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Placing Calls; Placing An Outside Call - NEC Aspire Cordless II Quick Reference Manual

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Placing Calls

Switching the Active Phone . . .
When the Base Unit
has an Aspire keyset
attached, switch
between the Cordless
and Aspire phones:

Placing an Outside Call . . .

Press a line key for
quick access:
This option can only be used on the Cordless II.
This must be done when the phones are idle
otherwise an active call will be disconnected.
1. Press either the CORDLESS or DESK but-
ton on the Base Unit.
The LED on the Base Unit indicates
which phone is currently active.
If the Cordless phone is active, the time
and date are indicated on its display. If
the Aspire keyset is active, the display
shows "DESK TEL".
If programmed, the REDIAL key can be
used to switch from Desk to Cordless
mode only. By default, the REDIAL key
performs the redial function.
1. Press TALK.
1. Press a programmed line key.
"AQUIRING LINK" blinks in the display
while trying to connect to the base unit.
The TALK icon appears and the line key
lights when connected.
If there is no connection to the base unit, an
error tone is heard and "NO SERVICE" is
temporarily displayed on the LCD.
2. Listen for dial tone + Outside number.
You can have function keys for lines or
line groups.
If your system is behind a PBX, you may
have to dial 9 before your number.
To mute a conversation, press the MUTE
key. The TALK icon blinks. The caller
cannot hear you speak. Pressing the
MUTE key again deactivates Mute.
While talking if the handset cannot receive a
signal from the base unit in approximately
35 seconds, it emits an error tone and goes
to standby mode.
3. To disconnect, press TALK or place the
handset back into the charger.



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