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Panasonic DMR-BW880 Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic DMR-BW880 Operating Instructions Manual

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Dear customer
Thank you for purchasing this product. For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully.
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely.
Please keep this manual for future reference.
This Blu-ray Disc Recorder is for viewing and recording free to view channels only. It does not receive pay TV or
encrypted channels.
∫ Region management information
This unit plays BD-Video marked with labels
containing the region code "A".

Operating Instructions

Blu-ray Disc Recorder
Model No.
DVD-Video: This unit plays DVD-Video marked with labels
containing the region number "3" or "ALL".


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Panasonic DMR-BW880

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Blu-ray Disc Recorder DMR-BW880 Model No. Dear customer Thank you for purchasing this product. For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully. Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. Please keep this manual for future reference.
  • Page 2 CAUTION! THIS UNIT IS INTENDED FOR USE IN MODERATE CLIMATES. THIS PRODUCT UTILIZES A LASER. USE OF CONTROLS OR ADJUSTMENTS OR This product may receive radio interference caused by PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER THAN mobile telephones during use. If such interference is THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN MAY RESULT IN apparent, please increase separation between the product HAZARDOUS RADIATION EXPOSURE.
  • Page 3: Supplied Accessories

    Getting started Supplied accessories Media handling Please check and identify the supplied accessories. ∫ How to hold a disc or SD card (Product numbers correct as of September 2010. These Do not touch the recorded surface or the terminal surface. may be subject to change.) 1 Remote control DO NOT...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents ∫ Getting started ∫ Still pictures Supplied accessories ......3 Playing still pictures ......49 The batteries information .
  • Page 5 ∫ Troubleshooting Getting started Messages on the unit’s display ....86 Troubleshooting guide ..... . .88 Power .
  • Page 6: Hdd And Media Information

    ∫ Indemnity concerning recorded content Panasonic does not accept any responsibility for damages directly or indirectly due to any type of problems that result in loss of recording or edited content (data), and does not guarantee any content if recording or editing does not work properly.
  • Page 7 ≥It may be necessary to finalise the disc on the equipment used for recording. DVD-R DivX ® , JPEG, MP3 §1 DVD-R DL §1 [-R] [-R]DL] High Definition video recorded by Panasonic video camera, etc. [BD-R] [BD-RE] [RAM] BD-RE, BD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-R [-R] §1 DVD-R DL , DVD-RW §1 §1...
  • Page 8: Recording Modes

    HDD and media information Recording modes Recording Mode HG/HX/HE/HL/HM XP/SP/LP/EP, FR ( below) Quality Same as broadcasted HD quality produced by SD quality only conversion of broadcast data §1 Recordable media [HDD] [BD-R] [BD-RE] [HDD] [BD-R] [BD-RE] [RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] Multiple audio Record all multiple audio...
  • Page 9: Sd Cards

    ≥ This unit supports connecting a USB memory, digital camera and video Memory Cards) camera produced by Panasonic, etc. It is not warranted that all USB Using either of these cards in a non-compatible PC or non- devices will meet this unit.
  • Page 10: Control Reference Guide

    Control reference guide Remote control Instructions for operations are generally described using the remote control. 1 Turn the unit on or off ( 16, 18)  2 Select drive (HDD, BD, SD or USB) ( 3 Select channels and title numbers, etc./Enter numbers or characters (The character buttons may be used when operating VIERA CAST contents.) 4 To delete unwanted recorded titles, timer programmes,...
  • Page 11: Main Unit

    Distance: Within approx. 7 m in front of the unit 1 Standby/on switch (Í/I) ( 16, 18) 8 Connection for VCR, Panasonic video camera, etc. Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice versa. In standby mode, the unit is still consuming a 9 Open/close disc tray ( small amount of power.
  • Page 12: Connection

    ≥Please use High Speed HDMI Cables that have the HDMI logo (as shown on the cover). ≥When outputting 1080p signal, please use HDMI Cables 5.0 meters or less. ≥Recommended Panasonic HDMI cable part number: RP-CDHS15 (1.5 m), RP-CDHS30 (3.0 m), RP-CDHS50 (5.0 m), etc.
  • Page 13: Network Connection

    Connect the Set Top Box or VCR Network connection ≥Connect to terminals of the same colour. Following functions will be available when this unit is connected to the network. ∫ Connecting with ∫ Connecting with AUDIO ≥DLNA function ( AUDIO/VIDEO terminals and S VIDEO terminals ≥Enjoying VIERA CAST ( ≥Enjoying BD-Live discs with Internet (...
  • Page 14: Other Tv Connections

