Cool/Warm Air Drying System
Clothes Deodoriser
Spot Cooling Air Flow
Silver ion sterilizing and
deodorizing fi lter
Easy Dehumidifying
Intelligent laundry

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Before using the unit
Features of this dehumidifi er ···················· 3
Precautions ················································· 4
Warning ······················································· 6
Names and Functions of Parts ················· 7
Before using your dehumidifi er ·············· 10
Drying Laundry ········································· 12
Dehumidifying ·········································· 14
(Spot Air) ···················································· 15
Using Louvre ············································ 16
Using OFF Timer ······································ 17
Using Child Lock ······································ 17
Removing Odour from Clothes ··············· 18
(Clothes Deodoriser)
Internal Drying Operation ························ 19
Draining ····················································· 20
Continuous Drainage ······························· 21
Maintenance ············································· 22
Replacement Parts ··································· 24
Storage and Disposal······························· 25
Troubleshooting ······································· 26
Specifi cations ···························· back cover
In order to ensure correct usage, please read this
instruction manual carefully and retain it for future
Before accepting the Warranty at the time of purchase,
please make sure that the date of purchase, place of
purchase and other items are correctly fi lled in the form.
Keep the Instruction Manual and Warranty in a safe


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E15BX-A1

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    DEHUMIDIFIER MODEL Table of Contents page MJ-E15BX-A1 Before using the unit INSTRUCTION MANUAL Recommended Ways of Using the Unit ··· 2 Features of this dehumidifi er ···················· 3 Precautions ················································· 4 Warning ······················································· 6 Names and Functions of Parts ················· 7 Features Before using your dehumidifi er ··············...
  • Page 2: Recommended Ways Of Using The Unit

    Recommended Ways of Using the Unit Drying laundry When you want to perform automatic Intelligent Laundry operation When there are a lot of clothes When you want to dry thick clothing quickly When you want the unit to operate Tips on Drying Laundry continuously When there are a lot of clothes...
  • Page 3: Features Of This Dehumidifi Er

    Features of this dehumidifi er Room temperature may rise The unit can operate in a room 2-4°C during operation temperature range of 1-35°C. However, if the room temperature exceeds 35°C, the unit The dehumidifi er is not capable of cooling or warming a may operate in blower mode or increase the airfl...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    Continuing to operate the unit may result in Do not insert your fi ngers, objects, fi re, electric shock, or malfunctions. Contact or things that burn your dealer or Mitsubishi Electric Service easily such as paper Centre for consultation. into an air outlet or air intake.
  • Page 5 CAUTION Do not cover an air outlet or air intake Do not use the unit for special with laundry, cloth, curtain, etc. purposes, such as preservation of food, art or scientifi c works. This results in poor ventilation and may cause heat generation/fi re.
  • Page 6: Warning

    Precautions (cont.) Precautions (cont.) CAUTION Install the unit in a location Switch the unit off and unplug where the fl oor is fl at and stable. from the power source when cleaning it. If the unit falls over, the water collected in the water tank may leak damaging surrounding objects and in turn result in fi re or electric shock caused...
  • Page 7: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and Functions of Parts Front Back Air intake Control panel P8~9 Main air outlet Handle Louvre Filter cover Back air outlet Sensor Do not cover. Silver ion sterilizing and deodorizing fi lter Power plug Wheel (4) Accessory Silver ion sterilizing and deodorizing fi lter P22~23·24 Tank...
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    Names and Functions of Parts (cont.) Control Panel CHILD LOCK lamp Tank FULL lamp DEO-DRY lamp Lights while child lock Lights up to warn that the water tank is full. Lights during deodorizing is active. clothes operation. CHILD LOCK Switch DEO-DRY Switch To lock/unlock the Switches to deodorizing...
  • Page 9 The air outlets for warm air and cool air generated by dehumidifi er cycle ( CURRENT HUMIDITY Indicator are switched automatically depending This indicates the approximate on the operating mode. current humidity (The current humidity is displayed in a range LAUNDRY HIGH from 30 to 80%).
  • Page 10: Before Using Your Dehumidifi Er

    Before using your dehumidifi er Set the silver ion fi lter The silver ion fi lter is supplied with the unit at time of purchase. Please fi t before using the unit. Remove the silver ion fi lter from Set the fi lter cover. the polyethylene bag.
  • Page 11: Carrying The Unit

    Inserting the water Carrying the Unit tank correctly The unit can be transported using the wheels on the bottom. Check the tank and tank guard, Check that the water tank is empty and the louvre is shut before transporting. and insert the tank all the way in while supporting the unit.
  • Page 12: Drying Laundry

    Drying Laundry You can select from three operating modes. The compressor does not activate immediately after Press turning the unit off, or after plugging the unit into the power socket. (This is in order to protect the compressor.) Dehumidifying begins approximately 3 minutes after you press the POWER switch.
  • Page 13: Tips On Drying Laundry

