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Precautions In Sales Promotion (Safety Instructions) - Hitachi UB 18D Technical Data And Service Manual

Cordless torchlight
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In the interest of promoting the safest and most efficient use of the Model UB 18D Torchlight by all of our
customers, it is very important that at the time of sale the salesperson carefully ensures that the buyer seriously
recognizes the importance of the contents of the Handling Instructions (printed on the carton box), and fully
understands the precautions.
Handling Instructions
Salespersons must be thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Handling Instructions in order to give pertinent
advice to the customer.
(1) Do not look directly at the light while it is turned on.
Do not shine the light directly at another person's face.
(2) Do not open the front cover immediately after using the light.
The bulb is extremely hot immediately after using the light. Wait until the bulb has cooled down before
replacing the bulb.
(3) Always turn the switch off before replacing the bulb or when not in use.
Otherwise, the service life of the bulb can be shortened and a short circuit may result.
If the light is left for a long time with the switch turned on and the battery installed, the service life of the battery
can also be shortened.
(4) Do not use the light in the rain.
The Model UB 18D is not water-resistant and may fail if it gets wet.
(5) Do not shock or disassemble the light.
Otherwise, inside soldering can fall off or the bulb can be broken.
(6) Do not allow the light to contact gasoline, thinner, etc.
The outer case of the Model UB 18D can be damaged by gasoline, thinner, etc. although it is made of strong
synthetic resin.
(7) Do not leave the Model UB 18D in very hot locations exceeding 60 ˚C such as the inside of a car in summer.
Storage in such locations can cause a failure.
Store the Model UB 18D in a dry place at a temperature less than 40 ˚C. Remove the battery from the light
before storage.
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