permanently locks out the current frequency or channel. The scanner displays “L/O” for that frequency or channel and continues scanning. “L/O” frequencies/channels can be manually restored; the procedure is provided in this section. Lock Out Limits Any of the 300 user-programmed channels can be locked out;...
  • Page 39: Lock Out Tips

    pressing that bank key will make the scanner emit an error tone and the scanner will not scan. Lock Out Tips If You Want to Do This - Here’s How - Temporary Lock Out While on a channel or frequency, press L/O once.
  • Page 40 If You Want to Do This - Here’s How - Temporary Lock Out • Press the bank you were scanning (Cont.) to resume scanning in that bank. • Press a diff erent bank key to begin scanning that new bank. Permanent Lock Out While on a channel or frequency, quickly press L/O key twice.
  • Page 41 If You Want to Do This - Here’s How - Restoring a Single Press the appropriate bank key Locked-Out Channel or (PRIVATE, EMG, FRN/PMR, AIR/ Frequency MARINE and CB AM/FM) to start scanning the bank that has the (Example: Channel 12 channel or frequency you want to of the Private bank is unlock.
  • Page 42 If You Want to Do This - Here’s How - Restoring a Single “L/O” disappears to indicate that Locked-Out Channel Channel 12 is now unlocked and (Cont.) restored for scanning. Note: For the factory preprogrammed channels, the earliest channel will be unlocked when you lock out more than 100 channels.
  • Page 43: Close Call

    If You Want to Do This - Here’s How - Restoring All Press and hold L/O for more than Permanently Locked 2.5 seconds until you hear two Out Channels/ beeps. Frequencies (Cont.) All locked out channels/ frequencies in that bank are now unlocked and restored for scanning.
  • Page 44: Close Call Priority

    Close Call Off Pressing and holding the key activates Close Call Only mode. Close Call Priority Repeatedly press until the Close Call Priority icon displays. The scanner checks every 2 second for a nearby transmission. You may hear a slight break in audio during this time. If you want to monitor only Close Call hits, hold the key for longer than 2.5 seconds.
  • Page 45: Setting Up Close Call Modes

    Setting Up Close Call Modes Press and hold to enter the Close Call Only mode. The screen displays a line of dashes. Press again to display the Close Call menu selections: • - Select which bands Close Call will check. •...
  • Page 46 Band Name Frequency (MHz) b1 Lo VHF Low Band 25.0000 - 87.2950 b2 Air AIR Band 108.0000 - 136.9916 b3 Hi VHF High Band 137.0000 - 174.0000 b4 UHF UHF Band 406.0000 - 512.0000 b5 800 800MHz Band 806.0000 - 960.0000 From Step 4 previously, select .
  • Page 47: Setting

    You cannot turn off all bands. If you turn off all bands, b1 Lo (VHF Low Band) is automatically set to ON. Setting Options This menu controls whether the scanner will send an alert tone when a Close Call signal is detected. The options are: •...
  • Page 48 If You Want To - Here’s How - Save a Frequency The scanner fi nds a nearby signal Found Through through Close Call, it jumps to that Close Call frequency but does not display it. It does, however display the band number and fl ashes “...
  • Page 49: Private Bank

    PRIVATE BANK The UBC355CLT also provides 3 separate banks to hold favorite frequencies. When you fi nd a frequency that you would like to listen to again, you can program it into either the Emergency (EMG) or Freenet (FRN) service bank or into the Private bank. The advantage to programming frequencies into the Private bank is that you can scan that bank with other service banks turned off .
  • Page 50 the preprogrammed banks. In addition, websites such as www. provide listings of local broadcast frequencies. NOTE: The Air/Marine and CB AM/Amateur Band (CB FM) banks are not programmable. ” ” displays if you try to program a frequency into either of these two banks. UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 50 UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 50 2011/12/08 19:55:58...
  • Page 51: Programming A Channel

    Programming a Channel The following steps detail how to program a frequency into a channel for a specifi c bank when the frequency was found while scanning or searching. In this example, the frequency was found while scanning the Freenet (FRN) bank. This SCAN screen shows that frequency 149.025 has been found through...
  • Page 52 Press the key for the bank you want to program. In this example, FRN/PMR was pressed. The screen cycles between two displays. The fi rst screen shows that channel 6 is the lowest available channel on the Freenet (FRN) bank (press UP or DOWN to select a diff erent channel) and the second screen...
  • Page 53: Deleting A Programmed Frequency (Programming "000.0000")

