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Preparation Of Ice Cubes - AEG ARCTIS G 9 18 50-4 i Operating And Installation Instructions

Integrating freezer
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• Please observe the freezing capacity given on the rating plate. The free-
zing capacity is the maximum quantity of fresh food that can be frozen
within a period of 24 hours. If you wish to freeze food several days in a
row, please observe a maximum capacity of only 2/3 to 3/4 of that on the
rating plate. The quality of the food is best preserved when it is frozen
right through to the core as quickly as possible.
• Allow warm food to cool down before freezing. The warmth will cause
increased ice formation and increase the power consumption.
• Please note the maximum storage times specified by the manufacturer.
• Thawed foods which have not been processed further (cooked into meals)
may not under any circumstances be frozen a second time.
• Containers with flammable gases or liquids can leak at low temperatures.
There is a risk of an explosion! Do not store any containers with flamma-
ble materials such as, for example, spray cans, fire extinguisher refill car-
tridges etc in the refrigerator/freezer.
• Bottles and cans must not be placed in the freezer. They can burst when
the contents freeze, high carbonate content drinks can even explode!
Never store lemonade, juices, beer, wine, sparkling wine etc. in the free-
zer. Exception: high alcohol content spirits can be stored in the freezer.
• All foods must be packed air tight prior to freezing, so that they do not
dry out or lose their flavour, and so that no flavour contamination of
other frozen goods occurs.
Caution! Do not touch frozen food with wet hands. Your hands could free-
ze to the food.
Place the packed food in the drawers. Place food to be frozen. Unfrozen
food must not touch items already frozen, otherwise the frozen food could
begin to defrost.
Press the fast freeze button 24 hours before introducing fresh food for free-
zing of fresh food. The yellow light comes on.
Place frozen foods in the drawers sorted by type, as far as possible.

Preparation of Ice Cubes

Fill the ice cube tray 3/4 full with cold water, place it in the freezer com-
partment and leave to freeze.
To loosen the frozen cubes, either bend the ice cube tray or hold it under
running water for a few seconds.
Important! Never try to free an ice tray that is frozen to the freezer com-
partment using pointed or sharp edged objects. Use the ice scraper supplied.

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