    Connection COMPONENT VIDEO terminals Other TV connections COMPONENT VIDEO terminals can be used for either AUDIO/VIDEO terminals interlace or progressive output ( 107) and provide a purer picture than the VIDEO OUT terminal. ≥Connect to terminals of the same colour. ≥Connect to terminals of the same colour.
  • Page 15: Amplifier Connections

    DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal Amplifier connections HDMI AV OUT terminal Amplifier COAXIAL IN OPTICAL IN HDMI IN HDMI cable Coaxial cable Optical digital audio cable HDMI OUT HDMI IN OPTICAL COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (PCM/BITSTREAM) Amplifier This unit’s rear panel HDMI cable RF IN RF IN...
  • Page 16: Common Operations

    ≥When removing the SD card, press on the centre of the card and pull it straight out. ≥If you connect a Panasonic product with a USB connection Turning on this unit cable, setup screen may be displayed on the connected equipment.
  • Page 17: Basic Operation

    Basic operation FUNCTION MENU screen This unit is basically operated via the following method by You can easily access the desired functions via the using the remote control. FUNCTION MENU. To select and enter Press [FUNCTION MENU]. Select Enter Select the item, then press [OK]. ≥Repeat step 2 if necessary.
  • Page 18: Setting

    Setting Set “ 節電” (Power Save) to “開”, “定時 ” or “ 關 ”, then press [OK].   DRIVE SELECT PAGE PROG/CHECK INPUT SELECT SKIP SLOW/SEARCH PAUSE STOP PLAY/x1.3 Power consumption will be reduced in 開 standby mode. (On) STATUS EXIT PAUSE LIVE TV...
  • Page 19: Network Easy Settings

    ≥Network Easy Settings ( Internet Connection Test ) Network Easy Settings Display Check the following ≥Network connections and While stopped settings Cannot find the Press [SETUP]. server. (B019) ≥Settings of “IP Address / DNS Settings” ( Select “Network Easy Settings” in ≥The server may be busy or the “Network”, then press [OK].
  • Page 20: Watching Broadcasts

    Watching broadcasts Watch broad casts Using Channel List After performing step left)   DRIVE SELECT Press [OK]. PAGE All Digital Channels PROG/CHECK INPUT Channel names SELECT SKIP SLOW/SEARCH Select PAUSE PLAY/x1.3 STOP RETURN STATUS EXIT PAUSE LIVE TV Select the channel, then press [OK]. OPTION RETURN To edit the Channel List (...
  • Page 21: Using Tv Guide System

    Switch the appearance Using TV Guide system While displaying TV Guide screen Press [GUIDE]. Press [GUIDE]. Landscape view 2010/01/01 FRI 23:05 1st FRI Landscape All Digital Channels 2010/01/01 FRI 23:05 1st FRI Landscape All Digital Channels Time: Time: Select Channel Page Up Info OPTION...
  • Page 22: Channel Information

    Watching broadcasts Channel information Operations while watching broadcast Press [STATUS Switching subtitles  e.g., When “ ” appears in channel information ( left) 10:30 All Digital Channels Select favourites NEWS Press [STTL 9:00 - 11:00 Set timer ≥Subtitles will switch according to the contents of the Dolby D programme every time it is pressed.
  • Page 23: Pause Live Tv

    PAUSE LIVE TV To stop PAUSE LIVE TV 1 Press [∫]. You can pause the live TV programme you are watching 2 Select “Yes”, then press [OK]. using this unit’s tuner and resume later by temporarily saving it on the HDD. ≥PAUSE LIVE TV also works when watching a programme via external input.
  • Page 24: Recording

    Recording TV programmes Recor ding Press [¥ REC]. Recording starts.   “REC1” or “REC2” will light DRIVE SELECT PAGE REC1 Unit’s display PROG/CHECK INPUT SELECT SKIP SLOW/SEARCH Select the “Automatic Stop” then press [OK]. STOP PAUSE PLAY/x1.3 ≥One touch recording (OTR) STATUS EXIT PAUSE LIVE TV...
  • Page 25: Operation During Recording

    Simultaneous rec and play Operation during Recording You can play the recording title from the beginning or the To check the recording programme titles previously recorded to the HDD. Press [STATUS 1 Press [DIRECT NAVIGATOR] during recording. e.g., While recording 2 programmes simultaneously DIRECT NAVIGATOR Grouped Titles VIDEO...
  • Page 26: Simultaneous Recording

