Husqvarna 227RJ Operator's Manual
Husqvarna 227RJ Operator's Manual

Husqvarna 227RJ Operator's Manual

Husqvarna trimmer operator's manual


227RJ 232RJ 240RJ
Operator's manual
Read through the Operator's Manual carefully and
understand the content before using the machine.
101 91 68-95


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  • Page 1 227RJ 232RJ 240RJ Operator's manual Read through the Operator‘s Manual carefully and understand the content before using the machine. (EPA) 101 91 68-95...
  • Page 2: Symbol Explanation

    • Use anti-slip and stable boots. • Only use non-metallic, flexible cutting elements, that is trimmer head with trimmer cord. • Only intended for the trimmer head. Other symbols/decals on the machine refer to special certification requirements for certain markets.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to modify the design and appearance of products without prior notice. Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission control devices and systems may be performed by any nonroad engine repair establishment or individual.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Personal protective equipment MPORTANT INFORMATION • A clearing saw, brushcutter or trimmer used incorrectly or carelessly can become a dangerous tool, that can cause serious or fatal injury to the operator or others. It is extremely important that you read and understand the content of this manual.
  • Page 5 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 3. Cutting attachment guard This guard is intended to prevent objects from being thrown towards the operator and to protect the operator from unintentionel contact with the cutting attachment. WARNING! Under no circumstances may the cutting equipment be used without an approved guard fitted.
  • Page 6: Cutting Equipment

    – English 6. Cutting equipment 1) Grass blades are intended for brush cutting. 2) The trimmer head is intended for trimming grass. 7. Locking nut A locking nut is used to secure some types of cutting equipment on the output shaft.
  • Page 7: Control, Maintenance And Service Of The Machine's Safety Equipment

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Control, maintenance and service of the machine‘s safety equipment IMPORTANT INFORMATION • All service and repairs to the machine require special training. • This applies especially to the machine‘s safety equipment. If the machine does not meet any of the controls listed below you should contact your service workshop.
  • Page 8 6. Cutting equipment This section describes how through correct maintenance and through using the right type of cutting equipment you can: • Reduce the machine‘s tendency to kickback • Obtain maximum cutting capacity. • Increase the service life of the cutting equipment. The three basic rules: 1)Only use the cutting and guard equipment...
  • Page 9: Cutting Equipment

    • Make sure the knife positioned on the trimmer guard is intact. This is used to cut the cord to the correct length. • To increase the life of the cord it can be soaked in water for a few days.
  • Page 10: General Safety Instructions

    General safety instructions IMPORTANT INFORMATION • The machine is only designed for trimming grass. • The only accessories to be used with the engine unit as a drive source are the cutting units we recommend in the chapter “Technical data“ . •...
  • Page 11: General Working Instructions

    General working instructions IMPORTANT INFORMATION • This section takes up the basic safety precautions for working with the trimmer. • If you encounter a situation where you are uncertain how to proceed you should ask an expert. Contact your dealer or your service workshop.
  • Page 12 – English SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Trimming • The trimmer is ideal to cut grass that is difficult to reach using a normal lawn mower. Keep the cord parallel to the ground when cutting.
  • Page 13: What Is What

    What is what on the trimmer? 1. Trimmer head 2. Grease filler cap 3. Angle gear 4. Spray guard 5. Shaft 6. Loop handlebar 7. Throttle 8. Stop switch 9. Throttle trigger lock 10. Suspension for harness 11. Cylinder cover 12.
  • Page 14: Assembly

    (left-hand thread). • Fit the trimmer head‘s bottom section (K) on the cover (I) by pressing the two sections together with the cut-outs on the bottom section aligned with the catches on the cover.
  • Page 15: Assembling Other Guards And Cutting Equipment

    • Insert the locking pin (C) into the hole to lock the axle. • Screw on the trimmer head (H) in the direction of rotation. • Dismantling takes place in the reverse order. English –...
  • Page 16: Fuel Handling

    • When working at continuous high revs a higher octane rating is recommended. Two-stroke oil • For the best results use HUSQVARNA two- stroke oil, which has been specially developed for clearing saws and chain saws. Mixing ratio 1:50 (2%).
  • Page 17: Start And Stop

