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Cautions - GE UltraCamTM HQ98073 User Manual

Ge digital camera user's manual
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Read Before Using Your UltraCam™
You must install the camera driver BEFORE connecting the
camera to your computer.
Be sure to insert the batteries properly according to polarity. When
inserting the batteries, make sure the positive (+) and negative (–)
ends of the batteries match the markings on the edge of the battery
Do not leave the camera connected to the USB port on your
computer if the camera is not going to be used for a long period of
time. This can adversely affect the picture quality.
Remove the batteries when the camera is not in use. Batteries left
in the camera for extended periods of time may corrode and
damage the camera.
Removing the batteries will cause all pictures saved in the camera
to be lost. Save any pictures you wish to keep on your computer
before removing the batteries.
The low battery icon (flashing Lo) on the LCD panel will display
when the battery power is lower than 2.5V, then the camera will
auto power off. Any pictures stored in camera will be lost at that
time. To avoid losing pictures, save any pictures you wish to keep
on your computer when you see the battery indicator (flashing Lo)
showing the battery power is low. Then replace the batteries.
Do not short, dissemble or charge the batteries. Do not throw the
batteries into a fire.


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