Answering Calls - NEC Aspire Cordless II Quick Reference Manual

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Answering Calls

When you hear sys-
tem busy, use Camp
On or Callback
Message Waiting
Leave a Message
Waiting (flashing
Message Wait LED)
when your co-worker
doesn't answer:
To answer a Message
Waiting left for you:
Answering Calls . . .
Listen for ringing:
1. To leave a Callback for a busy line or
Wait for the system to call you back.
2. Press TALK.
(Outside calls) Place your call again.
(Intercom calls) Speak to co-worker.
To cancel your Callback:
1. Press TALK +
(Direct Messaging)
1. Do not hang up +
Your co-worker's Message Wait LED
flashes fast. Your Envelope icon displays.
With Voice Mail, dial 8 to leave a mes-
sage in your co-worker's mailbox.
1. Press TALK +
To cancel Messages Waiting (those you left
and those left for you): TALK + 873.
1. Press TALK, any dial pad key, or press the
flashing line key.
Press line or loop key if not connected to an
outside call.
To mute a conversation, press the MUTE
key. The TALK icon blinks. The caller
cannot hear you speak. Pressing the
MUTE key again deactivates Mute.
While talking, if the handset cannot receive a
signal from the base unit in approximately
35 seconds, it emits an error tone and goes
to standby mode.
2. To disconnect, press TALK or place the
handset back into the charging unit.



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