    Replace the guard if it is exposed to impact or is cracked. • Check that the trimmer head and spray guard are not damaged or cracked. Replace the trimmer head or spray guard if they are exposed to impact or are cracked.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    Carburetor Your Husqvarna product has been designed and manufactured to specifications that reduce harmful emissions. After your unit has been run 8-10 tanks of fuel the engine has broken in. To ensure that your unit is at peak performance and producing the least amount of harmful...
  • Page 19 Final setting of the idling speed T Adjust the idling speed with the screw T, if it is necessary to readjust. First turn the idle speed adjusting screw T clockwise until the cutting attachment starts to rotate/ move. Then turn, counter-clock- wise until the cutting attachment stops.
  • Page 20: Muffler

    Muffler NOTE! Some mufflers are fitted with a catalytic converter. See “Technical data“ to see whether your machine is fitted with a catalytic converter. The muffler is designed to dampen the noise level and to direct the exhaust fumes away from the user. The exhaust fumes are hot and can contain sparks, which can result in fire if the...
  • Page 21: Air Filter

    MAINTENANCE NOTE: Use only HUSQVARNA replacement parts. Use of other brands of replacement parts can cause damage to your unit or injury to the operator or others. Your warranty does not cover damage or liability caused by the use of accessories and/or attachments not specifically recommended by HUSQVARNA.
  • Page 22: Technical Data

    At max. speed, left/right handles, max: NOTE! Noise and vibration measurements are made with all the machine’s approved cutting equipment fitted. The table indicates the highest and lowest values. – English TECHNICAL DATA 227RJ 232RJ 1,64/26,9 1,88/30,8 1,38/35 1,38/35 1,10/28...
  • Page 23 Approved accessories 227RJ Thread blade shaft M10 Plastic knifes Grassblade Trimmer head Approved accessories 232RJ, 240RJ Thread blade shaft M10 Plastic knifes Grassblade Trimmer head TECHNICAL DATA Tricut 300 mm Multi 255-3 Grass 255-4 Grass 255-8 Trimmy H II Trimmy Fix...
  • Page 24: Emission Control Warranty Statement

    REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF PARTS Repair or replacement of any warranted part will be perfor- med at no charge to the owner at an approved Husqvarna Forest & Garden servicing dealer. If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities, you should contact your nearest authorized servicing dealer or call Husqvarna Forest &...
  • Page 25 Super Auto II Super Auto II 1 " 4,0 m 15 cm ~2,0 m 6 " 6,5 ' 15 cm 6 " English –...
  • Page 26 Tri Cut >20mm >20mm 6 Nm X 10 – English...
  • Page 27 Trimmy H II 15 cm 6" 7,5 m ~ 3,7 m 15 cm 6" English –...
  • Page 28 Trimmy Hit “Click” ~ 15 cm " – English 15 cm 6 " 7,0 m 12 cm 5" ~ 3,5 m “Click”...
  • Page 29 Trimmy Hit Junior 15 cm 6" “Click” 15 cm 6" 5,75 m 15 cm 6" ~ 2,8 m English –...
  • Page 30 Trimmy Hit Pro 15 cm 6" “Click” – English 15 cm 6" 7,5 m 15 cm 6" ~ 3,7 m...
  • Page 31 Trimmy Hit VI ~ 15 cm " 15 cm " 7,0 m 12 cm 5" ~ 3,5 m “Click” English –...
  • Page 32 Trimmy SII 7,0 m 12 cm 5" ~ 3,5 m ~ 15 cm "Clic" 35-50 NM – English...
  • Page 33 Trimmy SII ~ 15 cm ~ 15 cm 502 26 04-01 502 25 56-01 502 25 53-01 729 53 27-71 (x3) 738 21 03-04 502 26 24-01 (x2) 740 43 14-00 502 26 03-01 502 25 52-01 502 26 01-01 735 31 19-00 502 27 07-01 502 26 86-01...
  • Page 34 ´*30y¶5R¨...
  • Page 35 English –...
  • Page 36 ´*30y¶5R¨ 2001W19...

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