    Recording TV programmes To stop recording To perform 2 programme simultaneous recording It is necessary to display the programme you want to stop on the TV. ( 25, To display the recording programme on While recording the TV) Record another programme with steps –...
  • Page 27: Timer Recording

    Timer recording Timer Recording 30:24 DR 2010/01/01 FRI 23:05 Channel Day/Date Start Stop Drive Mode  01/01 FRI 23:00 23:45  [Prog. Name] DRIVE Input Name SELECT PAGE Category/ Date/ RETURN Weekly ≥Confirm the programme (start and end time) by using a TV magazine, etc.
  • Page 28: Manually Programming Timer Recording

    Timer recording Manually programming timer Press [OK]. recording The timer programme is stored and the timer icon (red) is displayed. Timer recording of the programme Timer icon (red) Recording disc: [HDD] Recording mode: Timer recording from the external equipment Timer Recording 30:30 DR 2010/01/01/FRI 23:05 Recording disc:...
  • Page 29: Timer Recording From Channel Information

    Timer recording from channel Notes on timer recording information ≥Depending on the state of the unit, playback may stop when recording begins. Recording disc: [HDD] ≥Timer recordings do not begin while copying in normal Recording mode: speed mode. ≥If you turn the unit off during the timer recording, the While watching a programme recording is continued.
  • Page 30: To Confirm And Edit A Timer Programme

    Timer recording To show a programme information To confirm and edit a timer programme Press [STATUS Additional information is available for these programmes. Press [PROG/CHECK]. Timer Recording 30:30 DR 2010/01/01 FRI 23:05 To deactivate a timer programme Icons Channel Name Space Schedule Drive/Mode...
  • Page 31: Playing Back Video

    Playing BD-Video or DVD-Video Playi back video Enjoying BONUSVIEW or BD- Live   [BD-V] DRIVE SELECT What is BONUSVIEW? PAGE BONUSVIEW allows you to enjoy functions such as picture- in-picture or secondary audio etc. What is BD-Live? PROG/CHECK INPUT In addition to the BONUSVIEW function, BD-Video allows SELECT SKIP...
  • Page 32 Playing BD-Video or DVD-Video Enjoying BD-Live discs with Internet Most BD-Live compatible discs play back using the BD-Live function, so you will need to download additional content. This unit will download the content to the SD card. ( 106, Local storage) Preparation ≥Network connection ( ≥Network Easy Settings (...
  • Page 33: Playing Recorded Video Contents

    Playing recorded video contents Select the title, then press [OK]. ≥Resume play function   If the following screen appears, select the point to DRIVE SELECT start playback. PAGE Playback Where do you want to start playback from ? PROG/CHECK INPUT SELECT SKIP...
  • Page 34: Using The Direct Navigator (Video)

    Playing recorded video contents Label Using the DIRECT NAVIGATOR (VIDEO) [HDD] You can quickly find the recorded titles by selecting the label. Press [DIRECT NAVIGATOR]. e.g., [HDD] Select the label with [2, 1]. Programme type Label ([HDD] only) § ≥To sort a selected title from the “All” label into the programme type labels, set “Prog.Type”...
  • Page 35 Changing the programme type Playback grouped titles [HDD] [HDD] Programme type displayed in the label can be changed. The titles will be played continuously. 1 Select the programme type, then press the Select the group, then press [1] (PLAY/ “Green” button. a1.3).
  • Page 36: Operation During Play

    Operation during play Manual Skip ≥ Depending on the media, some operations may not be possible. ≥ Depending on the media, it may take time for the menu screen, pictures, ∫ Skip forward 1 minute sound, etc. to start. Press [MANUAL SKIP +60s]. ≥...
  • Page 37: Switching Subtitles

    Frame-by-frame Showing status messages Press [STATUS ] twice. While paused, press [2] (2;) or [1] (;1). Each press shows the next frame. e.g., ≥Press and hold to change in succession forward or backward. Remain HDD 45:53 DR  ≥Press [1] (PLAY/a1.3) to restart play. ...
  • Page 38: Regarding Divx

    Regarding DivX ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX is a digital video format created by DivX, Inc. This is ® an official DivX Certified device that plays DivX video. Visit ® for more information and software tools to convert your files into DivX video. Regarding DivX VOD content [BD-R] [-R] [-R]DL] [CD] [USB] §...
  • Page 39: Editing Video

