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Operating Instructions - Electrolux EDH12TRBD2 User Manual




5.1 To Turn On the appliance
To begin operating the dehumidifier,
make sure the appliance is plugged in
Once plugged, the appliance is on standby
status. The indicators on the control panel
are dimmed except "
1. Tap (touch and release) "
the appliance. The display shows the
current room humidity. The COMPLETE
function and SMART mode are
activated by default.
2. In active state, tap "
appliance. The appliance stops
operating and switches to standby.
5.2 Discreet state
If user does not interact with the control
panel for over 60 seconds, the control
panel will enter inactive state where all
active text and icons are dimmed to 30%
and inactive text, icons and display screen
will be dimmed to 0% (not visible).
• In inactive state, the appliance will keep
operating according to your last setting.
• Tap any button on the control panel to
'wake up' the display, then press again
to change setting. Tapping only once,
when control panel is in discreet state,
will not change any settings or turn off
the appliance.
" to turn on
" to turn off the
5.3 Basic function selection
Tap "
" button to chose your desired
basic function between COMPLETE
function, DRYER function and PURIFIER
Complete function
In this function, the appliance purifies and
dehumidifies the air at the same time,
decreasing the humidity and maintaining
comfortable air quality, SMART mode is
activated by default.
Dryer function
In this function, the appliance operates at
the highest capacity and fan speed, with
louvre swing to quickly decrease excess
humidity found in the room. You can use
this function in a scenario such as line
drying of laundry.
• In DRYER function, the appliance always
operates at MAX fan speed and user
cannot change this. User also cannot
set target humidity setting while in this
• The DRYER function operates for up to
8 hours if unattended, after that time the
appliance will turn off automatically.
• Do not cover the air outlet of the
appliance with clothes. It may cause
excessive heat, fire or failure of unit.
• Do not place the wet clothes on the top
of the appliance and do not make the
water drop into the unit. It may cause
electric shock, creepage or failure of



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