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Circuit Board Diagrams - Mitsubishi Electric JT-SB216JSH-W-E Handbook

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8. Circuit board diagrams

Circuit board diagrams and check points
1 Power circuit board (JT-30P3H [JT-SB216JSH-W/H/S-E] /JT-30P3 [JT-SB216KSN-W-E])
Heater power supply (JT-30P3H: Between TAB3-TAB4)
JT-SB216JSH-W/H/S-E: 220 V AC, 230 V AC, 240 V AC
(With heater ON)
(JT-30P3H/JT-30P3: CN2 1P)
Power supply voltage: 220 V AC, 230 V AC, 240 V AC
(JT-30P3H/JT-30P3: Between TAB1-TAB2)
15 V
(JT-30P3H/JT-30P3: CN2 3P)
5 V
(JT-30P3H/JT-30P3: CN2 2P)
Bus voltage (Being stopped): 310 V DC, 324 V DC, 338 V DC
(JT-30P3H/JT-30P3: Between TAB5 and 0 V or between TAB6 and 0 V)
0 V
Carrier frequency 15 kHz
(JT-30P3H/JT-30P3: IC1 8P)
─ 10 ─
Reset input 5 V
(JT-30P3H/JT-30P3: IC1 18P)
Clock frequency 12 MHz
(JT-30P3H/JT-30P3: IC1 19P)

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