    Deleting recorded video contents Editing video Once deleted, recorded content cannot be restored to Select the title, then press the its original state. Make certain before proceeding. “Yellow” button. A check mark is displayed. Repeat this step. ≥Press the “Yellow” button again to cancel. ...
  • Page 40: Editing Recorded Video Contents

    Editing recorded video contents Once deleted, divided or partially deleted, recorded Entering title name content cannot be restored to its original state. Make certain before proceeding. Select “Enter Title Name” in “Edit”, then Editing titles press [OK]. 69, Entering text) [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] ≥You cannot edit finalised discs.
  • Page 41 Dividing title Changing thumbnail [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [HDD] [RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW]  Change PLAY Divide Preview Finish Continue 0:00.22 0:00.22 Start play and select the image of Change a thumbnail. Divide - -:- -.- - - -:- -.- - RETURN RETURN...
  • Page 42 Editing recorded video contents DR File Conversion ∫ “Now” conversion: Select “Start”, then press [OK]. [HDD] ≥To cancel a “Now” conversion DR File Conversion is a function to convert the recording Press and hold [RETURN ] for more than mode of the title in DR mode. The size of the converted title 3 seconds.
  • Page 43: To Create/Playback/Edit The Chapter

    To edit and playback chapters To create/playback/edit the chapter Press [DIRECT NAVIGATOR]. [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] Select the title, then press [OPTION]. [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [-RW‹VR›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] Only playback. Regarding chapters Select “Chapter View”, then press [OK]. [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] Chapter View screen You can divide a title into multiple chapters.
  • Page 44: Copying Video

    Copying titles Copyin g video Set the recording mode ( 101).  1 Select “Copy Mode”, then press [1].  2 Set “Format” to “VIDEO”. DRIVE SELECT 3 Set “Recording Mode”. PAGE 4 Press [2] to confirm. Register titles for copy. 1 Select “Create List”, then press [1].
  • Page 45 Selecting the titles for the copying list Editing the copying list Select the item in step –3 ( 44). Select the item after step –3 ( 44). Delete All Press the “Yellow” button. 1 Press [OPTION]. 2 Select the operation, then press [OK]. A check mark is displayed.
  • Page 46 – Titles that contain many deleted segments High speed Quality – Titles that have been copied to the HDD from an SD XP/SP/LP/ card or a Panasonic video camera, etc. with HDD (SD High Definition – [RAM] EP/FR Video) (...
  • Page 47: Copying Title Playing

    ∫ When copying to the disc in normal speed Copying Title Playing mode [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] [HDD] > [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] You cannot copy to the disc in the following cases. [+RW] –...
  • Page 48: Copying Hd Video (Avchd Format) From Hdd

    You can copy HD Video (AVCHD format) recorded on HDD While playing a disc, the content being played is copied to by a Panasonic video camera etc. to a disc. the HDD according to the set time. ∫ [HDD] > [BD-RE] [BD-R] (High Definition) Press [FUNCTION MENU].
  • Page 49: Still Pictures

    Playing still pictures Still picture ∫ Switching the DIRECT NAVIGATOR [HDD] [BD-RE] [RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [CD] [SD] [USB] (PICTURE) appearance ∫ [HDD] [HDD] [BD-RE] [RAM] Press [FUNCTION MENU]. Still pictures copied from SD cards and USB memories are grouped by the shooting date on “Pictures by Date” screen. ∫...
  • Page 50: Start Slideshow

    Playing still pictures ∫ While displaying a still picture Start Slideshow Rotate RIGHT, Rotate LEFT You can display still pictures one by one at a constant interval. ≥Rotation information will not be stored depending on the disc or card. After performing steps –...
  • Page 51: Editing Still Pictures

    Editing still pictures [HDD] [BD-RE] [RAM] [SD] ∫ Editing an album or date: Select the album or date, then press ∫ [HDD] [OPTION]. Press [FUNCTION MENU]. e.g., [HDD] ∫ [BD-RE] [RAM] [SD] DIRECT NAVIGATOR PICTURE Pictures by Date Insert the disc or the SD card. e.g., [SD] 2009/01/15 2009/03/15...
  • Page 52: Still Pictures Operation

    Editing still pictures Change the date of a folder Still pictures operation [HDD] [BD-RE] [RAM] After performing steps 1–3 ( (Pictures by Date only) Copy to Album 1 Select “Change Date”, then press [OK]. [HDD] [BD-RE] [RAM] 2 Select the item and change the date. 1 Select “Copy to Album”...
  • Page 53: Copying Still Pictures

