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Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB216JSH-W-E Handbook page 25

Hand dryer
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(10) Blower (assembly)
1 Remove the blower cover. → See (9) 1 to 5.
• Since the blower (assembly) may drop off the blower case, remove
the lead wires first, and then slowly remove the blower cover.
Assembly precautions
• When replacing the blower (assembly), attach the included fixing
piece to the position, indicated by , with a screw (one PTT screw
• Set the blower (assembly) as the lead wire outlet comes to the
position indicated by .
• The part of the lead wires covered by the white code tube must
pass through the code bush. (Indicated by )
2 Remove the blower (assembly).
3 Remove the ferrite core from the blower lead wires.
(11) Sensor circuit board (lower) (JT-30S3)
1 Remove the blower (assembly). → See (10) 1 to 2.
2 Unscrew the clamping screws, and remove the blower case.
(Three PTT screws 4×16, indicated by )
3 Unscrew the panel (front) and panel holder clamping screws, and
remove the panel holders (left and right).
(Five PTT screws 4×16, indicated by )
─ 25 ─
Set the blower horizontally.
Blower (assembly)
Ferrite core
Blower case
Panel (front)
Panel holder
Panel holder

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