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16.0 error/Display messages

There are a number of unique functions designed into your Jacuzzi spa
to protect it from damage and/or to aid in troubleshooting. When an error
occurs the spa will notify you by showing the screen below and an error
code next to it. Following is a listing of all the possible messages along
with their meanings:
warnInG: rIsK OF HYPerTHermIa (OVer-HeaTInG)
Causing severe inJury, burns, or welts.
Overheat protection: (Heater is deactivated, filter/circulation pump is
activated). Water temperature is above acceptable limits. DO nOT
enTer THe waTer! Remove spa cover to speed cooling. See
"Water Is Too Hot" on page 79. If condition persists, contact your
authorized dealer or authorized service center.
2. Water is below set-temp: If the spa water is more than 20°F/6°C
cooler than the temperature set point, the circulation pump and
heater will automatically activate to provide freeze protection. The
spa will stay in this mode until the water temperature reaches
15 degrees below the set temperature. No corrective action is
3. Communication error: Communication between the control panel and
circuit board is faulty. If condition persists, contact your authorized
dealer or service organization.
4. Pump does not operate: Proper flow of water is inhibited or a flow
switch has malfunctioned. Check for proper water level and for
clogged filter (page 67). If no sound is detected or if a "buzzing"
sound is detected, turn off power to the hot tub. Pump may not be
properly primed. If condition persists, contact your authorized dealer
or service organization.
5. Freeze protection: A potential freeze condition has been detected. No
action is required. Jets pump(s) and heater operate until the spa is out
of danger. Depending on the amperage provided, operation will be as
In 60A or 20A (50Hz only) logic, the heater remains on at all
times, while pump 1 and pump 2 turn on for 10 minutes and then
off for 10 minutes. The pumps will alternate on and off until the
spa gets out of the freeze condition.
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