    Copying still pictures Copying automatically To stop copying Press and hold [RETURN ] for 3 seconds. [SD] > [HDD] This unit saves information about imported still pictures. Therefore, if still pictures are imported from the same SD ≥ Pictures without shooting date will be categorised using the creation card, then only new still pictures will be copied.
  • Page 54: Copying Using The Copying List

    Copying still pictures Copying using the copying list Select “Start Copying”, then press [OK]. ≥[HDD] > [BD-RE] [RAM] [SD] ,-. [BD-RE] [RAM] [SD] [HDD] [BD-RE] [RAM] > [HDD] [SD] ,-. [BD-RE] [RAM] [SD] You can select another album as the copying >...
  • Page 55: Music

    Playing music/Copying music to HDD Music To play other music (track) [-R] [-R]DL] [CD] [USB] Select the item, then press [OK]. ≥Music CD: All tracks in the CD will be recorded. e.g., Music CD ≥[-R] [-R]DL] [CD] [USB] (MP3) : All tracks in the folder will be recorded.
  • Page 56: Playing Music Recorded On Hdd

    Playing music/Copying music to HDD 1 Categorised by artist To find a folder (MP3 only) 2 Categorised by album 3 Tracks registered in “My Favourites” While the Track List is displayed 4 Tracks registered in “Playlists” Press [OPTION]. 5 Tracks most often played recently (up to 30 tracks) 2 Select “Select Folder”, then press [OK].
  • Page 57: Operations During Music Play

    Displaying Still Pictures (Slideshow) Operations during music play Pictures stored on the “Album” of the HDD can be played [HDD] [-R] [-R]DL] [CD] [USB] back as slideshow during playback of the music. Stop Press [∫]. ≥How to create an Album (Picture) ( 52, Copy the selected item to a new album) Pause...
  • Page 58: Editing Music/Playlist

    Editing music/playlist Deleting Editing music ∫ While displaying the “Track List” screen [HDD] 1 Select “Delete”, then press [OK]. Press [FUNCTION MENU]. 2 Select “Delete”, then press [OK]. Select “Music” in “Playback Contents”, Editing the name then press [OK]. Select “Edit Album Name”, “Edit Track DIRECT NAVIGATOR Music Menu MUSIC...
  • Page 59: With Other Equipment

    Recording from external equipment With Other Equip ment Recording broadcasts from Set Top Box Recording disc: [HDD] Recording mode: XP, SP, LP, EP ≥Connect the Set Top Box or VCR ( While stopped Press [INPUT SELECT] to select the input channel. Press [REC MODE] to select the recording mode.
  • Page 60: Recording From Video Equipment

    Recording from external equipment Manual recording Recording from video equipment Recording disc: [HDD] Recording mode: XP, SP, LP, EP ≥Turn off the unit and other video equipment before connecting. While stopped Press [INPUT SELECT] to select the input e.g., Connecting to the AV2 IN or DV IN terminals on the channel.
  • Page 61: Dv Automatic Recording

    DV Automatic Recording Flexible Recording via AV input Recording disc: Recording disc: [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [-R] [-RW‹V›] [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [-R] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+RW] [+R] [+RW] Recording mode: XP, SP, LP, EP Recording mode: 1 Turn off this unit and DV equipment. While stopped Press [INPUT SELECT] to select the input 2 Connect the DV equipment (...
  • Page 62: Copying The Hd Video Or The Sd Video

    Copying HD Video (AVCHD format) It is possible to copy the HD video (AVCHD format) recorded on the Panasonic video camera, etc. to the HDD or disc. AVCHD (Disc) > [HDD] AVCHD (SD card, video camera, etc.) > [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] ∫...
  • Page 63: Copying Sd Video (Mpeg2 Format)

    ] for 3 seconds. ≥ You cannot playback SD Video on an SD card or in the HDD of the Panasonic video camera, etc. with this unit. You must copy the files to the HDD or a DVD-RAM. ≥ You cannot playback or record while copying SD Video.
  • Page 64: Convenient Functions

    TV is acquired by this unit. ( 18). Panasonic TV (VIERA) or receiver under “HDAVI Control”. You can use this function by connecting the Automatic input switching equipment with the HDMI cable.
  • Page 65: Control Panel

    §2 “HDAVI Control 5” is the newest standard (current as of December, 2009) for Panasonic HDAVI Control compatible equipment. This You can operate this unit using the TV remote control. standard is compatible with Panasonic’s conventional HDAVI Refer to the operating instructions of the TV about the equipment.
  • Page 66: Dlna Feature

