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Ink Ribbon Installation - Mitsubishi Electric CP-D80DW Operation Manual

Digital color printer
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Push the printing unit to close.
Close the printing unit by pushing the right and left sides of the unit from the front
with both hands.
When a new paper is loaded and the printing unit is closed with the power turned
on, the paper will be automatically fed and cut.
When closing the printing unit, be careful not to get your hands caught
between the printer and the printing unit. Otherwise, you may get injured.
When closing the printing unit, push it until a click is heard.
If the PAPER RIBBON indicator illuminates when the printing unit is closed, the
print paper may have not been installed correctly.
In this case, open the printing unit to make sure that the print paper has been
installed correctly. Then close the printing unit again.
When the paper roll is reinstalled more than three times, the print paper may be
used up earlier than the ink ribbon.
Installation of the print paper and the ink ribbon is completed.
Make sure to replace the print paper and the ink ribbon simultaneously.
Empty the paper strip bin frequently to prevent jamming the strips at the print
outlet. Whenever you replace the paper and ink ribbon, make sure to throw
away the paper strips in the paper strip bin.
Whenever you replace the print paper and the ink ribbon, clean the thermal
head and the platen roller. For the cleaning procedures,
pages 21 and 22).
see "CLEANING" (on


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