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Chapter 3: Installation; Uncrating; Electrical Connections - HP A0554832 User Manual

2–40 hp portable chillers
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Chapter 3: Installation



2 hp to 5 hp models are shipped mounted on a skid, enclosed in a plastic wrapper, and
contained in a cardboard box. 7.5 to 40 hp models are shipped mounted on a skid, enclosed in
a plastic wrapper, and open-crated on all four sides and top.
1. Pry the crating away from the skid.
2. Use a pry bar to remove the blocks securing the unit to the skid.
3. Lift unit from sides, inserting forklift under the base. The forks must be equidistant
from the centerline of the unit and the unit must be balanced on the forks. (20 hp to
40 hp units feature special lifting openings.) Lift slowly and only high enough to
clear the skid. Use a pry bar if necessary to carefully remove the skid from the unit.
4. Lower slowly. The unit should land on its casters or rails and can then be moved into
5. Temporary hardware has been installed to prevent side panels from shifting in transit.
Remove hardware.
6. Retain the crating material for reshipping the chiller in case hidden shipping damage
is found.
Caution! Never remove the unit from the front (electrical control end) or the rear (pipe

Electrical Connections

Supply electricity of the voltage, phase, and cycle listed on the serial tag. Total running amps
are also found in the specification tables on pages 45-57 in the Appendix.
Bring properly sized power leads and ground from a fused disconnect (installed by your
electrician) to the unit. Use dual-element fuses in the disconnect switch, sized according to
the National Electrical Code recommendations. Note the outline drawings for egress into the
cabinet. Make sure all electrical connections are tight.
Typical wiring schematics are located on pages 70-78 in the Appendix.
Warning! Make sure that electrical connections comply with all applicable electrical
2-40 HP Portable Chillers
2 to 5 hp models: remove the nails holding the box to the skid and
lift the box off carefully, avoiding staples in the 1' x 4' wood
supports. Cut the steel banding.
connection end). Damage may result.
codes. Ground the chiller in accordance with NEC Article 250.
Operation voltage must be within plus or minus 10% of the nameplate rating.
Phase imbalance must be below 10%
Chapter 3: Installation
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