    DLNA feature You can enjoy the video and still pictures saved on the HDD of this unit on DLNA compatible equipment connected via a Operate the playback equipment to network. display the list of titles on this unit. ≥You cannot playback music. ≥Refer to their respective operating instructions.
  • Page 67 To register equipment manually Home Network ( DLNA ) Settings After selecting “Manual” in step 8 ( left) When DLNA Function is deactivated, make the following 1 Select “Remote device list”, then press [OK]. settings. 2 Select the device name or the MAC Address for the device you want to register, then press [OK].
  • Page 68: Enjoying Viera Cast

    ≥ The services are operated by their respective service providers, and Press [VIERA CAST]. service may be discontinued either temporarily or permanently without notice. Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the content or ≥The message is displayed. Please read these the continuity of the services.
  • Page 69: Entering Text

    Entering text Preparation To end partway ≥Show the Enter Title Name screen. Press [RETURN Text is not added. Select a character, then press [OK]. For your reference Repeat this step to enter other characters. The name of the DVD-Video that will be displayed in the Top Menu after finalisation is previewed.
  • Page 70: Playback Menu

    Playback menu Audio Channel Common procedures Change audio (LR/L/R) during playback. 1 Press [DISPLAY]. With some discs, you may only be able to make changes § using the menus ( 31) on the disc. e.g., Disc 2/0 ch Soundtrack Play Audio attribute Subtitles Picture...
  • Page 71 Picture menu—Change the picture Sound menu—Change the sound quality effect Mode Sound Effects Select the picture quality mode during play. ≥Re-master 1 Normal Default setting ≥Re-master 2 (Discs recorded at 48 kHz or less) Soft Soft picture with fewer video artifacts Sound becomes more natural by adding higher frequency Fine Details are sharper...
  • Page 72: Disc And Card Management

    Disc and card management [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] Delete all titles [-RW‹VR›] [SD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] After performing steps 1–3 ( left) While stopped Press [FUNCTION MENU]. 1 Select “Delete all titles”, then press [OK]. 2 Select “Yes”, then press [OK].
  • Page 73: Top Menu

    1 Select “Auto-Play Select”, then press ≥ [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] If you finalise discs recorded on [OK]. Panasonic equipment other than this unit, the background selected as “Top Menu” may not be displayed. 2 Select “Top Menu” or “Title 1”, then press ≥...
  • Page 74: Changing The Unit's Settings

    Changing the unit’s settings You can change the unit’s settings using the Setup menu. Digital TV Tuning ≥The settings remain intact even if you switch the unit to standby. Common procedures Setup Digital TV Tuning Digital TV Tuning While stopped Favourites Edit Access Press [SETUP].
  • Page 75: Channel List

    ∫ Channel List ∫ Update Channel List You can edit the Channel List. You can update channels to the latest one. ≥This takes about 7 minutes. Digital TV Channel List Digital TV Update Channel List Scan CH C1 Channel names This will take about 7 minutes.
  • Page 76: Hdd / Disc

    Set when you are playing a disc that has High Definition – When recording to a +R, +R DL and +RW. video (AVCHD) recorded by the Panasonic video camera, etc. and High Definition quality title that was recorded on this unit.
  • Page 77: Picture

    Rec for High Speed Copy Picture You can copy titles to DVD in high speed mode, if you set to “On” before recording a programme. ≥This setting is valid for the following cases: Setup – Recording from external equipment (including DV equipment) Picture –...
  • Page 78: Sound

    Changing the unit’s settings ∫ Digital Audio Output Sound Sound Setup Digital Audio Output Access Digital Audio Output PCM Down Conversion Sound Dolby D / Dloby D+ / Dolby TrueHD Sound DTS / DTS-HD Bitstream Dynamic Range Compression MPEG Downmix Stereo BD-Video Secondary Audio Bilingual Audio Selection...
  • Page 79: Display

    ∫ Audio Delay Display Mis-sync between the video and audio is corrected by delaying the audio output. Display ∫ Audio Type for XP Recording Language English Select the audio type when recording or copying with XP On-Screen Information 5 sec. Setup Unit’s Display Automatic...
  • Page 80: Connection

