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Belling IH60XL Users Manual & Installation Handbook

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Users Guide & Installation
Part No 082744205 Date 19/03/2013



  Summary of Contents for Belling IH60XL

  • Page 1 Users Guide & Installation Handbook Belling IH60XL Part No 082744205 Date 19/03/2013...
  • Page 2 contents & IntRoDUctIon contents WaRRanty • SAFETY Your new appliance comes with our 12-month guarantee, protecting you • USING THE ProDUcT against electrical and mechanical • cLEANING breakdown. To register your appliance please call 0844 481 0182, complete • INSTALLATIoN INSTrUcTIoNS the registration form included or register •...
  • Page 3 Safety appliance. cleaning and BefoRe UsInG tHe pRoDUct Make sure that you have removed all user maintenance shall packaging and wrapping. Some of the not be made by children items inside this appliance may have additional wrapping. without supervision. GeneRal WaRnInG! - WaRnInG! - The Unattended cooking on...
  • Page 4 Safety during use, as this will correctly fitted. seriously affect the WaRnInG! - There is safety and performance, a risk of electric shock, particularly in relation so always make sure to surface temperatures you have turned off becoming hot and gas and unplugged your operated parts not appliance before...
  • Page 5 Safety NEVEr try to extinguish do not rely upon the a fire with water, but automatic pan detection switch off the appliance system as your means and then cover flame of switching “off” the e.g. with a lid or a damp appliance. cloth. This induction hob Danger of fire: do not complies with the store items on the applicable EMc and EMF...
  • Page 6 Safety only. It must not be used If you use a griddle plate for other purposes, for ensure it is completely example room heating. cool before attempting to lift it from the hob as Induction Hob residual heat may cause burns, Always use oven Parts of the appliance gloves to protect your...
  • Page 7 Safety Keep electrical leads oil can be dangerous and may result in a fire. NEVER try to extinguish a fire with from trailing over or water, but switch off the appliance and then cover flame e.g. with a lid or a fire going near the hob. blanket. The appliance must WARNING - If a pan catches fire: •...
  • Page 8 Safety old appliances The Symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it should be taken to the appli- cable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. You will by ensuring the appliance is cor- rectly disposed of help prevent potential negative consequences for the environ-...
  • Page 9: Touch Controls

    UsInG tHe HoB - InDUctIon touch controls Feature Symbol Description Induction power is the most efficient means Eco Power of cooking food on a hob, providing fast heat up and boiling times Slide your finger down the stylish & accurate Power Slide control Power Slider or simply touch the control at the exact power level you require Digital Display Secret till “lit”...
  • Page 10: Using The Hob

    UsInG tHe HoB touch controls selecting and activating a cook zone. The touch controls for your induction have 1) Select the required cook zone. been designed to provide you with finger 2) Select the required power setting (0-9). tip control of your hob, providing accurate and repeatable power settings for cooking notes:- and an easy clean surface that can be Setting U (between setting 0 and 1) pro- easily wiped over.
  • Page 11 UsInG tHe HoB specIal HoB fUnctIons pause key central on/off switch Warning! Don’t leave pans on the hob when you’re The central on/off switch enables all of not around - take them off the heat if you the cooking zones to be switched off have to leave the kitchen (even if you simultaneously at a touch of a button, so think it will only be for a moment, while...
  • Page 12 UsInG tHe HoB auto Heat Up end of auto Heat period Helps to take the worry out of pans Initially, while the cook zone is at the boiling over and burning food! No need highest setting, “A” will flash alternately to stand over the pan, allows you to do with your selected lower setting.
  • Page 13: Minute Minder

