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Controlling Live Tv; Pause A Live Program - Cisco Explorer 8300 User Manual

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Controlling Live TV

Control a Live Program You Are Watching
Use the following remote control keys to control the live program in the Main
The Pause, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Play,
Instant Replay, and Live keys on the remote
control are used to control the live program in
the Main screen.
For example, when you are watching your
favorite live TV program and the telephone
rings, press Pause to pause the program for up
to 1 hour. From Pause mode, press Pause or
Play to resume the normal play mode.
While in normal play mode, press Rewind or Fast-Forward to cycle through
three diff erent speeds of rewind or fast-forward.
To reverse or advance one frame at a time, press Pause and then repeatedly
press Rewind or Fast-Forward. For example, to advance three frames,
press Pause and then press Fast-Forward three times.
To see the action in slow motion, press Play from normal play mode. Press
Play again to resume normal play mode.
To replay the last 8 seconds of a live or recorded program, press Instant
If you have rewound or paused a live program, press Live at anytime to catch
up to the live TV program.
Note: You can use these same dedicated DVR keys to control the reduced
screen (also known as the quarter screen) in the Program Guide and in all
DVR screens.

Pause a Live Program

Green Area of Bar
Indicates Stored or
Recorded Programming
Red Area of Bar Indicates
Missed Programming
"Paused" Status Bar
The paused status bar appears when you press Pause.
Note: All of the features for controlling live TV (such as Pause, Fast-Forward,
Rewind) are also available when playing back recorded programs.
Design On A Dime
Triangle Indicates Your
Current Position in Program
Live Point of Programming
Clear Area of Bar Indicates
12:00 - 12:30pm
Programming Not Aired Yet


Table of Contents

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