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Rinse Aid; Use Of Detergent - Electrolux ESI 602 Instruction Book

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Rinse aid

Rinse aid is automatically added during the last rinse, ensuring
thorough rinsing, and spot and streak free drying. The
dispenser, which is positioned inside the door, holds about 110
ml of rinse aid, which is sufficient for 16 - 40 dishwashing
programmes, depending upon the dosage setting.
Filling with rinse aid
1. Open the container by turning the lid (A) anticlockwise.
2. Add the rinse aid until the container is completely full.
The indicator (B) will be completely dark.
3. Top up the rinse aid when the indicator (B) becomes clear.
Ensure that the lid is closed after every refill.
Do not put liquid detergent in the rinse aid compartment. Clean
up any rinse aid spilt during filling with an absorbent cloth to
avoid excess foaming during the next wash.
Adjusting the dose
According to the finish and drying results obtained, adjust the
dose of rinse aid by means of the 6 position selector (C)
(position 1 minimum dosage, position 6 maximum dosage).
Increase the dose if there are drops of water or lime spots on
the dishes after washing. Reduce it if there are sticky whitish
streaks on the dishes.

Use of detergent

Only use detergents specifically designed for use in
We recommend the use of Finish detergents which are
available in the following options:
Finish Double Action Tablets. Each tablet has the exact
amount of detergent required, simply place in the dispenser.
Finish Powder recommended for every day use.
Finish Liquid Gel ideal for every day use. As the gel is extra
gentle it is recommended for fine bone china.
If using powder detergents proceed as follows:
1. Open the dispenser lid by pulling the catch (D).
2. Add the detergent according to the recommended quantity
given in the "Washing programmes" chart.
As all detergents are not the same, you should also consult
the instructions on the packet.
3. Always close the lid.
4. If the programme has a prewash add a little amount of
detergent over the lid of the dispenser
Follow the recommended quantity of detergent given in the
"Washing programmes" chart.
If using detergent in tablets proceed as follows:
1. For all programmes; place 1 tablet inside the detergent
2. Always close the lid.
3. For all programmes with prewash; place a portion of a
further tablet on the lid of the detergent dispenser.
Insufficient quantities of detergent will produce poor
washing results, whereas an excessive amount of
detergent will not improve washing results and is also
Using no more than the correct amount also contributes
to reducing pollution.
Compact detergents with enzymes
In these low-alkaline compact powders the environmentally
unfriendly components have been replaced by natural
enzymes and other more biodegradable substances.
These new compact powders are generally phosphate-free.



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