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Connecting Your Ipod/Iphone; Playing Tracks - Pioneer Steez STZ-D10Z-R Operating Instruction

Portable music system
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! This device has been developed and tested for the software version of iPod/iPhone indicated on the website of Pioneer. -- North America -- South America -- Europe -- Asia, Middle East, and Oceania
! Installing software versions other than indicated on the website of Pioneer to your iPod/iPhone may result in incompatibility with this device.
! iPod and iPhone are licensed for reproduction of non-copyrighted materials or materials the user is legally permitted to reproduce.
! Features such as the equalizer cannot be controlled using this unit, and we recommend switching the equalizer off before connecting.
! Pioneer cannot under any circumstances accept responsibility for any direct or indirect loss arising from any inconvenience or loss of recorded
material resulting from the iPod failure.
! Does not support video playback using iPod or iPhone.
! For more information on how to use iPod, please refer to iPod's operating instructions.

Connecting your iPod/iPhone

1 Open the iPod cover.
Raise the lock lever (red part) of the iPod cover from behind the frame.
2 Attach the iPod adapter suited to your iPod/iPhone.
3 Connect your iPod/iPhone firmly to the connector.
4 Close and lock the iPod cover by depressing the lock lever until you hear a click sound.

Playing tracks

1 Press uSTANDBY/ON to turn on the power of this unit.
2 Connect your iPod/iPhone.
See Connecting your iPod/iPhone on page 18.
3 Start a track playback by repeatedly pressing the FUNC and selecting 'iPod'.
The display will show the playback screen. The following will be displayed.


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