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Checking Motor Direction; Three-Phase Compressors; Water Pumps; Condenser Fan - HP A0554832 User Manual

2–40 hp portable chillers
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Checking Motor Direction

All of our portable chillers have their motor rotations properly phased at the factory. If
compressors, pumps, or fans are running in reverse rotation, disconnect and lock out the
power source and reverse any two power leads into the chiller disconnect switch.
Caution! Do not switch leads at the motors, motor starters, or contactors.

Three-Phase Compressors

Scroll compressors are directionally-dependent and compress in one rotational direction.
Reversing rotation direction results in an elevated sound level and a substantially-reduced
current draw.

Water Pumps

Correct pump rotation is indicated by a positive pressure of 20 to 40 psi on the pump pressure
gauge. Pump rotation should be clockwise when viewed from the motor end. For chillers with
optional pumps, check the appropriate pump curve in the Appendix.
Caution! Do not run pump dry. Doing so will result in seal damage.

Condenser Fan

Air should be drawn through the condenser and discharged vertically from the chiller.
2-40 HP Portable Chillers
Chapter 3: Installation
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