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Connecting A Pc; Using Mixtrax; Steps To Music Playback - Pioneer Steez STZ-D10Z-R Operating Instruction

Portable music system
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Connecting a PC

Installing the music management software MIXTRAX onto your PC will and then transferring music data analyzed by MIXTRAX across to the device will
allow you to use various dance functions.
1. In order to download MIXTRAX, execute "MIXTRAX Download" from the root folder in this device via the PC connected to this device.
2. If you are unable to download using the above method, download from the following URL:
! Sometimes this device may not be recognized by the PC when first connected. If that is the case, download and install MIXTRAX following the
instructions for 2. This will enable the PC to recognize this device.
MIXTRAX PC operating environment
! Windows / Mac compatible
! For details, refer to "Operating Environment" at the following URL:
For information on obtaining, installing, and using MIXTRAX, please refer to the following website.
! When you connect the device to a PC, it cannot be controlled from the buttons on the device itself or the remote control.
! Internet connection using a PC requires additional sign-up and service fees to the Internet service provider.


When you connect the device to a PC, you can do the following using MIXTRAX.
! Transfer analyzed songs to the device (or a USB memory device)
Playback music data in MIXTRAX on the device.
! Transferring music sequences
Transfer Music Sequences to the device for use in the Rhythm Playback Mode.
! Setting a Time call for a Dance Battle
You can set your favorite voice files for the Time Calls for the Battle Playback Mode.
! Updating the device's firmware
An update is possible if a new version of the device's software has been released. (page 25)
! Deleting all data transferred to the device
Delete the songs and Rhythm sequences transferred from MIXTRAX and set the Dance Battle Time call back to the default settings.

Steps to music playback

1 Turn on the PC and launch the MIXTRAX.
2 Connect the AC adapter to the device and turn the power on.
! When connecting the device to a PC, always use the AC adapter. (page 9)
3 Use the supplied USB cable to connect the PC to the 'PC connect' terminal on rear panel of this device.
4 Using MIXTRAX, transfer the music tracks to the device's internal memory.
When the transfer is complete, remove the device from the PC.
5 Play the music tracks.
You can play music tracks that have been transferred to the device by repeatedly pressing FUNC button on the remote control until the device switches
to Memory (internal memory) function.
! The unit already includes dance music. As such, you can playback music using the dance function as soon as you purchase the product.
! The already included music gets added to the MIXTRAX library when you first connect this unit to a PC with MIXTRAX installed, and they can be
transferred from MIXTRAX to this unit in the same way as you would the music you already have.
5V 500mA
PC connect
USB cable


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