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Installing The Driver Software; Computer Environment - Pioneer U-05 Operating Instructions Manual

Usb d/a converter (for windows)
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About these Operating Instructions
When a USB cable is used to connect the unit's USB port to a computer, audio files located on
the computer can be played.
In order to use this function, a dedicated driver (software program) must be installed in the
computer. These Operating Instructions contain important information necessary for playing
files on the computer, including instructions about how to install the driver and how to perform
troubleshooting in event of problems.

Computer Environment

To utilize this driver, your computer must be equipped with a USB port supporting USB Rev2.0 HS.
For information regarding supported computer operating systems and playback software, please
consult the Pioneer website (the download page for this driver).
• To play music files from a computer, it is recommended that all computer applications be closed
except for the music player application.
• The sampling frequencies and number of quantization bits that can be output by your computer
may differ depending on the computer's operating system and the version of playback software
• The number of bits shown on the unit's display is not the number of bits of the music file, but the
value as set by your computer.
Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Installing the driver software

• This driver program is supported for use with Windows Vista, Windows XP , Windows 7, Windows 8 and
Windows 8.1 operating systems.
Download the driver program.
The driver software can be downloaded from the Pioneer website.
• When downloading the driver program, designate the folder where you wish the program to be
• Depending on the browser program used or its settings, it may not be possible to designate the
folder for saving downloads. In this case, the file will be saved to a folder location previously
designated by the program.
• The driver program will be downloaded in compressed ZIP format.
The downloaded compressed file will have a name like "Pioneer_USBDAC_WinDriver_****.
where "****" will indicate the program's package number.
Following completion of the download, decompress the compressed file.
The downloaded file is compressed. Decompress the downloaded file.
After decompression, the folder holding the driver program will be named "Pioneer_
USBDAC_WinDriver_****", where "****" will indicate the program's package number.
Once the compressed file is decompressed, the above folder will be displayed. Double click
on this folder to display the file
• For more information regarding the software used to open the compressed file, please consult
your software publisher or computer vendor.
Procedure continues.


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