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Introduction; Sony Camera, Monitor And Time-Lapse Vcr Technologies - Sony CCTV Systems Catalog

2000-2001 network video surveillance
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Sony Camera, Monitor and Time-lapse VCR Technologies - The Sony Advantage
Camera technologies
Camera technologies
Exwave HAD
In monitoring and surveillance applications, camera sensitivity is
one of the most important factors in obtaining an adequate
picture in low light conditions.
Hyper HAD Technology
Transfer register
Exwave HAD Technology
The sensitivity of Sony cameras using the Exwave
HAD technology is well over twice that of the cameras using the
Sony Hyper HAD technology. The Hyper HAD sensor structure
has an OCL (on chip lens) located over each pixel. The result is
that light is concentrated on the photosensor areas and the
sensitivity of the camera is improved. The Exwave HAD takes the
Hyper HAD technology a giant step further. The OCL of the
Exwave HAD is a nearly gap-less structure, eliminating the
ineffective areas between the microlenses. This enables the hole
accumulated layer to receive the maximum amount of light.
Moreover, the smear level of the Exwave HAD technology is
reduced to 1/50th that of the Hyper HAD technology.
This leakage is dramatically reduced because the improvement of
the unit cell structure minimizes the unnecessary reflection of the
light onto the CCD surface.
Ineffective area
Hole accumulated layer
Smart Control
(SSC-DC10/14/50A/54A and SSC-CX34)
Strong backlighting can often cause the subject of the picture to
be cast into shadow. To overcome this problem, Smart Control
achieves the optimum balance between Iris and Gain settings in
a unified digital signal processing circuit. As a result, clear color
images can be obtained even under severe or varying lighting
conditions. Smart control also works intelligently as it employs
average light metering to detect the position of the major subject,
and Fuzzy Logic to calculate the proper exposure.
Backlight Compensation
Digital Signal Processing
Monitor technology
Monitor technology
Sony incorporates Trinitron CRTs in all of its surveillance color
monitors.With its completely original design, the Trinitron
technology allows for high resolution and the best possible
picture reproduction. The completely flat, straight vertical surface
of the Trinitron CRT provides the lowest purity imperfection
available with the CRT technologies of today. Moreover, Sony
manufactures its own CRTs to assure quality performance in all of
its monitors.
Analog Signal Processing

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