    Changing the unit’s settings ∫ HDMI Connection Connection Connection Connection HDMI Connection Access TV Aspect 16:9 Setup Aspect for 4:3 Video HDMI Connection TV System HDMI Video Mode HDMI Connection HDMI Video Format Automatic Component Resolution 576i/480i 24p Output Deep Colour Output Automatic Connection HDMI Audio Output...
  • Page 81: Network

    7.1ch Audio Reformatting Network [BD-V] Surround sound with 6.1 ch or less is automatically expanded and played back at 7.1 ch. Setup ≥If “Off” is selected, sound is played over the original number of channels. (Note that in the case of 6.1 ch Network audio, playback will be at 5.1 ch) Network Easy Settings...
  • Page 82: Others

    Changing the unit’s settings ∫ Remote Control Others Change the remote control code on the main unit and the remote control if you place other Panasonic products close together. ≥Use “BD 1”, the factory set code, under normal Others circumstances.
  • Page 83: Language Code List

    ∫ System Update Language code list Others Enter the code with the number buttons. Abkhazian: 6566 Gujarati: 7185 Rhaeto-Romance: System Update Access Afar: 6565 Hausa: 7265 8277 System Update Afrikaans: 6570 Hebrew: 7387 Romanian: 8279 Software Update in Standby Enlgish 3:00 Albanian: 8381...
  • Page 84: Software (Firmware) Update

    If your unit is not connected to the Internet connection, you can download the latest firmware version from the Panasonic support site. After you copy the latest firmware to a CD-R disc, play the disc in the unit and it will automatically update the firmware.
  • Page 85: Other Settings

    Other Settings Manufacturer and Code No. Switching the aspect ratio of the Brand Code Brand Code screen Panasonic 01/02/03/04 NOBLEX AIWA When black bars are shown at the top, bottom, left, and right NOKIA 25/26/27/60/61 AKAI 27/30 sides of the screen, you can enlarge the image to fill the...
  • Page 86: Troubleshooting

    Messages on the unit’s display Troubl eshooti The following messages or service numbers appear on the unit’s display when something unusual is detected during PROG FULL startup and use. There are already 64 timer programmes. Delete unnecessary timer programmes. ( (“∑”...
  • Page 87 HDMI cannot be output because it is connected to a model that does not support copyright protection. Due to the current disc not having authorised copyright information, video output is not performed. (When a disc is inserted) Displays when there was something unusual detected with the disc while recording, playback or copy.
  • Page 88: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide Before requesting service, make the following checks. If Displays the problem still persists, consult your dealer for instructions. Updating to the latest software (firmware) may solve the The display is dim. problem. ( Change “Unit’s Display”. ( The following do not indicate a problem with this unit: ≥Regular disc rotating sounds or louder rotating sounds “0:00”...
  • Page 89: Tv Screen And Video

    TV screen and video There is a lot of image lag when playing video. Screen size is wrong. Set “HD optimizer” in the Picture menu to “Off”. ( Set “Audio Delay”. ( Check the “TV Aspect” or “Aspect for 4:3 Video”. ( Adjust the aspect ratio setting on TV.
  • Page 90: Operation

    Troubleshooting guide Operation Recording, timer recording and copying The remote control doesn’t work. The remote control and main unit are using different Cannot record. codes. Change the code on the remote control. Cannot copy. Press and hold [OK] and the Some broadcasts are copyright protected.
  • Page 91: Play

    An unusually loud sound is coming from the Cannot playback BD-Live. rotating disc. Playback of BD-Live requires the internet access and SD card. If you want copy to perform more quietly, select “Normal ( Silent )” in “BD / DVD Speed for High Speed Copy”. You have forgotten your rating PIN.
  • Page 92: Edit

    Troubleshooting guide Edit The available recording time doesn’t The contents of the USB memory cannot be increase even after deleting titles on the read. disc. Remove the USB memory from the USB port and then insert again. If this does not solve the problem, turn off Available space on BD-R, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, +R, or and turn on the unit again.
  • Page 93: Broadcast

    Broadcast To reset this unit Picture regularly breaks up on some To return all the settings other than the main channels. ones to the factory preset Adjust the aerial reception with “Manual Tuning”. ( Perform “Shipping Condition” or “Default Settings”. Picture very infrequently breaks up on some To reset the rating level settings or all channels.
  • Page 94: Reference

    Unit care Refere Cleaning HDD (Hard disk drive) handling care ∫ This unit The HDD is a high precision recording instrument and because of its long recording capability and high speed ≥Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. operation it is a very special device that is easily susceptible ≥Never use alcohol, paint thinner or benzine to clean this to damage.
  • Page 95: Operations That Can Be Performed