    Press PROG. The scanner programs the frequency into the indicated channel and then goes into SCAN HOLD mode. Press HOLD to release the Hold and continue scanning the rest of the programmed channels, starting with the channel you just programmed. Deleting a Programmed Frequency (programming “000.0000”) The easiest method of deleting a frequency you have programmed is to overwrite it with a null frequency (000.0000).
  • Page 54 Frequency changes to 000.0000 and CH continues fl ashing. Press the bank containing the channel you wish to clear. The screen displays the fi rst programmable channel for that bank. If that channel displays 000.0000, press UP or DOWN until the channel/ frequency you wish to clear displays.
  • Page 55 The screen cycles between two displays. The fi rst screen shows that channel 6 on the Freenet (FRN) bank (149.025) is selected and the second screen shows that the null frequency (000.0000) is ready to be programmed. Press PROG. The screen displays a null frequency in that channel.
  • Page 56: Program Lock Feature

    PROGRAM LOCK FEATURE The UBC355CLT has a Program Lock feature to prevent accidentally programming entries or unauthorized programming. Press and hold the PROG key for longer than 2.5 seconds to toggle Program Lock on and off . Program Lock is available in the following modes: •...
  • Page 57: Select Step Frequency

    SELECT STEP FREQUENCY You can change the steps of each band. Selected step aff ects both band search and Close Call. For air band, selected step aff ects more air service bank. If the scanner displays for 3 seconds while selecting step frequency mode, the scanner returns to Band Search.
  • Page 58: Clock Mode

    Follow the steps to set the current time: Rotate the VOLUME/CLOCK knob counterclockwise to turn off the UBC355CLT unit. Press and hold PROG key to enter the clock setting mode. The backlight is turned on. And then the clock time fl ashes.
  • Page 59 Press UP or DOWN key to change the time. Press and hold UP or DOWN key over 2 seconds to step up or down 15 minutes steps repeatedly. To cancel the setting, press BAND/STEP key. Press PROG key to store the current time. The scanner displays the clock.
  • Page 60: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE PROBLEM SOLUTION Scanner won’t Try one of these options: work • Check the connections at both ends of the AC adapter. • Turn on the wall switch of your room. You could be using an outlet controlled by the wall switch. Move the AC adapter to another wall outlet.
  • Page 61 PROBLEM SOLUTION Improper Try one of these options: Reception • Check the antenna and its connection. • Move the scanner. • You may be in a fringe area. This may require an optional multi-band antenna. Check with your dealer or local electronics store.
  • Page 62 PROBLEM SOLUTION Scan won’t start Try one of these options: • Press the bank key again. • Adjust the Squelch Control. • Program frequencies into the bank before using (for PRIVATE bank). • Check to see if all channels are locked out.
  • Page 63: General Product Care

    GENERAL PRODUCT CARE Turn the scanner off before disconnecting the power. Always press each keypad button fi rmly until you hear the entry tone for that key entry. LOCATION If strong interference or electrical noise is received, relocate the scanner or its antenna away from the source of the noise. A higher elevation, if possible, may provide better reception.
  • Page 64: Birdies

    BIRDIES All radios may receive undesired signals or birdies. If your scanner stops during Search Mode and no sound is heard, it may be receiving a birdie. Birdies are internally-gen erated signals inherent in the receiver’s electronics. If the interference is not severe, you might be able to turn SQ clockwise to cut out the birdie.
  • Page 65 • PMR: 8 Preprogrammed. • Air (AIR): 3840 Preprogrammed. • Marine (MRN): 57 Preprogrammed. • CB AM: 600 programmed. • Amateur Band (CB FM): 400 programmed. • PRIVATE: 100 channels fully user-programmable. Search Band: 23 searchable bands: Scan Rate: 50 channels/second Search Rate: 60 steps/second 180 steps/second...
  • Page 66: Declaration Of Conformity

    We: Uniden Corporation 2-12-7 Hatchobori Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-8512 Japan declare, under our sole responsibility, that this equipment: Uniden Bearcat model UBC355CLT is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the Council Directive1999/5/EC. UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 66 UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 66...
  • Page 67 MEMO UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 67 UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 67 2011/12/08 19:55:59 2011/12/08 19:55:59...
  • Page 68 THANK YOU FOR BUYING A UNIDEN PRODUCT. © 2012 Uniden Corporation Printed in Vietnam. U01UB367ZZZ(0) UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 68 UB367ZV_UBC355CLT_1208.indd 68 2011/12/08 19:55:59 2011/12/08 19:55:59...