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Frequently Asked Questions - Cisco Explorer 8300 User Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far back can I rewind live TV? The length of time you can rewind live TV depends on how
long you have been tuned to a single channel. Each time you change channels, a new copy is
automatically stored to the built-in recorder. This copy saves up to the last 1 hour of programming.
For example, if you have been watching the same channel for 15 minutes, you can rewind that 15
minutes of the program.
Can I record the quarter screen in the Program Guide or the DVR Recorded List? Yes, you can
record the quarter screen on all DVR screens by pressing Record. You can also record the quarter
screen in the Program Guide. Press Exit to display the video in full screen, and then press Record.
Note: Pressing Record while in the Program Guide will record the highlighted program in the grid.
Can I record or pause the video in the PIP screen? Yes, but you must swap it to the Main screen
fi rst. After pressing Record and confi rming the recording, you can swap it back to the PIP screen
and it will continue recording. You can also press PIP On/Off , and the video will continue to record.
Can I use PIP while copying a program to my VCR? When copying a program to a VCR, the PIP
can be used only to monitor the progress of the copy status. You cannot use PIP to watch another
program while copying a program to a VCR.
If I've been tuned to a program since it started, do I have to rewind to the beginning to
record the entire program? No, if you have been tuned to the program since its beginning, just
press Record from any point in the program to record the entire program. Recording will
automatically stop when the program ends.
How will I know the DVR is almost out of recording space? When you try to schedule the next
recording, a warning appears on the Confi rm Recording screen. Also, you can see what percentage
of recording space you have used. Press List and then press B for preferences.
What happens if my DVR loses power temporarily? Everything you have recorded is saved,
based on the save time you selected in the Confi rm Recording screen. Your scheduled recordings
during the time the DVR lost power are the only recordings you may miss.
Do my Parental Controls in the Program Guide carry over to DVR recordings? Yes. If you
block programs by channel or rating in General Settings menu, those settings are carried over to
DVR recordings. For example, if you decide to block all R-rated programs in the General Settings
menu, the R-rated programs will still be recorded, but you cannot play them back until you enter the
correct PIN.
How do I block or erase individual recordings in my recorded list or change the save time
for the recording? Highlight the recording on the Recorded List screen, and press Select on the
remote control. An Options screen appears for the program you selected.
Why are all my programs displayed in 1080i format? You may have selected the Easy Setup
mode and the Widescreen (16:9) TV setting in the HDTV Setup Wizard. Choosing these two
settings together limits your programming to 1080i format, even on non-HD channels. To see your
non-HD programs in 480i on a widescreen (16:9) HDTV, use the Advanced Setup in the HDTV
Setup Wizard. Make sure that you select 480i as one of your saved formats, and then select Pass-
Through in General Settings: Picture Format for your default picture format.
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Table of Contents

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