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NEC Aspire Cordless II Quick Reference Manual page 8

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Handling Your Calls
Your call can wait at your phone . . .
Use Hold instead of
leaving the call
Easily retrieve a call
from Hold:
Send the call you're on to a co-worker . . .
Send (Transfer) your
call to a co-worker:
1. Do not hang up + HOLD.
This puts your outside call on System
Hold. Your co-workers can take the call
off Hold. To place the call on Exclusive
Hold, press your Exclusive HOLD
function key.
Intercom calls automatically go on
Exclusive Hold when you press HOLD.
1. Press TALK + flashing
2. If the call was not on a line key (or was an
Intercom call) simply press TALK.
1 Do not hang up + HOLD.
2. Dial your co-worker's extension.
You can press a One-Touch key instead of
dialing your co-worker.
To transfer the call to Voice Mail, press
your Voice Mail key before dialing your
3. Press TALK to transfer the call.



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