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Dummy Carrier Modules - IBM DCS9550 1S1 Installation & Service Manual

Storage expansion unit
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Dummy Carrier Modules

Dummy Carrier modules must be fitted to all unused drive bays to maintain a balanced air flow.
Dealing with Hardware Faults
Ensure that you have obtained a replacement module of the same type before removing any
faulty module.
• Replace a faulty drive with a drive of the same type and equal or greater capacity.
• All drive bays must be fitted with a Drive Carrier module or a dummy carrier module in
• All the supplied plug-in power supply units, electronics modules and blank modules must
Continuous Operation During Replacement
Depending on how the subsystem is set up, if a disk unit fails, it can normally be replaced
without interrupting the use of the system.
In addition, each enclosure contains two Power Supply/Cooling modules, either of which can
maintain power and cooling to the subsystem while the other is replaced.
Replacing a Module
Please refer to
modules in the DCS9550 1S1 Storage Expansion Unit.
Observe all conventional ESD precautions when handling the DCS9550 1S1 Storage Expansion Unit
modules and components. Avoid contact with Backplane components and module connectors, etc.
IBM System Storage DCS9550 1S1 Storage Expansion Unit Installation, Service, and User Guide
If the DCS9550 1S1 Storage Expansion Unit is powered up and you remove
any module, replace it immediately. If the subsystem is used with modules or
module blanks missing for more than a few minutes, the Enclosure can
overheat, causing power failure and data loss. Such use will invalidate the
order to maintain a balanced air flow.
be in place for the air to flow correctly around the cabinet.
Whenever replacing a module NEVER leave an EMPTY bay in the rear of the
enclosure, obtain a replacement before removing the problem part.
2 , "Installation"
for information on the initial installation of the plug-in
Troubleshooting and Problem Solving


Table of Contents

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