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Before You Start; What's In The Box; Before Using The Remote Control; Loading Batteries In The Remote Control - Pioneer u-05-s Operating Instructions Manual

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Before you start

What's in the box

• Remote control x 1
• Type AAA manganese batteries x 2
• Power cord
• CD-ROM (Operating Instructions)
• Quick start guide
• Safety Brochure
• Warranty card

Before using the remote control

Loading batteries in the remote control

The remote control uses two type AAA batteries.
Open the battery compartment cover, and
load two AAA batteries, taking care to match
the battery polarity with the illustration inside
the battery compartment.
Insert the minus (−) pole of the battery fi rst.
Replace the battery compartment cover.
• Do not use or store batteries in direct sunlight
or other excessively hot place, such as inside a car or
near a heater. This can cause batteries to leak, overheat,
explode or catch fire. It can also reduce the life or
performance of batteries.
• Store small parts out of the reach of children and infants.
If accidentally swallowed, contact a doctor immediately.
• Be careful when loading batteries, being sure to
match the battery polarity (+, −) with the markings
inside the battery compartment.
• When inserting the batteries, make sure not to damage
the springs on the battery's (−) terminals. This can
cause batteries to leak or overheat.
• Do not mix old and new batteries.
• Different brands of battery may produce different
voltages even when of the same nominal type. As a
result, batteries of different brands should not be used
• When not using the remote control for extended periods
(a month or more), the batteries should be removed to
prevent damage from potential leakage of battery fluid. If
battery leakage does occur while the battery is loaded in
the remote control, wipe the fluid away carefully with a
cloth, then install new batteries.
• Do not attempt to disassemble batteries, expose them to
excessive heat or dispose of in fire or water.
• When disposing of used batteries, please comply with
governmental regulations or environmental public
institution's rules that apply in your country/area.
• The batteries supplied with this unit are for testing
purposes and may exhibit short lifetimes.

Using the remote control

When using the remote control to operate this unit, the
remote control should be pointed at the unit's remote
control sensor within the conditions noted below.
• The remote control may not operate correctly if any
obstacle is present between the remote control and the
unit's remote control sensor, or if the remote control is
pointed at the sensor outside the angle noted.
• The remote control may not operate properly if the
sensor is exposed to direct sunlight or strong fluorescent
light. In such cases, change the installation location or
remove the source of fluorescent light.
• Malfunctions may result if the remote control is operated
near another device that also emits infrared radiation, or if
another remote control using infrared radiation is operated
near this unit. Alternately, if this unit's remote control
is used near another component also controlled by an
infrared remote control, that component may be caused to
• If the effective range of remote control operation
becomes noticeably shortened, the batteries have
reached their lifetime and should be replaced.
7 m


Install the unit on a surface that is level and secure.
• Do not install the unit in the following kinds of location:
- On top of a television set (the television images may
be distorted).
- On top of a cassette deck or other device emitting
magnetism (audio quality may be adversely affected).
- In locations exposed to direct sunlight.
- In locations exposed by high humidity.
- In locations exposed to direct contact with water.
- In locations exposed to very high or very low
- In locations exposed to vibration.
- In locations exposed to much dust or cigarette smoke.
- In kitchens or other locations exposed to oil or smoke.
• If the unit is installed on a sofa or other sound-absorbing
surface, it may fail to produce correct sound quality.


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