    UsInG tHe HoB power Boost Minute Minder rev up your hob with this feature, tempo- The minute minder buzzes when the time rarily boost the power to a cook zone by a set has expired. Does not switch off any massive 60% zone.
  • Page 14 UsInG tHe HoB timer auto switch off When the time is up 1) The corresponding indicator in the The timer can be set to automatically turn timer display will flash, the timer will off a cooking zone. beep, and the cook zone will automatically All four cook zones can be simultaneously turn off, (The cook zone will display H if timed to turn off automatically.
  • Page 15 UsInG tHe HoB Griddle Zone with Bridge function G r id d le Z o n e Flexibility is what counts. The LH zones can be used as two sepa- rate round cooking zones which can be controlled individually or they can be bridged to provide a large oval zone that can be controlled via one setting.
  • Page 16 UsInG tHe HoB pans and cookware for induction pans unsuitable for Induction: hobs. Pans made of copper, stainless steel, alu- Pans and cookware for induction cooking minium, oven proof glass, wood, ceramic zones must be made of ferrous mate- and terracotta. rial such as cast iron and have magnetic overheat pan protection properties.
  • Page 17 UsInG tHe HoB child lock “l” to de-activate the child lock: This feature is to help prevent accidental 1) Select the On/Off Key. (L will be dis- switching on of the hob, especially by played on all Cook Zones). young children. 2) Simultaneously touch the RHF cook to activate: zone and the Power Boost keys, the hob should beep.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    UsInG tHe HoB tRoUBlesHootInG the fan keeps working for a few minutes after the hob has been The hob produces a smell the first turned off. few times it is used. This cools down the electronics. Heat a pan full of water on each zone for the hob won’t work.
  • Page 19: Electric Hob

    CLEANING electRIc HoB • You can restore the hotplates by us- ing a solid plate cleaner but take care ceramic glass hobs to avoid the red spots on elements. • The ceramic hob top can be cleaned • To prime: Switch on each element in using a clean, damp cloth or kitchen turn for a short while (with no pan on paper.
  • Page 20 installation General information Installing the hob over a unit with a drawer or door Installation should only be carried out by a qualified installer or engineer. Air outlet is underneath work surface. Please keep to the following points most- carefully; If necessary, remove the front crosspiece of the unit.
  • Page 21 installation Installation above an oven refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for clearances above the oven. We recommend a 9mm gap between the bottom of the hob and appliance, should the work surface be less than 38mm deep. In the case of a pyrolytic oven If installing the hob above a pyrolytic oven, additional provision for air circulation / ventilation may be required.
  • Page 22 installation clearances and dimensions – re- quirements 1. No shelf or overhang of combustible material should be closer than 650mm above the hob. 2. There must be a minimum clearance of 50mm between the edges of the hob and any side walls; this clearance must be maintained up to 420mm above the worktop.
  • Page 23 installation Fitting into worktop cut a hole in the work surface to the required size. See table for relevant dimensions. A clearance of at least 50mm should be maintained between the cutout and any rear or side wall. The worktop must be of heat-resistant Recessed Method (selected models) material or covered with heat-resistant material.
  • Page 24 installation fixing Brackets Installation advice - cabinetry Dealing with sides, cross-rails and back-panels in cabinetry Depending on the cabinets, the worktop thickness and the hob positioning, it is possible for the hob base and/or the clamp brackets to interfere with parts of the cabinet.
  • Page 25 installation connect to the electricity supply (for fixed Wiring only) Warning: This appliance must be earthed. The hob must be installed by a competent electrician, using a suitable double pole control unit, with 3mm minimum contact separation at all poles. We recommend that the appliance is connected by a competent person who is a member of a “competent Person...
  • Page 26: Technical Data

    technical data MaX total power Rating @ 220 - 240V ~ 50Hz = 7.4kW Individual cook Zone power Ratings cook Zone normal power Rating / power Boost 1.85/3,00 1.85/3.00 2.30/3.70 1.40/2.20...
  • Page 27: Customer Care

    CUSTOMER CARE cUstoMeR caRe WeB sHop range of Bake ware and cookware essen- tials including roasting Pans, cake Tins Having purchased a superior cooker, hob and Non-Stick cooking Liners. or hood from us, you’ll naturally want to keep it looking great. And who better to For all enquires, please visit our Web Shop at or help you care for it than the manufac-...
  • Page 28 To contact Belling about your appliance, please call Warranty Registration 0844 481 0182 to register your appliance customer care Helpline 0844 815 3746 in case of difficulty within the UK Alternatively general, spares and service information is available from our website at Please ensure that you have the product’s model no and serial no available when you call. These can be found on the silver data label on your product which is located:...