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Using Louvre - Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E15BX-A1 Instruction Manual

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Using Louvre

The louvre can be made to swing. Select from the 4 possible settings to suit the purpose.
During operation,
louvre swing direction
The swing direction changes with the
touch of a button
Swing stops (lamp turns off)
The swing operation stops when the power cord is
The level of noise emitted from the unit varies
according to the angle of the air-fl ow.
The louvre sometimes stops temporarily to correct its
If the louvre is knocked out of the desired angle
because the louvre is touched by a hand or object,
press the SWING LOUVRE switch again to readjust
the position.
If air is blown directly onto a wall, the wall may
become dirty because of dust in the air being blown
onto the wall.
When you want to dry training shoes, place them at a
position that is a little higher than fl oor level.
to select the
Stop swing
The louvre stops
The swing lamp turns off
The louvre can be adjusted to a
To stop the louvre
desired angle by hand while the
at the desired
swing operation is stopped.
When you want to
dry training shoes
(When you want air to be blown
downward, point the louvre
The louvre swings so that air is
blown over a wide area.
To cover the entire
The blowing range is
approximately 145°. (The
moving range of the louvre is
approximately 120°.)
The louvre swings so that air is
blown from the front of the unit.
When you want
The blowing range is
to dehumidify the
approximately 60°.
inside of closets,
Swing speed is automatically
controlled to send air at clothes
For drying clothes,
from the all angles.
The blowing range is
approximately 70°.
The louvre moves slowly through
the last 20° of the swing, as the
time taken to traverse the rear
arc is shorter than that for the
upward arc when moving at a
constant speed.


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