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iPlayer 3
User Guide


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    3 User Guide...

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    Chromacore, Chromasic, CK, the CK logo, Color Kinetics, the Color Kinetics logo, ColorBlast, ColorBlaze, ColorBurst, ColorGraze, ColorPlay, ColorReach, DIMand, EssentialWhite, eW, iColor, iColor Cove, IntelliWhite, iW, iPlayer, Light Without Limits, Optibin, and Powercore are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Run Mode Configuration Mode USB Mode Appendix A: Pinouts and DIP Switch Functions Serial Port: DB9F Pinouts Chapter 3: Show Configuration Concepts DMX: RJ-45 Pinouts iPlayer 3 DIP Switch Functions Overview Shows Effects Appendix B: Configuring Remote Devices Triggers Electrical...

  • Page 4

    Appendix D: Cloning and Formatting SD Cards Overview ® SD Card Cloning Procedure (Windows Mac OS) ® Windows SD Card Formatting Procedure Mac OS SD Card Formatting Procedure Appendix E: Configuration Menus in Detail Configuration Menus in Detail Triggers Menu Trigger Number? Show Type? Canned Effect Types...

  • Page 5: Chapter 1: Introduction

    3 is the compact lighting system controller from Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions ® capable of controlling up to two full DMX universes or 340 individual light addresses. Equipped with an LCD interface for simple operation, iPlayer 3 stores and plays pre-programmed and custom-authored light shows. Key Features...

  • Page 6: About Colorplay 3

    This user guide contains step-by-step hardware setup and mounting instructions, details about iPlayer 3 modes and features, and reference information. The following documents are also available to help you fully realize the potential of your iPlayer 3 and lighting installation as a complete system:...

  • Page 7: Iplayer 3 Installation

    Chapter 2 Installation and Hardware Overview iPlayer 3 Installation Step 1: Confirm all components received Take a moment to confirm you have received these iPlayer 3 components: iPlayer 3 • Mounting bracket • Mounting bracket screws • Power cord (North American or European) •...

  • Page 8: Step 2: Prepare For The Installation

    Installation and Hardware Overview Step 2: Prepare for the Installation Create a layout plan that starts with the locations of iPlayer 3 and all power supplies or • data enablers. Select a convenient but unobtrusive location for mounting the iPlayer 3 that will be accessible •...

  • Page 9: Step 3: Install Mounting Bracket

    Quick-release mounting method With the release tab pointing downward, screw the mounting bracket onto a surface using the innermost screw holes. Slide the iPlayer 3 onto the mounting bracket until the iPlayer clicks securely into place. iPlayer 3 User Guide 8...

  • Page 10

    Installation and Hardware Overview Secure mounting method Slide the iPlayer 3 onto the mounting bracket until the iPlayer 3 clicks securely into place. Using the supplied machine screws, secure the mounting bracket to the iPlayer 3. Using the outermost screw holes, install the mounting bracket and iPlayer 3 assembly onto a surface.

  • Page 11: Step 4: Attach The Power Cable

    2000 / XP / Vista Mac OS 10.4 or greater ® 512 MB RAM 512 MB RAM 60 MB free disk space 60 MB free disk space CD-ROM or DVD drive CD-ROM or DVD drive iPlayer 3 User Guide 10...

  • Page 12: Windows ® Installation

    Input from ColorPlay 3 Software ® Note: If using Windows , you must install ColorPlay 3 prior to connecting the iPlayer 3 to your PC. ColorPlay 3 installs the device drivers required for USB connectivity. 11 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 13: Step 7: Attach External Show Selection Devices As Required

    Connect the cable end with the 4-pin leads into the back of the Controller Keypad. Connect the cable end with the DB9 cable connector to serial port 1 or 2 on iPlayer 3. As needed, set the Range switch position on the back of the keypad. By default, switch position 0 (zero) sets the keypad to trigger shows 1-8 (see About Show Ranges on page 24 for an overview of trigger ranges).

  • Page 14: Step 8: Connect Lighting Systems With

    DMX output port 1 manages light universe 1 (light addresses 1-170) DMX output port 2 managed light universe 2 (light addresses 1-170) Step 9: Create and download light shows via ColorPlay 3 ColorPlay 3 Effects Palette 13 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 15: Iplayer 3 Hardware Features

    Chapter 2 iPlayer 3 Hardware Features The iPlayer 3 has the following hardware features: Current mode and information Displays the color appearing on light address 1 (DMX output port 1) 09:21:48 17-Feb-09 Config mode Show type? < downloaded show Adjust brightness level...

