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Storage Goods Symbols/Freezing Calendar; Defrosting; Switching Off The Appliance; Cleaning And Care - AEG ARCTIS G 9 18 50-4 i Operating And Installation Instructions

Integrating freezer
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Storage Goods Symbols/Freezing Calendar

• The symbols on the drawers show
different types of frozen goods.
• The numbers indicate storage times
in months for the appropriate
types of frozen goods.
Whether the upper or lower value of the indicated storage time is valid
depends on the quality of the foods and pre-treating before freezing. The
lower value applies to foods with high fat content.


The inner walls of the freezer are automatically defrosted.

Switching off the appliance

If the appliance is not going to be used for an extended period:
Remove all deep-frozen packages as well as ice trays.
Switch off the appliance by holding down the ON/OFF button.
Remove the mains plug or switch off or turn out the circuit breaker or fuse.
Defrost freezer compartment and clean thoroughly (see section: "Cleaning
and Care").
Leave the door open to avoid the build up of odours.

Cleaning and Care

For hygienic reasons the appliance interior, including interior accessories,
should be cleaned regularly.
• The appliance may not be connected to the mains during cleaning. Danger
of electrical shock! Before cleaning switch the appliance off and remove the
plug from the mains, or switch off or turn out the circuit breaker or fuse.
• Never clean the appliance with a steam cleaner. Moisture could accumu-
late in electrical components, danger of electrical shock! Hot vapours can

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