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Initial Start-Up - HP A0554832 User Manual

2–40 hp portable chillers
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3-11 Initial Start-Up

• Check the shipping papers against the serial tag to be sure chiller size, type and voltage
is correct for the process that will be controlled. Portable chillers are built with a
voltage specific compressor and cannot be re-wired for an alternate voltage.
• Check the transformer primary voltage connections to be sure they are configured for
the electrical power you are using. The voltage at the main power connection must read
within plus or minus ten percent (±10%) of the voltage listed on the serial tag.
Electrical connections must conform to all applicable codes.
• Complete chilled water To Process and From Process connections.
• Make sure the chilled water To and From process valves on the chiller are open.
• Be sure the reservoir tank and chilled water circuit piping are filled to the full mark
with a water/glycol mixture. The water/glycol mixture should provide for freeze
protection to at least 20°F (11ºC) below the leaving water temperature you want.
• The air-cooled condenser should have an adequate supply of 60º to 95ºF (16º to 35ºC)
air for proper operation.
• The tower or city water condenser cooling in and out connections should be completed
and an adequate supply of 85ºF (30ºC) tower or 70ºF (21ºC) city water, at 25 psi
pressure, for proper operation.
• Connect the main 3 phase incoming power to the unit making certain that line one (1)
L1 is connected to the A phase, line two (2) L2 is connected to the B phase, and line
three (3) L3 is connected to the C phase. Check for proper rotation direction of fan(s)
and pump(s). 2 hp and 3 hp models are single phase.
The crankcase heater is automatically energized when the main power is applied. It
should be on for at least 24 hours before startup to force dissolved refrigerant from the
compressor oil.
2-40 HP Portable Chillers
Chapter 3: Installation
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