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Installing Batteries; The Icons Used In This Operating Instructions - Pioneer Steez STZ-D10Z-R Operating Instruction

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Installing batteries

Incorrect use of batteries may result in such hazards as leakage and bursting. Observe the following precautions:
! Never use new and old batteries together.
! Do not mix and use nickel hydride battery with different charges.
! Insert the plus and minus sides of the batteries properly according to the marks in the battery case.
! Batteries with the same shape may have different voltages. Do not use different batteries together.
! When disposing of used batteries, please comply with governmental regulations or environmental public institution's rules that apply in your
! Do not use or store batteries in direct sunlight or other excessively hot place, such as inside a car or near a heater. This can cause batteries to leak,
overheat, explode or catch fire. It can also reduce the life or performance of batteries.
Leaving the battery cover off entirely or insufficiently tightening it will comprise drip proofing. Make sure that the battery cover is firmly attached in place.
1 Remove the battery cover on the back of the unit.
2 Insert 10 D-size batteries into the battery compartment following the indications (+,-) inside the compartment.
3 Close the battery cover.
Line up the three positions and place the cover back in its original position.

The icons used in this Operating Instructions

Functions (input) may be limited if the functions and operations discussed in this manual have the following label.
: Can be used by the internal memory function.
: Can be used by the USB memory function.
: Can be used by the STEEZ PORTABLE function.
: Can be used by the iPod function.
: Only songs analyzed by MIXTRAX can be used on the internal memory, USB, and STEEZ PORTABLE functions.


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