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iPlayer 3
Author, configure, and control dynamic LED light shows for DMX
lighting networks


   Summary of Contents for Philips iPlayer 3

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    3 Author, configure, and control dynamic LED light shows for DMX lighting networks...

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    Author, configure, and control dynamic LED light shows for DMX lighting networks iPlayer 3 controller is a compact yet powerful show storage and playback device capable of delivering light shows to installations with up to 340 unique light addresses. Packaged with ColorPlay 3 light show authoring software, iPlayer 3 is designed to add new levels of sophistication and flexibility to your lighting installations while eliminating the need for expensive lighting boards and technical programming expertise.

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    Smith Campus Center, Pomona College How better to reinvigorate a dark and uninviting space than with dynamic color-changing light. Philips LED lighting proved just that as part of a major renovation of Pomona College’s Smith Campus Center, intended to be the social hub for students.

  • Page 4: Specifications

    512 MB RAM Disk space 60 MB free disk space 60 MB free disk space 2.6 in 4.7 in (67 mm) (120 mm) iPlayer 3 and Accessories 9.4 in Item Type Item Number Philips 12NC (238 mm) North America Power Cord...

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    ColorBlast Powercore Installation In this scenario, iPlayer 3 controls an installation set up for direct lighting. The Data Enabler Pro Fixture sends combines data from the iPlayer 3 and power Cable from a line voltage source. Data Enabler Pro iPlayer 3...

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    It is the responsibility of the contractor, installer, purchaser, owner, and user to Refer to the iPlayer 3 Installation install, maintain, and operate the iPlayer 3 controller in such a manner as to comply Instructions for specific warning and caution with all applicable codes, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.

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    Quick-release method Secure mounting method a) Slide iPlayer 3 onto the mounting bracket until it clicks securely into place. Using the supplied machine screws, secure the mounting bracket to iPlayer 3. b) Using the outermost screw holes, install the mounting bracket and iPlayer 3 assembly onto a surface.

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    Connect the female end of the serial cable to the AuxBox serial port. c) Connect the male end with of the serial cable to serial port 1 or 2 on iPlayer 3. d) As needed, set the Range switch position on the front of the AuxBox. By default, switch position 0 (zero) sets the AuxBox to trigger shows 1 –...

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    Light Show Playback Out-of-the-box, the iPlayer 3 comes programmed with pre-configured light shows. When you start up the iPlayer 3, it automatically plays the default Color Wash show assigned to preset button • To play additional shows, press – • To adjust the overall brightness level of your show, press •...

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    Trigger number? < Triggers enable you to assign shows to the Preset buttons on the iPlayer 3, the keypad buttons on the Controller Keypad, or the contact switches connected to an AuxBox. Triggers also specify playback behaviors such as repeat or jump to another show.

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    Perlin Noise Modifier — Overlays a random, Random Color — Produces a sequence smooth-flowing pattern of noise over all of two or more randomly generated solid effects underneath it in a group. colors simultaneously on all fixtures in a group. iPlayer 3 Product Guide...

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    5. Download Shows to the iPlayer 3 and Create Triggers The final step in creating a ColorPlay 3 project has two stages: first you download your show files to an iPlayer 3 and then you configure your show playback instructions by creating triggers.

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