Operating Instructions - Electrolux CXD15DN3W User Manual

Electrolux dehumidifier user manual
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Allow the unit to reach room temperature before
operating. To begin operating the dehumidifi er,
follow these steps:
Unit must be upright for one hour prior to
1. Plug the power cord into a properly
grounded 220 V AC outlet. If the BUCKET
FULL light is on, remove the bucket and re-
install to reset the fl oat switch.
2. To turn the unit on, press the ON/ OFF
. The unit will run in the factory
setting of CONTINUOUS and high fan
speed. In the CONTINUOUS mode, the
unit will only display CO and not the room
humidity. It is recommended you leave the
unit running in the CONTINUOUS setting for
the fi rst three or four days until the sweating
and dampness odours have stopped.
3. After a few days when the Relative Humidity
has declined, press the HUMIDITY
buttons to choose a value between 35% to
85%, so the room is kept at a comfortable
humidity. Pressing the
will change the humidity selection in 5%
increments. After you have set the desired
humidity, the readout will display the actual
room humidity. If at any time you want to
return to the CONTINUOUS Mode, pressing
Relative Humidity through the 5% increments
until the display reads CO.
button will lower the
4. You can also use the FAN SPEED button
to change the fan speed to HIGH or LOW.
The indicator light will show the setting you
have selected. A higher fan speed will result
in quicker moisture removal.
5. The CLEAN FILTER light will illuminate after
250 hours of operation. At this time refer
to the care and cleaning section to remove
and clean the fi lter. Once the fi lter has been
cleaned and replaced, simply press the
FILTER button
6. The TIMER function enables you to either
Delay Start or Delay Stop the unit in the
choice from 0.5 hour to 24 hours. If the unit
is running, then selecting Timer will turn the
unit off in the hours that will be set (Delay
Stop). If the unit is off, then selecting Timer
will turn the unit on in the hours that will be
set (Delay Start).
TIMER setting:
First press TIMER button
timer setting, by tapping or holding the
button to change the delay timer at 0.5 hour
increments, up to 10 hours, then by 1 hour
increments up to 24 hours. The control will
count down the time remaining (8, 7.5, 7, etc.)
until the unit either starts or stops.
www.electroluxaircomfort.com 5
to extinguish the light.
, then adjust



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