    Operations that can be performed simultaneously Operations that can be performed while recording or copying a title (≤: Possible, –: Impossible) Playback of Playback of Playback of still Playback of HDD music recorded discs pictures on HDD While recording to HDD in DR mode ≤...
  • Page 96: Audio Information

    Audio information The digital audio output might be different depending on the terminal connected to the amplifier/receiver and the setting of this unit. ( 78, Digital Audio Output) ≥The number of channels listed is the maximum possible number of output channels. ∫...
  • Page 97: Structure Of Folders Displayed By This Unit

    Structure of folders displayed by this unit You can play DivX, MP3 and still pictures (JPEG) on this unit by making folders as shown below. However depending on the method of writing data (writing software), play may not be in the order you numbered the folders. [BD-R] Structure of DivX folders [-R] [-R]DL] [CD] [USB] Structure of MP3, still picture or DivX folders Prefix with 3-digit numbers in the order you...
  • Page 98: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications are subject to change without notice. ∫ Audio Recording system: Dolby Digital 2ch ∫ General (XP, SP, LP, EP mode), Dimensions (WkHkD): Linear PCM (XP mode), 430 mmk66 mmk238 mm Dolby Digital Max 5.1ch (DMB-T) (excluding the projecting parts) (DR, HG, HX, HE, HL, HM mode), 430 mmk66 mmk249 mm MPEG 2ch (DR mode),...
  • Page 99 ∫ Region code: ∫ Recordable discs DVD: BD-RE (SL/DL): 1-2X SPEED (Ver. 2.1) Region A BD-R (SL/DL): 1-2X SPEED (Ver. 1.1), 1-4X SPEED (Ver. 1.2), ∫ Playable discs 1-6X SPEED (Ver. 1.3), 1-2X SPEED LTH type (Ver. 1.2), BD-RE (SL/DL): BD-RE Ver.
  • Page 100: About Divx/Mpeg2/Avchd/Jpeg/Mp3 Files

    HDD, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, CD-R, SD-Video format used on Standard Definition §3 CD-RW, USB device Camera (Panasonic and some other’s) Compression rate 32 kbps to 320 kbps Sampling rate 16 kHz/22.05 kHz/24 kHz/32 kHz/ Video Recording conversion and transfer is possible §1...
  • Page 101: Recording Modes And Approximate Recording Times

    Recording modes and approximate recording times Depending on the content being recorded, the recording time may become shorter than indicated. Recording Mode [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] (500 GB) [-RW‹V›] [+R]DL] Single Layer Dual Layer Single-sided Double- (8.5 GB) [+R] sided (25 GB)
  • Page 102: Licenses

    HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of VIERA CAST is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation. HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries. YouTube and Picasa are trademarks of Google, Inc.
  • Page 103 At least three (3) years from delivery of products, Servers, including all ownership rights. Under no circumstances will Panasonic will give to any third party who contacts us at Gracenote become liable for any payment to you for any information the contact information provided below, for a charge no that you provide.
  • Page 104: Safety Precautions

    Panasonic has no authority to and does not grant you vibration. These conditions can damage the cabinet and that permission and explicitly disclaims any right, ability or other components, thereby shortening the unit’s service...
  • Page 105: Glossary

    Glossary AVCHD Dolby Digital AVCHD is a new format (standard) for High Definition video This is a method of coding digital signals developed by cameras that can be used to record and play high-resolution Dolby Laboratories. Apart from stereo (2-channel) audio, HD images.
  • Page 106 Glossary Finalise JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) This is a system used for compressing/decoding colour still A process that makes play of a recorded CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, etc. possible on equipment that can play such pictures. If you select JPEG as the storage system on digital media.
  • Page 107 Pan&Scan/Letterbox Thumbnail This refers to a miniature representation of a picture used to In general, BD-Video and DVD-Video are produced with the intention that they be viewed on a widescreen TV (16:9 display multiple pictures in the form of a list. aspect ratio), so images often don’t fit regular (4:3 aspect x.v.Colour ratio) TVs.
  • Page 108: Index

    Index Amplifier (Connection) Delete DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal ....15 Music ........58 HDMI AV OUT terminal .
  • Page 109 Favourites Language code list ........74 ......83 Finalise Lens cleaner .
  • Page 110 Index Partial Delete Recording ....... 40 ........24 2 programme simultaneous recording .
  • Page 111 Screen Timer recording ......27 Timer Recording ......28 Auto Renewal Recording .
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