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Condenser Considerations; Water-Cooled Chiller Condensers; Air-Cooled Chiller Condensers - HP A0554832 User Manual

2–40 hp portable chillers
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Condenser Considerations

Water-Cooled Chiller Condensers

Water-cooled portable chillers can use city water or tower water as a cooling medium. Make
sure that all external piping and connections supplying and discharging water to and from the
condenser are full size.
You'll make two connections to the water-cooled condenser:
Condenser Water In. The condenser water supply, labeled "Condenser Water In", is located
at the rear of the chiller. It is the inlet for city or tower water.
Make sure that water is supplied at a maximum temperature of 85ºF (29ºC) and a minimum
pressure of 25 psi.
Caution! The water-regulating valve is set at the factory. Only a qualified refrigeration
Normal R-22 refrigerant condensing pressure is 210 psi, with 85ºF (27ºC) water at 25 psi
entering condenser water pressure
Condenser Water Out. Condenser water return, labeled "Condenser Water Out", is located
at the rear of the chiller. It is the outlet for water after it has passed through the condenser.
It is connected to the tower inlet or to a sewer or other approved discharge receiver. A water-
regulating valve is a standard feature in the condenser water return line.

Air-Cooled Chiller Condensers

Air-cooled chillers use the surrounding air to cool the condenser. Install the chiller in an area
where there is free passage of air for condensing and provisions for removal of heated air
from the area. Do not locate air-cooled chillers in locations where steam, hot air, or fume
exhausts can be drawn into the chiller. A typical ductwork diagram is located on page 63 in
the Appendix of this manual.
Caution! Clean air-cooled condensers and filters frequently. Failure to do so results in
Normal maximum refrigerant condensing pressure with 95ºF (35ºC) air entering the
condenser is 260 psi.
Condensing Air Temperature. Our air-cooled portable chillers are designed to operate at a
minimum condenser entering air temperature of approximately 60ºF (15.5ºC). Operation of
the equipment at a lower condenser entering air temperature can cause the chiller to lose
capacity. For entering air temperatures below 60ºF, an optional fan motor speed control is
available. We recommend maintaining a minimum 60ºF ambient temperature.
2-40 HP Portable Chillers
technician should adjust it.
reduced capacity, increased operating costs, and possible failure of the
equipment. Cleaning instructions can be found on page 38 in the Maintenance
chapter of this manual
Chapter 3: Installation
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