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Msn® Messenger - GE UltraCamTM HQ98073 User Manual

Ge digital camera user's manual
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MSN® Messenger
Installing/Opening MSN® Messenger
A. Windows® 98/ME/2000
Log on to
After it has downloaded, you can open MSN® Messenger by
going to Start → Programs → Windows Messenger.
B. Windows® XP
MSN® Messenger is already installed
Open MSN® Messenger by going to Start → Programs →
Windows Messenger.
Using MSN® Messenger with your camera
1. Make sure the UltraCam™ driver has been installed.
2. Plug the camera into any USB port on your computer.
3. Open MSN® Messenger using the instructions above.
4. To start a video conference
In Windows® 98/ME/2000 click on NetMeeting.
b. In Windows® XP click on Actions → Start a Video
Note 1: In order to chat and share video with a friend, you will need to
add your friend to your contact list. Your friend will also need to use
MSN® Messenger. This can be downloaded for free from:
Note 2: Windows® XP users may be asked to add a .NET Passport to
your user account. Follow the instructions.
If you need more help, click on "Help" in the upper right-hand corner
of the screen.
for additional information and technical
to download


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