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Fault Codes; Removing Collected Water - Electrolux CXD15DN3W User Manual

Electrolux dehumidifier user manual


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For the Delay Start, the fan speed and humidity
maintained will be the same as previous setting.
After TIMER setting fi nishes, pressing TIMER
button again at any time will stop the TIMER
function. The Delay Start/Stop Feature will work
until the unit either starts or stops. Once that
happens the above steps have to be repeated.
• Before entering TIMER setting, make sure
power is being supplied to the unit.
• Before entering TIMER setting, make sure
pressing HUMIDITY
desired room humidity fi rst.
7. To shut the unit down, press the ON/ OFF

Fault codes

If the display reads "AS" or "ES" , a sensor has
failed. Contact your Authorized Service Center.

Removing collected water

Emptying the Bucket:
1. When the bucket is full, the unit will shut
down and the BUCKET FULL indicator will
2. Do not move the unit at this time otherwise
water may spill on the fl oor.
3. Press sides of bucket gently to unclip the
bucket from the unit.
4. Remove the bucket as shown in the fi gures
below and empty the bucket.
button sets one
5. Replace the empty bucket back into the unit
and once seated correctly, the unit will start
up again.
6. You should hear a click when the bucket is in
the correct position
Discard water from bucket. Water is not potable
and cannot be used for drinking.


Table of Contents

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