  • Page 16: Lcd Screen Output

    RUN Mode Show 1 > / b100 Run mode launches automatically when you power ON the iPlayer 3. In Run mode, by default, iPlayer 3 triggers the show assigned to Preset . You can manually trigger other shows by pressing Presets through on the iPlayer 3 faceplate or keys 1-8 on a Controller Keypad.

  • Page 17: Chapter 3: Show Configuration Concepts

    Transition Type: Snap (no transition to next show), fade out-and-in, or cross fade (morph • with next show). Pressing a Preset button on the iPlayer 3 faceplate, triggers a show. For example, pressing activates trigger 1, which launches the show and the playback behaviors associated with it. iPlayer 3 User Guide 16...

  • Page 18: Linking Multiple Shows To A Trigger

    Alarms automatically activate triggers. You can manually activate a trigger by pressing a Preset button on the iPlayer 3 faceplate, pressing a button on a Controller Keypad, or by tripping a remote triggering device connected to an AuxBox. With an alarm, you can automatically activate a trigger based on a specific date, day of the week, weekdays, weekends, or an astronomical event (sunrise or sunset).

  • Page 19: Chapter 4: Run Mode

    Run Mode is the default iPlayer 3 playback mode and automatically launches when you power on the iPlayer 3 controller. The iPlayer 3 must be in Run Mode for you to manually trigger shows or use automatic playback alarms. Run Mode is suspended when you enter USB Mode or Configuration Mode.

  • Page 20: Run Mode Lcd Output

    17-Feb-09 RUN Mode Show 1 > / b100 The iPlayer 3 LCD displays the following information during Run Mode: Light Show Brightness Using the buttons, you can set the overall brightness level of lights in a show during playback. The number displayed on the LCD reflects the brightness level you set, between 0% and 100%.

  • Page 21: Chapter 6: Configuration Mode

    • When you assign a trigger, that trigger corresponds to the Preset button with the same number on the iPlayer 3 faceplate, a keypad button on a Controller Keypad, or a remote triggering device connected to an AuxBox. iPlayer 3 User Guide 20...

  • Page 22: Example 1: Assigning A Preconfigured Show To Preset Button 3

    Note: Each effect type has unique parameters. For example, some effects use a background color setting, whereas other effects display only foreground colors. See Appendix F: Configuration Menus in Detail for iPlayer 3 menu system charts and descriptions of each menu item.

  • Page 23: Setting An Alarm

    Alarm type: • – Time of day. The iPlayer 3 uses a 24-hour notation with hours ranging from 00 to 23. – Astronomical time (in relation to sunrise and sunset). Note: The astronomical time alarm type does not automatically make adjustments for daylight saving time.

  • Page 24: Setup Menu

    10 producing the greatest brightness and contrast between the characters on the screen and the background. Volume: You can specify an integer from 0 to 3 to set the audible volume of the iPlayer 3's • internal speaker, which produces a beep with each button press. 3 is the loudest setting.

  • Page 25: Example 5: Testing A Dmx Address

    Controller Keypad Product Guide for details). Similarly, you can use the iPlayer 3 setup menu to assign show range offsets to serial port 1 and serial port 2. For example, if you assign a base trigger of 8 to serial port 1, and a user selects button 1 on a Controller Keypad connected to that serial port, iPlayer 3 will trigger show number 9 (8 + 1).

  • Page 26

    Configuration Mode 25 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 27: Chapter 7: Usb Mode

    USB Mode Overview USB mode is active when ColorPlay 3 is connected to iPlayer 3. You must initiate USB mode to download light show files and other data or use the ColorPlay 3 live play light show simulation feature. You can initiate USB mode only from your PC or Mac, not from iPlayer 3 itself.

  • Page 28: Downloading Triggers From Colorplay 3

    Initiate USB Mode. In the ColorPlay 3 configuration layer, click the tab, then select one or more alarms in ALARMS the left column. Click the arrow button to begin downloading. COPY SELECTED ALARMS TO CONTROLLER 27 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 29: Appendix A: Pinouts And Dip Switch Functions

    Appendix A Pinouts and DIP Switch Functions Serial Port: DB9F Pinouts No connection +5V DC controlled by the DIP switch setting Ground No connection No connection No connection iPlayer 3 User Guide 28...

