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Drive Carrier Module - IBM DCS9550 1S1 Installation & Service Manual

Storage expansion unit
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Drive Carrier Module

The Drive Carrier Module comprises a hard disk mounted in a carrier. Each drive bay can house a single Low Profile
1.0 inch high, 3.5 inch form factor disk drive in its carrier. The carrier has mounting locations for ATA or FC-AL
Each disk drive is enclosed in a die-cast aluminum carrier which provides excellent thermal conduction, radio
frequency, and electro-magnetic induction protection and affords the drive maximum physical protection.
The front cap also supports an ergonomic handle which provides the following functions:
• Camming of carrier into and out of drive bays.
• Positive 'spring loading' of the drive/backplane connector.
• An anti-tamper lock operated by a torx socket type key.
Figure 1–9
SATA Dual Path Transition Card
For SATA drives, a SATA dual path transition card is used in place of a SATA - PATA transition card. This is
attached to the rear of each drive to provide a SCA-2 interface to the drive carrier using the same pins as Fibre
Channel. In addition, the card provides a SATA path switch (1.5Gb/s) suitable for dual redundant I/O module
Drive Status Indicators
Each drive carrier incorporates two indicators, an upper (Green) and lower (Amber). In normal operation the green
indicator will be ON and will flicker as the drive operates.The amber indicator is OFF during normal operation and
ON if there is a drive fault present.
Drive Carrier Module
IBM System Storage DCS9550 1S1 Storage Expansion Unit Installation, Service, and User Guide


Table of Contents

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