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Husqvarna 225BX-SERIES Operator's Manual


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Operator´s manual
225B 225B
Please read these instructions carefully and make sure
you understand them before using the machine.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Husqvarna 225BX-SERIES

  • Page 1 Operator´s manual 225B 225B X-SERIES Please read these instructions carefully and make sure English you understand them before using the machine.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Introduction ........3 Key to symbols ......... 4 Safety instructions ......5 Description ........7 Fuel handling ........12 Starting and stopping ....14 Using the blower ......16 Maintenance ........20 Technical data......... 25 – English...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product WARNING! development and therefore reserves the right to modify the design and appearance of products Under no circumstances should without prior notice. you modify the original design of the blower without approval from the manufacturer.
  • Page 4: Key To Symbols

    KEY TO SYMBOLS Symbol Description Location Symbol Description Location Checks and/or mainten- ance shall be carried out after having switched off Choke. the engine. The stop switch must be set to the STOP position. Cleaning at regular intervals is required. Refueling.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Personal safety equipment Persons who use the blower shall wear the following safety equipment: 1. Approved ear protection. 2. Approved eye protection. 3. Face mask when operating the blower in dusty environments. 4. Boots or work shoes with a non-slip sole. 5.
  • Page 6: Safety Equipment

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety equipment The blower is equipped with a number of safety WARNING! devices and guards for the prevention of accidents. The blower must never be used if These are described in the general description of any of the safety devices or the blower on page 9.
  • Page 7: Description

    DESCRIPTION The blower 7 13 (225B X-SERIES 1. Shoulder strap (225B 12. Cutters (225B X-SERIES X-SERIES 2. Throttle trigger 13. Fan impeller 3. Stop switch 14. Nozzle 4. Throttle lock 15. Blower tube 5. Shoulder strap ring (225B 16. Muffler X-SERIES 6.
  • Page 8 DESCRIPTION Accessories (225B X-SERIES 21. Vacuum device with collection components consisting of items 22 - 25 below. 22. Vacuum bag tube 23. Collection bag 24. Vacuum tube in two sections – English...
  • Page 9 DESCRIPTION Safety equipment The following equipment on the blower is designed for protecting personnel and materials. These com- ponents should receive special attention whenever you operate, inspect and service the blower. Stop switch (3) The stop switch is used to stop the engine. Throttle lock (4) The throttle lock prevents inadvertent activation of the throttle.
  • Page 10 DESCRIPTION Other equipment Throttle trigger (2) The speed and the output of the engine are regul- ated by the throttle trigger. The throttle lock (4) must be pressed down before the trigger will actuate the throttle. Fan casing (7) The blower fan casing (7) together with the impeller (13) provide high performance air discharge.
  • Page 11 DESCRIPTION Starter device (18) and starter handle (17) The starter device is located at the top on the engine shrouding and engages in the crank shaft only when the starter handle is pulled. Fuel cap (8) The fuel cap (14) is located at the top of the engine shrouding and has a gasket, which prevents fuel from leaking out.
  • Page 12: Fuel Handling

    Husqvarna two-stroke engines. Mixing ratio: 1:50 (2%). • If HUSQVARNA two-stroke oil is not available, you may use another two-stroke oil of good quality that is intended for air-cooled engines. Contact your dealer when selecting an oil.
  • Page 13 FUEL HANDLING Mixture • Always mix petrol and oil in a clean container intended for petrol. • Always start by filling half the quantity of petrol required. Then add the entire oil quantity. Mix (shake) the fuel mixture. Fill the remaining quantity of petrol.
  • Page 14: Starting And Stopping

    START AND STOP Start and stop Start WARNING! Never start the blower if the inspection cover is not closed, is damaged or cannot be closed. (Exception: When the vacuum tube is fitted). Cold engine IGNITION: Set the stop switch to the start position. CHOKE: Set the choke control in the choke position (A).
  • Page 15 START AND STOP Press the machine body against the ground using your left hand (NOTE! Do not use your foot). Grip the starter handle with your right hand and slowly pull the starter cord out until you feel some resistance, (the starter hooks grip) now quickly and powerfully pull the cord.
  • Page 16: Using The Blower

    USING THE BLOWER To blow away debris on the ground Fitting the blower tube and nozzle on the blower WARNING! When fitting the blower tube and nozzle, the engine must be switched off and the stop switch must be in the stop position. The blower tube and nozzle have a bayonet mount.
  • Page 17 USING THE BLOWER WARNING! Never point the blower nozzle at people or animals. The high-velocity air stream can contain particles that may cause serious injury, especially if the blower has previously been used for vacuuming. Be careful, particurlarly if left hand operation is applied. Avoid any direct body contact with the exhaust outlet area.
  • Page 18 USING THE BLOWER To vacuum debris from the ground (225B X-SERIES The vacuuming device is an accessory and is not included in the standard supply. Fitting the collection bag with the various vacuum tubes WARNING! When fitting the tubes to the blower, the engine must be switched off and the stop switch must be in the stop position.
  • Page 19 USING THE BLOWER When operating the blower, the blower and collection bag must be secured in the shoulder strap. The strap should be worn over the shoulder as shown in the adjacent figure. WARNING! WARNING! Always check that the collection Never start the blower if the bag is intact and the zipper is inspection cover is not closed, is...
  • Page 20: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Carburetor Basic (factory) settings The carburettor is preset to the basic settings when The carburetor has been carefully preset at the fac- the blower is tested at the factory. These basic tory. However, additional adjustment may be required settings are the following: due to climate, altitude, gasoline and type of two- stroke engine oil used.
  • Page 21: Cooling System

    MAINTENANCE Muffler NOTE! Some mufflers are fitted with catalytic converters. See “Technical data” to find out if your machine is equipped with a catalytic converter. The muffler is designed to dampen the noise level and to direct the exhaust fumes away from the user. The exhaust fumes are hot and can contain sparks, which can result in fire if the exhaust fumes are directed towards a dry and inflammable material.
  • Page 22: Air Filter

    MAINTENANCE Air filter The air filter (A) must be cleaned regularly to re- move dust and dirt. This will prevent: • Carburetor malfunctions • Starting problems • Reduced performance • Unnecessary wear on engine parts • Abnormal fuel consumption • Elevated content of harmful exhaust fumes Clean the filter after 25 hours of operation or more often if the air is exceptionally dusty in the work...
  • Page 23: Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE Maintenance schedule A number of general maintenance instructions are given below. If more detailed instructions are required, get in touch with your local servicing dealer. Daily maintenance 1. Clean the exterior surfaces of the blower. 2. Check that the throttle lock and the throttle trig- ger function in a safe manner.
  • Page 24 MAINTENANCE Monthly maintenance 1. Flush the fuel tank with clean gasoline, which afterward should be disposed of in an environ- mentally correct manner. 2. Clean the outside of the carburetor and the space around it. 3. Clean the fan blades on the flywheel and the space around it.
  • Page 25: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA 225B 225B X-SERIES Engine Cylinder volume, cm 26,9 26,9 Cylinder bore, mm: Stroke, mm: Idling speed, rpm: 3 000 3 000 Max. speed – blowing, rpm: 8 200 8 200 Max. speed – vacuuming, rpm: 7 400 7 400 Max.
  • Page 26 EC declaration of conformity (Applies to Europe only) Husqvarna AB, SE-561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, tel: +46 36-146500, declare under sole responsibility that the blowers Husqvarna 225B and 225B from 2002's serial numbers and onwards (the year is clearly stated in plain text on the...
  • Page 27 English –...
  • Page 28 114 01 64-26 ´®z+H0J¶6E¨ 2002W51...

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