    Tips on Drying Laundry To dry laundry quickly and neatly How to Hang Clothes Fully extend the clothes to remove any wrinkles. Leave space between clothes to allow air to easily pass through them (Guideline for spacing: Approximately 5 cm) Hang any diffi cult to dry items in positions where air fl ow can easily come into contact with them.
  • Page 14: Dehumidifying

    Dehumidifying You can select from three operating modes. The compressor does not activate immediately after Press turning the unit off, or after plugging the unit into the power socket. (This is in order to protect the compressor.) Dehumidifying begins approximately 3 minutes after you press the POWER switch.
  • Page 15: Condensation Prevention And Cold Air

    Condensation prevention and cool air (Spot Air) Use spot air when you want to prevent condensation on windows or you want cool air to be blown at a specifi c location. About AUTO OPERATION IN EASY DEHUMIDIFYING The unit operates intermittently to control the airfl...
  • Page 16: Using Louvre

    Using Louvre The louvre can be made to swing. Select from the 4 possible settings to suit the purpose. During operation, Stop swing The louvre stops press to select the operation The swing lamp turns off The louvre can be adjusted to a To stop the louvre louvre swing direction desired angle by hand while the...
  • Page 17: Using Off Timer

    Using OFF Timer Using Child Lock You can select an operating time from 2, 4, and 8 hours. You can lock the switches. When the set time is reached, the unit switches itself off Use this function when you want to stop children automatically.
  • Page 18: Removing Odour From Clothes

    Removing Odour from Clothes (Clothes Deodoriser) The unit operates for approximately 1 hour to remove odour from clothes. The airfl ow Removes odours such as: rate and compressor are automatically controlled. Use this operation when you want to cigarettes and cooking remove odour from clothes that are not frequently washed, such as suits and sweaters.
  • Page 19: Internal Drying Operation

    Internal Drying Operation The inside of the unit can be dried to suppress mildew growth on the cooler. On days the dehumidifi er is used, internal drying is recommended. Automatic operation Manual operation To activate internal cleaning after every use. Press the while the unit is OFF.
  • Page 20: Draining

    Draining The unit automatically shuts down and the Tank Full lamp is lit when the tank is full. Empty the tank. When the tank becomes full, the FULL lamp lights. After removing the water and replacing the tank, the Tank Full lamp will go off, and the unit will automatically return to operation mode.
  • Page 21: Continuous Drainage

    Continuous Drainage If a drain is available, the unit can continuously drain excess water by attaching a commercially available hose (internal diameter 15mm). The unit can be operated for extensive periods without the need to empty the water tank. Commercially available hose Items to CAUTION (I.D.
  • Page 22: Maintenance

    Maintenance Do not use detergents, cleaning agents for heat exchange equipment, abrasive powders, chemically treated dusters, gasoline, benzene, thinners or other solvents, as they can damage the unit or the water tank, which may result in leakage. Once Every Two Weeks Silver Ion Filter, Air Intake, and Sensor Clogging with dust and the like reduces the effectiveness of the dehumidifying.
  • Page 23 Once Every Three Months Silver Ion Filter (Soak in Water) Soaking the silver ion fi lter in water enables you to remove fi ne dust and odour from the silver ion fi lter. Preparation Soak the silver ion fi lter in Press the POWER switch to turn off the water.
  • Page 24: Replacement Parts

    Type: MJPR-10AXFT Type code: 5C5 822 For these items contact your nearest Mitsubishi Electric dealer. The unit draws in dust present in the air, and this may cause the tank to gradually become dirty. If the dirt does not come off easily, wash with cold or warm water, then wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Page 25: Storage And Disposal

    Storage and Disposal Storage When disposing the unit After switching the unit off, leave for one day until Dispose according to the garbage regulations in any water inside has had time to settle. Then carry your district. out the following steps. Silver ion fi lter Material: PET and PS Perform internal drying...
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting For the symptoms listed below, refer to the remedies listed right. Symptom Cause/Remedy Air passed through the re-heating coil is warm. Unlike an air conditioner, the unit is not capable of cooling a whole room. The unit blows warm air Using the unit in a closed room will instead cause the room temperature to rise.
  • Page 27 Symptom Cause/Remedy Since the unit uses two fans and two motors in addition to the cool air function, the The operating operating sound becomes loud compared to models without a cool air function. This is sound is loud not a malfunction. If the operating sound bothers you, use the unit set to DEHUMIDIFYING LOW. Check to see if the unit is on a slope or uneven surface.
  • Page 28: Specifi Cations

    Specifi cations Model MJ-E15BX-A1 Power supply Single phase 230-240V 50Hz Dehumidifying capacity 15.0 L/day Power consumption 290W Water tank capacity stops automatically at approx. 2.5L Weight 14kg Dimensions (h × w × d) 568mm × 390mm × 205mm The dehumidifying capacity is a value obtained when the dehumidifi er is continuously run at a roomtemperature of 30°C and relative humidity of 80%.

Table of Contents