Changing Channels - NEC Aspire Cordless II Quick Reference Manual

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Picking up calls not ringing your phone . . .
If a call is ringing over
the Page after hours:
When a call is ringing
a co-worker's phone:
Have a telephone meeting (Conference) . . .
Use Conference to
have a telephone

Changing Channels . . .

Change channels if
you're experiencing
interference while on a
1. Press TALK +
1. Press TALK.
You can press a Group Call Pickup or Call
Coverage function key instead of step 2.
1. Place/answer call +
2. Place/answer next call +
Repeat this step to add more parties. You
may be able to have up to 32 callers.
3. After adding all parties, press
begin the Conference.
1. Press CHAN while on a call.
The TALK icon starts blinking and stops
when the handset has completed the chan-
nel change. Until this process is completed,
no other functions are available.
+ Co-worker's extension.
again to



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