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Taking Pictures - GE UltraCamTM HQ98073 User Manual

Ge digital camera user's manual
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Taking Pictures

1. Press the Mode button to turn on the camera.
2. Press the mode button twice to get to the flash On/Off screen. (FA)
3. Press the shutter release button to turn on the flash. (The flash is
needed for most indoor pictures. No flash is needed for most
outdoor pictures).
4. Press the mode button ten times to select the resolution mode.
The cameras default setting is high resolution (Hr)
Once the resolution option screen appears in the LCD screen,
Lr will appear. To select low resolution, press and release the
shutter release button.
In Lr (low resolution) 105 pictures can be taken
In Hr (high resolution) 26 pictures can be taken
5. Using two hands to hold the camera steady, aim the camera at the
subject you want to take the picture of and gently press down on
the shutter release button. You will hear a slight noise like the film
advancing after the picture has been taken and the image number
will decrease by one in the LCD screen.


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