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Process Water Connections; Bypass Valve Considerations; Galvanic Corrosion Considerations; Water Treatment Considerations - HP A0554832 User Manual

2–40 hp portable chillers
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Process Water Connections

All of our portable chillers have two chilled water connections. The chilled water supply,
labeled "To Process" is the outlet for the chilled water leading to the process being cooled.
The chilled water return, labeled "From Process" is the inlet leading from the process back
into the chiller to be cooled and re-circulated.
All external chilled water connections should be run full size to the process. Flow and
pressure information is available on pages 58-61 in the Appendix. The largest possible
openings and passages should be provided for the flow of chilled water through platens, dies,
molds, or other pieces of equipment.

Bypass Valve Considerations

Our portable chillers have a spring-loaded bypass valve. If the chilled water shut-off valves
are inadvertently closed while the chiller is running, the factory-set bypass valve opens and
allows a small amount of water to flow through the chiller. This action protects the chiller
from freeze-up and allows the other cutout devices to shut down the chiller. The bypass valve
is not intended to provide continuous full bypass flow.
Caution! Do not attempt to adjust or otherwise tamper with the bypass valve. Your

Galvanic Corrosion Considerations

The materials used in the water circuit piping of these chillers are non-ferrous and react
electro-chemically with ferrous metallic materials. Some water has dissolved minerals that
greatly accelerate the reaction between dissimilar metals.
PVC or non-ferrous piping is recommended to reduce galvanic action. If iron piping must be
used, use dielectric unions at the chiller.

Water Treatment Considerations

Water treatment is an integral part of the system. In some locations, water may cause large
deposits of scale, erosion, algae, and/or corrosion.
The use of poor quality water may result in inefficient operation, heat exchanger damage, and
pump seal damage. Consult a qualified water treatment specialist to determine whether
treatment is needed.
We offer a complete line of water treatment equipment. Contact your sales representative for
water testing and treatment options.
2-40 HP Portable Chillers
Be sure to reduce external pressure drop as much as possible by generously
sizing piping and tooling water passageways.
warranty will be voided.
Chapter 3: Installation
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