  • Page 30: Dmx: Rj-45 Pinouts

    Pinouts and DIP Switch Functions DMX: RJ-45 Pinouts Data out - Data out + Ground No connection No connection Ground No connection No connection 29 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 31: Iplayer 3 Dip Switch Functions

    3 DIP Switch Functions The iPlayer 3 DIP switches are located on the bottom of the device, below the SD memory card. Remove the two screws on the access door, on the bottom of the iPlayer 3, to view the switches.

  • Page 32

    Pinouts and DIP Switch Functions 31 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 33: Electrical

    Appendix B C onfiguring Remote Triggering Devices Electrical The RS-232 serial port connections on the iPlayer 3 are DB9F connectors, labeled 1 and SERIAL . The following pinout information applies to each DB9F connector (the other pins are SERIAL 2...

  • Page 34: Iplayer 3 Commands

    2). Brightness is pegged between X04dd Set Show. Starts the show with trigger number dd, playing from the beginning. The trigger number must be in the range 1 through 225 ( Replies from the iPlayer 3 Y00dd Returns current mode Y0100...

  • Page 35: Appendix C: Firmware Update Procedure

    The iPlayer 3 firmware image is periodically updated to improve system performance and functionality. If your iPlayer 3 is not running the most recent firmware, it is recommended that you update to maximize system performance. The most recent released firmware image can be downloaded from

  • Page 36

    Firmware Update Procedure 35 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 37: Cloning And Formatting Sd Memory Cards For Use In Iplayer

    3 show files. For example, you can clone an SD card from one iPlayer 3 and use it on another iPlayer 3, rather than configuring each iPlayer 3 from scratch.

  • Page 38: Mac Os Sd Card Formatting Procedure

    Mac OS SD Card Formatting Procedure Remove the two access door screws on the bottom of the iPlayer 3. Slide the door off the iPlayer 3, then remove the SD card. Insert the SD card into a memory card reader on your Mac.

  • Page 39: Configuration Menus In Detail

    Trigger Number? Assign a trigger number (0 - 255). Show Type? Select Canned Effect to use an iPlayer 3 preconfigured show or Downloaded to use a custom show file downloaded from ColorPlay 3. Canned Effect Types Choose from seven visual effects: : Static display of a solid color.

  • Page 40: Canned Effect Parameters

    Specify the number of random colors included in the effect (up to 128). Sparkle FG Color Use the HSB submenu to enter values for a foreground color. BG Color Use the HSB submenu to enter values for a background color. 39 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 41: File Name

    : End the show and turn of all fixtures in the installation. IGHTS : Trigger another show file. UMP TO RIGGER Show Number? If you selected in the End Behavior menu, enter a show number (0 - 255). UMP TO RIGGER iPlayer 3 User Guide 40...

  • Page 42: Transition Type

    Adjust the hue spectrum value of the base color to create a custom color (-255 - 255). Saturation Adjust the intensity of the color (0 - 100). Brightness Adjust the brightness of the color (0 - 100). 41 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 43: Alarms Menu

    Alarm Time? Enter the hour, minute, and seconds as the clock time to activate the alarm. Sunrise of Sunset? Select as the astronomical time to activate the alarm. UNRISE UNSET iPlayer 3 User Guide 42...

  • Page 44: Offset Hr

    Show Number? Associate the alarm with a trigger number. When the alarm activates, it will automatically start the associated trigger. Save Changes? In the Alarms menu, you must save for your changes to take effect. 43 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 45: Setup Parameters

    Use the Latitude Editor to set latitude (used to calculate sunrise and sunset). Set Longitude Use the Longitude Editor to set longitude (used to calculate sunrise and sunset). LCD Contrast? Set the contrast of the LCD screen (0 - 10). iPlayer 3 User Guide 44...

  • Page 46: Set Dmx Address

    (see Appendix C for details). Memory Usage Displays available/used onboard memory. Sunrise Displays today’s time of sunrise based on clock time, longitude, and latitude. Sunset Displays today’s time of sunset based on clock time, longitude, and latitude. 45 iPlayer 3 User Guide...

  • Page 47: Index

    Index alarm 22 Main Menu 20 alarms 17, 18 memory usage 24 alarms, download 27 mounting 8 AuxBox 4, 18 mounting bracket 9 AuxBox, connecting 12 Preset button 16, 18, 21 ColorPlay 3 4, 10, 20, 26 Configuration mode 15, 20 Controller Keypad 4, 18, 20 Controller Keypad, connecting 12 Range switch 12...

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