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Power Supply/Cooling Module - IBM DCS9550 1S1 Installation & Service Manual

Storage expansion unit
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1.2 The Plug-in Modules
An DCS9550 1S1 Storage Expansion Unit requires one or more of the following modules for normal operation:

Power Supply/Cooling Module

Two auto ranging AC 450WPower Supply/Cooling modules
1–4) are supplied mounted in the rear of the
enclosure as part of the subsystem core product.
Figure 1–4
AC Power Supply/Cooling Module
PSU voltage operating ranges are nominally 115V or 230V AC, selected automatically.
Four LEDs mounted on the front panel of the Power Supply/Cooling module (see
2–1) indicate the status
of the PSU and the fans.
Multiple Power Supply/Cooling Modules
The DCS9550 1S1 Storage Expansion Unit must always be operated with two Power Supply/Cooling modules
fitted. The two Power Supply/Cooling modules operate together so that if one fails the other maintains the power
supply and cooling while you replace the faulty unit.
Module replacement should only take a few minutes to perform but must be completed within 10 minutes from
removal of the failed module.
IBM System Storage DCS9550 1S1 Storage Expansion Unit Installation, Service, and User Guide


Table of Contents

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