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Operation - Makita CC01 Instruction Manual

Cordless cutter
Hide thumbs


Loosen the screw A. Slide the tank holder all the way
over the motor housing. Position the notch of the tank
holder positions just below the screw head as illustrated.
Then tighten the screw A.
Attach the tank on the tank holder so that the tank holder
fits between the step and dots. Connect the cap on the
tube end to the mouth of the tank. Turn the tank
clockwise. Then tighten the screw B.
Water supply
Be sure that the water supply cock is closed before filling
the tank with water. Open the cap on the tank and fill the
water. Recap the tank.
When filling the tank with water, be careful not to
let the tool get wet.
1. ScrewB
2. Tank
3. Tube
1. Cap
2. Open
1. Water supply
2. Close
3. Open


Hold the tool firmly. Set the base plate on the workpiece
to be cut without the wheel making any contact. Then
turn the tool on and wait until the wheel attains full speed.
Feed water to the wheel by adjusting the water supply
cock to obtain a gentle flow of water. Move the tool
forward over the workpiece surface, keeping it flat and
advancing smoothly until the cutting is completed. Keep
your cutting line straight and your speed of advance
For fine, clean cuts, cut slowly. (When cutting glass plate
5 mm (3/16") thick, cut at about 250 mm/min (9-7/8"/min).
When cutting tile 10 mm (3/8") thick, cut at about 300
mm/min (11-13/16"/min).) Also slow down as you
complete a cut to avoid breaking or cracking the
workpiece being cut.
Be sure to hold the workpiece firmly down on a
stable bench or table during operation.
Do not twist or force the tool in the cut, or the motor
may be overloaded or the workpiece may break.
Do not use the tool with the diamond wheel in an
upward or sideways position.
The wheel for this tool is a wet-type diamond wheel
for glass and tile applications. Be sure to feed
water to the diamond wheel during operation.
If the cutting action of the diamond wheel begins to
diminish, dress the cutting edge of the wheel using
an old discarded coarse grit bench grinder wheel
or concrete block. Dress by pressing lightly on the
outer edge of the diamond wheel.
When the battery cartridge temperature is low, the
tool may not work to its full capacity. At this time,
for example, use the tool for a light-duty cut for a
while until the battery cartridge warms up as high
as room temperature. Then, the tool can work to its
full capacity.
Make sure that the water supply cock is closed
before operation.



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